Tennis player Coco Gauff, next police target?

This 30 January 2020 video from Australia says about itself:

Some of Coco Gauff‘s best shots during Australian Open 2020, before losing in the fourth round to Sofia Kenin.

Translated from Belga news agency in Belgium today, by Vincent Van Genechten, about the USA:

Tennis talent Coco Gauff after George Floyd’s death: “Am I next?”

George Floyd’s death from police violence in Minneapolis also upsets tennis sensation Coco Gauff. On the social medium TikTok she put a video in which she (tacitly) asks if she will be the next victim.

In the short film, the only 16-year-old Gauff wears a black hoodie and does not say a word. She looks directly into the camera and the message appears: “That’s why I use my voice to denounce racism.” After that, photos are shown of Floyd and other black people who died as a result of violence by white police officers. At the end of the video, Gauff puts his hands in the air and then follows the message: “Am I next?”

Gauff, the sensation at Wimbledon last year where she knocked out Venus Williams and made it to the eighth-finals, isn’t the first black sports star to protest police brutality in the United States. NBA basketball stars LeBron James and Magic Johnson and former NFL American football player Colin Kaepernick (who knelt first during the national anthem in protest) have already sent similar messages.

Just like former NBA player Stephen Jackson, who knew Floyd well:

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