Buzzards quarrel about food

This 17 October 2017 video is about two buzzards quarreling about food.

Erica Veerman made this video in Rucphen in North Brabant province in the Netherlands.


Buzzard in backyard

Buzzard, July 2017

This July 2017 photo shows a buzzard with a ring.

Crows had harassed this bird, which resulted in the buzzard colliding against a window in Losdorp village in Groningen province in the Netherlands.

After a long time of recovering from the impact, the buzzard flew away; like had happened a year ago with a nuthatch.

Blackbird tries to drive feeding sparrowhawk away

In this 26 May 2017 video, a blackbird tries to drive away a sparrowhawk, feeding on its prey, a collared dove.

Huub Swinkels made this video in his garden in the Netherlands.