United States supports Saudi allies for death penalty for LGBTQ people

This 7 October 2017 video from the USA is called US Proudly Sides With Theocracies, Dictatorships & Abusers At UN.


Azerbaijan dictatorship’s mass persecution of LGBTQ people

This video from Germany says about itself:

20 January 2017

22 January is National Day against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in Azerbaijan. After the suicide of LGBT activist Isa Shahmarli on the 22nd of January in 2014, the LGBT community commemorates this day to remember all LGBT people who became victims of homophobia, biphobiaa, and transphobia.

President of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance Javid Nabiyev organized a demo in front of the Azerbaijani embassy in Berlin and presented to both the Azerbaijan president and parliament our demands regarding adoption of hate crime, hate speech, and anti-discrimination laws in the Azerbaijan parliament.

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Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

‘Razzias against homosexual and transgender people in Azerbaijan

The authorities in Azerbaijan have raids against homosexual and transgender people in the capital Baku. That say arrested persons from the LGBTQ community, their lawyer and activists to newspaper The Guardian. Dozens of members of the LGBTQ community are said to have been arrested in what their lawyer calls “systematic and widespread raids.”

Homosexuality is not illegal in Azerbaijan, but it is not accepted at all. In no other country in Europe, things are worse for gay rights, according to research by the international LGBTQ organization ILGA.

The dictatorship in Azerbaijan violates not only LGBTQ rights, but many other human rights as well.

This dictatorship is buddies with NATO countries’ fossil fuel corporations and their political associates, because of oil and gas.

This dictatorship is buddies with NATO countries’ hawkish generals and hawkish chickenhawks, because of plans for war on Russia and/or on Iran.

Stop British governmental homophobia

This 2013 video from Ireland says about itself:

A recent debate on the Nolan Show involving a DUP man saying homosexuality is an abomination. This is not the first time the DUP has been involved in a spat with the gay community, many other DUP politicians have had similar comments including Edwin Poots and Iris Robinson.

By Maria Exall in Britain:

The Tories can’t be trusted with our LGBT rights

Wednesday 13th September 2017

The TUC must oppose the Tory-DUP alliance and defend our equalities legislation, writes MARIA EXALL

ON JULY 1 trade unionists, human rights campaigners, LGBT+ activists and their families and friends marched for equal love in Belfast. Northern Ireland remains the only part of Britain and Ireland where marriage between people of the same sex is not allowed.

This is due directly to the reactionary position of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) on LGBT+ rights.

The DUP has vetoed the democratic will of the Northern Ireland Assembly. It has organised a “petition of concern” and is committed to prevent equality legislation from being passed.

In the motion to Congress from our conference earlier this year, the TUC LGBT+ workers’ committee calls on the TUC and all affiliated unions to oppose the alliance between the Conservatives and the DUP, and to work with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to defend existing equalities legislation across the UK and further their expansion, including equal marriage in Northern Ireland.

The reactionary position of the DUP is driven by a connection between the party and a particularly deeply embedded socially conservative strand within Protestantism in Ulster.

Unionism, in its religious conservatism, is not only anti-LGBT rights but also supportive of literalist interpretations of the Bible, such as creationism.

This is the place where Ashers Bakery refused to provide a cake for a gay celebration and, with the support of the Christian Institute, tried to drive a cart and horses through hard-won legislation on equal access to goods and services in the whole of the UK.

Some — including the occasional LGBT activist — failed to see the significance of the case as a principle of equality rather a matter of religious freedom.

The reality is the Ashers Bakery case challenge was a dog whistle in preparation for a defence against equal marriage and any promotion of LGBT+ rights in the six counties.

Northern Ireland is the most religious part of the UK — as measured by church attendance and commitment to religious affiliation.

It has a history of certain Christian denominations having a massive influence in its politics — something it shares with the Republic of Ireland.

But secularists and progressive people of faith there have emerged from the shadow of a crumbling theocracy to vote for change.

Just as south of the border, the demand for equal rights in Northern Ireland is mainly driven by young people who are forcing the pace of change.

By no means do all members of the Protestant communities in Northern Ireland oppose progressive social change, and many young people from those communities are speaking out.

