Dutch amateur footballers beat professional teams

This video is from the football ground of AVV Swift in Amsterdam today. Founded in 1910, they used to be a minor amateur outfit compared to bigger clubs in Amsterdam like Ajax which eventually became professional.

Today, AVV Swift played against Dutch Premier League professional team Vitesse from Arnhem in the first round of the Dutch football association cup tournament. Last season, Vitesse had won that cup.

However, today AVV Swift-Vitesse was still 0-0 after extra time. AVV Swift was better in the penalty shootout, 5-3. The video shows Swift’s decisive penalty shot, and the joy of their 1500 fans (ground sold out).

There were two more surprises by amateur teams in this first round.

In Noordwijkerhout, local amateur club VVSB has a history of beating professional teams in cup matches. Today, they were soon 0-1 down against professional club Telstar. Then, they got a red card, meaning they had only ten players left against 11 Telstar players. Still, they made four goals for a 4-1 victory. Three goals by Mohamed Osrouti, one by Tim de Rijk.

And in Groesbeek village, local amateurs Achilles’29 beat the NAC Breda professionals 4-3.

Already in Tuesday’s first-round matches, amateurs had beaten professionals twice.

The Kozakken Boys amateurs from Werkendam beat the De Graafschap professionals after extra time and penalty kicks.

GVVV from Veenendaal beat the FC Dordrecht professionals. The only goal was by Soufiane Laghmouch.

This 19 September 2017 video shows the supporters’ reaction after that winning goal.

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