Buzzard in backyard

Buzzard, July 2017

This July 2017 photo shows a buzzard with a ring.

Crows had harassed this bird, which resulted in the buzzard colliding against a window in Losdorp village in Groningen province in the Netherlands.

After a long time of recovering from the impact, the buzzard flew away; like had happened a year ago with a nuthatch.

Blackbird tries to drive feeding sparrowhawk away

In this 26 May 2017 video, a blackbird tries to drive away a sparrowhawk, feeding on its prey, a collared dove.

Huub Swinkels made this video in his garden in the Netherlands.

Black-winged kite video

This is a black-winged kite video. I saw this beautiful bird species in Morocco.

Rough-legged buzzard video

This is a rough-legged buzzard video from the Netherlands; where this North European species winters.