Indeed it is clear that the issue of LGBT+ rights is causing serious soulsearching among sections of the Unionist-supporting communities.

The Northern Ireland Assembly is currently in suspended animation but even if direct rule was in place, it is not clear that things would progress.

The alliance between the DUP and the Conservative Party means that support from Westminster for change is unlikely. The Tories will not want to annoy the party that keeps them in power.

The Conservatives are compromised in any initiatives they put forward on equality by their deal with the DUP. There is, however, another reason why we should not expect change in Northern Ireland under a Conservative government, and that is the voting record of the Tories themselves.

Despite David Cameron’s championing of same-sex marriage as leader of the coalition government, the majority of Conservative MPs in the last parliament failed to support the Bill. It was Labour votes that won it.

The issue is not only the deal with the homophobic DUP but the persistence of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia within the ruling party in the UK.

It is worth remembering that support for retaining Section 28 — the law which banned local authorities from portraying homosexuality in a positive light — and opposing positive LGBT equality legislation was the official position of the Conservative Party until 2009.

Until then it opposed all the progressive legislation brought in by Labour in the parliaments since 1997.

This Tory government cannot be trusted with our hard-won rights. It is up to us to keep fighting for our equality. The struggle for equal marriage in Northern Ireland is a top priority for all LGBT+ trade unionists in the UK.

Maria Exall is the chair of the TUC LGBT+ committee and a member of the CWU.

Human rights groups urge Egypt to halt crackdown on LGBT people after rainbow flag waved at concert: here.

Right-wing Italian mayor wants death without trial for ‘Allahu akbar’

This video about Italy says about itself:

Venice Gay Pride: Mayor Brugnaro ‘wants to ban parade’

27 August 2015

The mayor of Venice has been quoted as saying that he will try to ban Gay Pride parades in the city, provoking fury from gay rights activists.

“There will be no gay pride in my Venice,” Luigi Brugnaro told La Repubblica newspaper, describing the event as farcical and kitsch.

The head of an Italian gay rights group criticised the mayor and invited him to join the next Pride parade in Venice.

“We will be back next year and we invite the mayor to march at the head of the parade with us,” Flavio Romani, from the Arcigay group, told AFP news agency. “That way he will see what a Gay Pride really is.”

He accused the mayor of trying to impose his views on a “cosmopolitan city”.

In the interview with La Repubblica newspaper (in Italian), Mr Brugnaro said he firmly opposed hosting the parade in Venice.

Mr Brugnaro earlier provoked controversy by withdrawing books that depicted same-sex families from Venice’s nurseries and primary schools.

The British pop star Elton John was among those who condemned the move, calling the mayor “boorishly bigoted” in an Instagram post.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant today:

Mayor of Venice repeats: “Who calls Allahu Akbar here will be shot straight away”

The death penalty was abolished in Italy in 1889. Except for Mussolini‘s fascist dictatorship. Under Mussolini, the death penalty could, in theory, only be applied after a trial (in practice, a trial at a fascist kangaroo court). Now, the far-right mayor of Venice wants the death penalty without trial; not even kangaroo court trial. Not for murder; not for rape. For saying two words.

‘Allahu akbar’ means ‘God is the greatest‘ in Arabic. It is a very common saying in mostly Muslim countries; eg, at funerals. The expression expresses the hope of the person using the saying that the forces of good will ultimately prevail, even in difficult circumstances.

In a very small percentage of the saying being used, it is by ISIS or similar terrorists during acts of violence. It was also said by Canadian islamophobic terrorist and Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen supporter Alexandre Bissonnette as he committed mass murder at a Quebec mosque, as a cynical reference to Islam intended to wrongfoot police investigations.

However, in far over 99% of cases, saying ‘Allahu akbar’ has nothing to do with terrorism. Just like saying ‘Thank God’ or a similar expression from a Christian tradition in the big majority of cases does not mean that the person saying it is a Christian fundamentalist terrorist aiming at killing supposedly ‘un-Christian’ persons.

The right-wing mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro,

According to Wikipedia:

Luigi Brugnaro is an … Italian politician, entrepreneur, business executive and the current Mayor of Venice, an office he took a hold of on June 15, 2015. …

Brugnaro has attracted controversy via his banning of forty nine books about discrimination and or homosexuality from the city’s schools, including a French Book on gay parenting entitled “Jean Has Two Mums”, and in declaring that there will be no gay pride parade in Venice.

