Marsh harrier video

This is a marsh harrier video from the Netherlands.

American kestrel on video

This video from the USA says about itself:

9 January 2017

Beautiful male American Kestrel in the morning sun! North America’s smallest falcon – this one decided to watch me while I watched him – allowing me to get the first really close and clear video of this usually skittish bird. Considered one of the most colorful birds of prey.

Great blue heron and red-shouldered hawk

This video from the USA says about itself:

7 January 2017

Great Blue Heron and Red Shouldered Hawk form an odd couple patiently waiting for breakfast in what must be a good hunting spot. Great Blue Herons are huge birds that can exceed 4 feet tall, in this case dwarfing the large Red Shouldered Hawk.

Kestrel in winter video

This 3 January 2017 video is about a female kestrel; removing ice before flying away.

Jos van den Elshout in the Netherlands made this video.

Kestrel male-female difference

This 29 December 2016 video from the Netherlands is about differences between male and female kestrels.

Black kite video

This is a black kite video from the Netherlands.

Northern harrier flying in North America

This video from the USA says about itself:

18 December 2016

A stealthy Northern Harrier glides and hovers silently over the vast marshland looking and listening for the signs of prey which it can surprise from above. With an owl-like face they have exceptional hearing. These birds are a bit of a challenge to film on the wing!