Coronavirus news update

This 25 August 2020 video says about itself:

Are EU countries using COVID-19 to clamp down on refugees? | Inside Story

South Korea reported 280 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday as it continues to tackle a recent surge in infections.

And the government’s efforts to contain the virus have now become entangled in a conflict with some religious groups.

Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride has more from Seoul, South Korea.

“Long-haulers” share what it’s like to deal with symptoms months after COVID-19.

Turns out kids are bigger silent spreaders of the virus than we realized.

Europe pays the price for going on holiday.

How to avoid super-spreader events.

HELLISH COMBO FOR CALIFORNIA PRISONS Thousands of incarcerated people in California are enduring the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic while being surrounded by flames as wildfires burn around the state. Some of the prisoners are fighting the fires themselves, earning a few dollars a day. It’s a convergence of crises on a level never experienced by the state. [HuffPost]

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