The Volkskrant article continues:

wants frontier justice for potential terrorists. Anyone who enters the busy San Marco square and calls ‘Allahu akbar’ will, according to Brugnaro, be shot after three steps. …

Brugnaro: ‘Last year I said they will be shot after four steps, now I say: after three steps. I will say it in Venetian: ‘Ghe sparemo’. (‘We’ll shoot them’) ….

Brugnaro did not say what police would do if someone would call Allahu Akbar as a joke.

Donald Trump using homophobia for autocracy

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Campaign CEO Uses Anti-Gay Slur (AUDIO)

3 September 2016

Stephen Bannon has an interesting theory as to why liberals have a problem with conservative women. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

“Donald Trump’s newly appointed campaign chief executive Stephen Bannon has come under fire again, this time for his comments about women.

During a 2011 radio interview, Bannon said that the left hate conservative women like Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin because they aren’t ‘a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools‘.

Bannon, known for his brash tone as the head of Breitbart News, was also embroiled in a 1990s court case in which a coworker accused him of sexual harassment, Buzzfeed reported.”

Read more here [in the British conservative Daily Mail].

By Eric London in the USA:

Embattled Trump plays homophobia card to strengthen his fascistic base

29 July 2017

The Trump administration’s attack on the democratic rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people is the implementation of a reactionary political strategy. It seeks to combine appeals to homophobic hysteria, religious bigotry, the glorification of police and xenophobic American nationalism to encourage the growth of a fascist movement.

Embroiled in perpetual crisis, the Trump administration is attempting to establish a base of political operations centered around the demagogic president and outside the existing structure of the two-party system. By firing former Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus as chief of staff and replacing him with Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, Trump has taken another step toward his goal of establishing a personalist executive comprised of a close group of fascists, generals, family relations and billionaire oligarchs.

The pattern of Trump’s maneuvers this week proves the attack on LGBT rights is central to this strategy.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice filed an advisory “friend of the court” brief in a private New York lawsuit arguing that corporations can fire LGBT people because of their sexual orientation on the pseudo-legal grounds that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect LGBT people. After half a century marked by growing social acceptance and advances in the legal rights of LGBT people, millions of LGBT workers are again at risk of immediate firing because of their second-class legal status.

Earlier on Wednesday, Donald Trump tweeted an announcement that his administration would bar transgender people from military service “in any capacity” on the reactionary grounds that transgender people cost the military too much and because of the “disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

The same day, Trump announced the nomination of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback as the State Department’s ambassador at large for international religious freedom. This move is aimed at bringing the evangelical and Catholic organizations that bankrolled Brownbank’s short-lived 2008 presidential campaign into a bloc with Trump. After the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, Brownback issued an executive order prohibiting the state government from suing or punishing churches that refuse to provide marriages and other social services for LGBT people.

White House sources told the Daily Beast that Trump and Bannon are working closely with Vice President Mike Pence, who has the closest ties to the evangelical establishment and who personally orchestrated the transgender ban tweets. According to the unnamed sources, Trump, Pence and Bannon thought that the move would be popular “with his base.” The fact that military advisors said they were not consulted about the tweets confirms the fact that Wednesday’s policy announcements were conceived within the West Wing.

Wednesday’s policy announcements were bookended by two major speeches, the first on Tuesday night in Youngstown, Ohio, which set the political tone for the moves. Paying tribute to “our values, our culture, our borders, our civilization, and our great American way of life,” Trump told a raucous crowd that “family and faith, not government and bureaucracy, are the foundation of our society. In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.” This out of the mouth of a man who has never worshiped anything but money and himself.

Speaking yesterday in Long Island, New York, Trump addressed another of his key constituencies: police and immigration officers. He announced a major escalation of immigration raids to be carried out under the pretext of fighting the El Salvadoran gang MS-13.

