Blackbird tries to drive feeding sparrowhawk away

In this 26 May 2017 video, a blackbird tries to drive away a sparrowhawk, feeding on its prey, a collared dove.

Huub Swinkels made this video in his garden in the Netherlands.

Black-winged kite video

This is a black-winged kite video. I saw this beautiful bird species in Morocco.

Rough-legged buzzard video

This is a rough-legged buzzard video from the Netherlands; where this North European species winters.

Anti-bird crimes in Britain

This video from Britain says about itself:

8 January 2015

Birds of Prey was filmed over the last 7 years…See List Below

0:01 – Young Kestrel at Hells Mouth

1:11 – Buzzard attacked by Jay

3:09 – Peregrine Falcon on The Cliffs

4:08 – Sparrowhawk in The Garden

5:03 – Kestrels Hovering, Hunting and Eating A Snake

7:58 – Juvenile Tawny Owl in The Woods

9:42 – Golden Eagle

11:08 – Buzzards Foraging

12:40 – Great Grey Owl

13:54 – European Eagle Owl

15:23 – Buzzard – Watching You, Watching Me

16:48 – Sparrowhawk in The Lane

18:04 – 2 Young Kestrels on The Cliffs

19:11 – Barn Owl

20:29 – Buzzard in The Trees

22:08 – Bald Eagle

23:37 – Kestrel Hovering Above The People

24:24 – Buzzard on The Prowl

25:42 – Very Young and Fluffy Kestrel at Mutton Cove

26:59 – The Kestrel and The Paraglider

27:50 – Striated Caracara

29:03 – Kestrel at Hells Mouth

31:04 – Harris Hawk

31:40 – Morepork Owl

33:09 – Lanner Falcon

34:00 – Indian Eagle Owl

35:06 – Ashy Faced Barn Owl Chick

36:12 – Kestrel on The Cornish Cliffs

Filmed over many years in Cornwall, England

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Friday 3rd February 2017

ALMOST 200 reports of shooting, trapping and destruction of birds of prey were received by the RSPB in 2015, the charity has revealed.

Sixty-four out of the 196 reports were confirmed, including the shooting or attempted shooting of 46 birds of prey, including 16 buzzards, 11 peregrines, three red kites, one red-footed falcon and one hen harrier, a report from the RSPB out today says.

There were also 50 reported incidents of wildlife poisoning, including confirmed cases of 15 buzzards, four red kites and three peregrine falcons falling victim to poison baits.

Illegal persecution of birds of prey is still happening too regularly in Britain’s countryside, the RSPB said, and it called for tougher legislation and enforcement to allow the birds to thrive.

Pallid harrier video

This is a pallid harrier video from the Netherlands. This species is a rare vagrant in the Netherlands.