Dutch anti-racist art, and demonstrations today

This 13 June 2020 video from Amsterdam in the Netherlands says about itself, translated:

On a wall near the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord are five portraits of victims from the Netherlands and the United States, who died from racist violence. …

Mitch Henriquez, Kerwin Duinmeijer, George Floyd, Tomy Holten and Sandra Bland have been depicted from left to right so far. …

“On the right, I’m now working on Breonna Taylor and Philando Castile. We are going to discuss which people we are going to place on the right, ‘says the illustrator. ….

Illustration designer Tijn plans to expand the painting even further in the near future. Although, according to her, the wall is actually not big enough to depict everyone who should be on it.

This 10 June 2020 video is about the demonstration of over 11,500 people in Amsterdam, the Netherlands against the police murder of George Floyd in the USA and other racism. Anti-racist slogans were also projected on Amsterdam buildings.

This 11 June 2020 video is from Bergen op Zoom town. These two people have a Black Lives Matter demonstration there day after day.

Today, there will be at least four more demonstrations in the Netherlands. One again in Amsterdam. The other three are in Den Bosch, Breda and Leeuwarden.

The Den Bosch demonstration will be at the Pettelaarse Schans, 14.00-16.00.

This is a 7 June 2020 video by a church in Breda, supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This 12 June 2020 Frisian language video says about itself, translated:

Marrigt van der Valk lives in Leeuwarden, is a volunteer at conservation organisation Natuurmonumenten and is originally from Indonesia. “I have been dealing with racism from an early age. I am from De Westereen and in the time of Marianne Vaatstra,

The rape and murder of teenage girl Marianne Vaatstra was falsely blamed by right-wingers on refugees. First, they blamed a refugee from Yugoslavia, on which NATO waged war. Then, they blamed a refugee from Iraq, on which NATO waged war. Then, they blamed a refugee from Afghanistan, on which NATO waged war. At last, years later, a white farmer confessed being the murderer and rapist, and was convicted for it.

I was really spat upon and scolded. There was really a fear of dark-skinned people. It is not as bad now as in that time. But enough things are still being said to me.”

The demonstration in Leeuwarden will be 18:00-19:00, de Bult, Rengerslaan.

Tomorrow, a demonstration in Leiden: Lammermarkt, near De Valk windmill.

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