“We have blood-stained killing fields,” Trump said, describing in gruesome detail the violent tactics of the gang. Police and immigration officials “are liberating our American towns,” he added, and told officers he loved watching criminal suspects “get thrown into the back of a paddy wagon.” He appealed to the country’s over 1.1 million full-time police officers in the United States, 50,000 border patrol agents, and 20,000 ICE officials: “Please don’t be too nice.”

The official response of the Democratic Party has been remarkably restrained, with criticism limited to arguing that Trump’s transgender ban would weaken the military.

Given the significance of Trump’s attacks, the muted character of the Democratic Party’s response contains a real warning. None of the democratic rights gained over the last century are secure, so long as their enforcement is left in the hands of one or another faction of the ruling class, and are vulnerable to shifts in the political wind.

The Democratic Party has dropped all references to democratic questions like immigration, LGBT rights, or abortion in their new “Better Deal” agenda, announced last week. Defending the new program, Democratic Minority Whip Steny Hoyer told reporters that social issues like the rights of LGBT people or immigrants “won’t be the focus” of the new agenda. “Essentially what we don’t want to do is distract people…we don’t want to distract ourselves.” In other words, Democratic leadership is appealing to social reaction and religious bigotry to win votes in the 2018 midterm elections.

Several Democratic Party leaders have expressed concerns over the “Better Deal’s” failure to mention any democratic or social questions, and many will oppose the Trump administration’s attack on LGBT rights. But the decision to promote a program based on “aggressively cracking down on foreign trade” (as the program states) will only fan the flames of nationalist chauvinism and further strengthen Trump’s maneuvers.

The fight to defend democratic rights is urgent: Trump’s efforts to establish a fascistic movement based on nationalism and religious bigotry threaten the social rights of hundreds of millions of people, not only of immigrants and LGBT people. But to fight political reaction, one must understand its objective roots.

Political reaction draws its strength from a set of economic and social relations that have arisen on the basis of the dramatic expansion of social inequality and wealth concentration under capitalism. After more than 15 years of permanent war fought for the profits of American corporations, the military and intelligence agencies control the elected officials and dictate the policies of the government. Faced with growing social polarization, police are armed with military weapons left over from the wars and have been granted a license to kill by the courts.

Since the growth of the power of the military, police, the churches, and the deportation agencies is the product of the growth of inequality, the fight for democratic rights must be based on the struggle for social equality. Such a struggle must involve the political activation of the working class, the powerful social force which produces all of society’s wealth under capitalism but which is exploited by the capitalists regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Genuine democracy can only be achieved by abolishing capitalism, the system of economic relations that gives rise to political reaction in all its interrelated manifestations. Only on the basis of the unity of the working class in the struggle for socialism can democratic rights be won and preserved.

Law enforcement officials from around the world released a statement in apparent response to President Donald Trump’s speech Friday to cops in New York in which he appeared to encourage police brutality: here.

Trump Justice Department: Corporations can fire employees based on sexual orientation: here.

Donald Trump’s Justice Department launches bid to make being gay a sackable offence: here.

THE U.S. REJECTED A U.N. RESOLUTION CONDEMNING THE DEATH PENALTY FOR LGBTQ PEOPLE Saying it’s due to larger concerns about voting against capital punishment. [HuffPost]

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrested 114 undocumented immigrants in New York City and the surrounding counties as part of an 11-day police operation that ended Saturday, July 22: here.

USA: Evangelical leaders released an anti-LGBTQ statement on human sexuality.

British Conservative homophobia

This video about Britain says about itself:

Theresa May in Coalition with Extremist Irish Party, the DUP

9 June 2017

Theresa May has formed a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party of Ireland, an extremist, right wing party with ties to racist paramilitaries during the Irish “troubles”. Sectarian, ultra conservative, [homophobic] and against women’s rights, abortion, immigrants, etc., this union badly weakens May’s negotiating ability in Brexit and will alienate moderates all over Britain.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

PM May’s Years of Gay Bashing

Friday 28th July 2017

Tories love gay people, trills PM who tried to restrict LGBT rights four times

THERESA MAY was branded a hypocrite over gay rights as she tried to wrap herself in the rainbow flag yesterday, with campaigners pointing to her appalling track record.

Ms May used the 50th anniversary of the partial repeal of anti-gay legislation to praise the Tories’ role on LGBT issues in recent years — having spent nearly 20 years fighting against gay rights herself.

In an article for Pink News to mark half a century since the 1967 Sexual Offences Act became law, the Prime Minister said she was proud of the party for passing equal marriage legislation, but acknowledged: “There will justifiably be scepticism about the positions taken and votes cast down through the years by the Conservative Party, and by me, compared to where we are now.”

However campaigners pointed to her appalling track record of voting against LGBT rights legislation and said despite her warm words, she hadn’t really changed.

A 2001 newspaper interview when she was shadow universities minister resurfaced yesterday in which Ms May defended anti-gay laws in schools claiming “most parents want the comfort of knowing Section 28 is there.”

Section 28 was a controversial amendment [by then Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher] to local government legislation which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

She insisted at the time: “No head teacher has commented to me that they are not able to deal with homophobic bullying or discuss homosexuality, where it is appropriate, with young people.”

And this week Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged Ms May to stand up to US President Donald Trump — who said he wants to ban transgender people from the military — on LGBT issues.

Mr Corbyn said: “In America, the Trump presidency has incited hatred and discrimination against LGBT people.

“Trump opposes gay marriage and his vice-president, Mike Pence, enacted a religious freedom Bill which legalised discrimination against LGBT people.

“Other world leaders have been unequivocal with the US president but not Theresa May, who has failed to challenge this in the strongest terms.”

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell told the Star: “Just earlier this year the government rejected the recommendations of the education committee that LGBT issues should be mandatory in every school in order to combat bullying and support LGBT pupils.

“I wrote to the Prime Minister earlier this week asking her to issue an apology and pay compensation to those who were convicted for same sex activities. I received a reply saying the matter had been referred to the Education Department.

“The quest for justice has nothing to do with the Education Department. It shows the contempt with which the Conservatives still hold the LGBT community.

“The government refused to amend equality laws to include religious institutions, which allows them to discriminate against LGBT people in schools, hospitals and nursing homes.”

The Downing Street press office had not responded to the Star‘s request for comment at time of going to print.

Last month, the PM’s commitment to gay rights was called into question over the £1 billion deal struck with the homophobic Democratic Unionist Party to keep her in Number 10.

Forgotten moments

1998 – Votes against reducing the homosexual age of consent from 18 to 16, in line with the heterosexual one

2002 – Votes against allowing gay couples to adopt (Adoption and Children Bill — Suitability Of Adopters)

2003 – Absent from a vote on the Local Government Bill — Maintain Prohibition on Promotion of Homosexuality (Section 28)

2008 – Threatens the rights of lesbian couples by voting to force clinics to consider the need for a “father and mother” before allowing women to seek IVF treatment

2010 – One of her first acts as home secretary is to make sure public bodies don’t have to actively try to reduce inequality

Trump’s militarist homophobia, parody song

This 27 July 2017 parody music video from Britain about the president of the USA is called The White Gripes – Cisgender Nation Army.

It is a parody of the song Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

It says about it itself:

Donald Trump announces his military ban of transgender people via the medium of a White Stripes cover.


I’m gonna ban the trans
Cisgender nation army is the way to go
I like to please my fans
Let’s send transgender folk to Mexico
I never served myself because my feet are as weird as my hands
But I don’t see how these guys can fight for us in foreign lands
We need the money for viagra and those marching military bands

Don’t be such a libtard
Did you know trans people are mentally ill?
If you say otherwise
Then you must be a Cultural Marxism shill
We’re all sick and tired of your identity politics
You may be willing to die for your country, but you cut off your dicks
You’re no better than those goddamn gooks or those Mexican spics

The move to expel transgender soldiers from the military is anti-democratic and oriented toward stoking up the most backward and fascistic elements. Moreover, it has ominous implications for transgender people in other aspects of society, legitimizing discrimination in jobs, education and access to services. In June, Defense Secretary James Mattis delayed by six months a decision on whether and how to accept new transgender recruits into the military. At the time, Mattis said that the delay “in no way presupposes the outcome.” Trump’s announcement appears to preclude openly transgender people from joining at all, and puts the status of currently serving transgender soldiers in jeopardy. Trump’s tweets link the anti-democratic decision to military and bogus financial considerations: here.