Kill LGBTQ people preacher unwelcome in Amsterdam

This 30 July 2018 BBC video from Britain says about itself:

The American Preacher Spreading Hate

Director Hannah Livingston spends six months tracking two of America’s most radical Christian hate groups – a notorious pastor from Arizona who has been banned from the UK and a network of preachers who take their extremist message directly to the streets.

This film shows how America’s constitutional right to free speech allows these groups to spread homophobia and Islamophobia in an increasingly polarised and divided political climate. Drawing on a literal interpretation of the Bible, the pastor opens new churches in America and influences people around the world by broadcasting his sermons over the internet.

On 24 April 2019, NOS TV reported that the majority of the Dutch parliament want the government to ban United States homophobic Baptist preacher Steven Anderson from coming to the Netherlands to preach in Amsterdam.

An MP of the right-wing VVD party tweeted, translated:

This dangerous ‘preacher’ thinks, eg, that gays should burn

According to Anderson, LGBT should mean Let God Burn Them.

He is also vehemently anti-abortion, anti-condoms and advocates killing ex-president Obama.

and that the bloody attack on a gay bar in Orlando was ‘good news’. …

GroenLinks MP Buitenweg tweets that while freedom of expression is an important right, the line is crossed when calling for hatred, violence and intimidation.

Dutch LGBTQ organisation COC calls on the State Secretary to deny Anderson access to our country as an unwanted alien. Anderson has previously been refused entry or has been deported by, eg, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Botswana and Jamaica.

“He calls for hatred. He wants governments to kill LGBT people and wants LGBT people to shoot themselves through the head“, said Philip Tijsma of COC Netherlands this morning in the NOS Radio 1 Journal.


The Center for Documentation and Information on Israel agrees with the COC call. According to Anderson, Jews lied about the Holocaust … . The CIDI points out that denying the Holocaust is punishable in the Netherlands.

Anderson intends to preach in Amsterdam on 23 May. He keeps the location a secret, as he does not want LGBTQ people to protest against him there.


Homophobic Brunei sultan, British Conservative ally

This 18 April 2011 video from Britain says about itself:

Proud Day For Sultan Of Brunei At Sandhurst | [British Armed] Forces TV

The Sultan of Brunei has said he values his country’s military relationship with the UK during an address at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The Sultan was there to represent the Queen during the Sovereign Parade and to see his own son commission as an officer. As he spoke to the new Second Lieutenants he said he had fond memories of his own time at college and wishes them success serving their own countries.

By Phil Miller in Britain:

Sunday, March 31, 2019

British base in homophobic Brunei criticised

BRITAIN’S military presence in the south-east Asian nation of Brunei is facing fresh criticism from campaigners after the country’s autocratic ruler passed a new law making adultery and homosexuality punishable by death.

The group ForcesWatch reacted: “Given the British military’s claims to be progressive on LGBT+ will they be taking this issue up with Brunei’s Sandhurst-trained sultan?

“We have personnel permanently based in the country … withdrawing would be a powerful bargaining chip, unless [the Ministry of Defence is] happy to prop up a brutal autocracy?”

The Sultan of Brunei has said stoning and whipping of homosexuals will come into force on Wednesday.

The British army has three military bases in Brunei at Sittang Camp, Medicina Lines and Tuker Lines, housing around 2,000 troops under an agreement signed by then prime minister David Cameron in 2015.

Many of the British soldiers are Gurkha mercenaries from Nepal, reinforced by army helicopters.

Although the troops use Brunei for jungle warfare training, critics say Britain’s presence there helps support the sultan — one of the world’s wealthiest men — who has ruled since 1967.

Brunei was a British protectorate until 1984 and Anglo-Dutch company Shell has major oil reserves in Brunei dating back to 1929.

The Ministry of Defence told the Morning Star that the new law will not affect any British LGBT soldiers stationed in Brunei as they are protected by a separate bilateral agreement.

However the Foreign Office has written to Brunei expressing concerns about the new law.

A spokesperson said: “Capital punishment goes against our national values and has been banned in the United Kingdom for decades.

“The Minister for Asia and High Commissioner have raised their concerns in person, and we have updated the travel advice to alert British citizens of the new local laws in Brunei.”

The Tory MP Penny Mordaunt, who is Minister for Women and Equalities, tweeted: “No-one should face the death penalty because of who they love.

“Brunei’s decision is barbaric and the UK stands with the LGBT+ community and those who defend their rights.

“LGBT+ rights are human rights.”

British troops are based in all these countries – but this is the Foreign Office’s travel advice:

Ellen DeGeneres Boycotts Sultan Of Brunei’s Hotels Amid Launch Of Anti-Gay Laws. Brunei implemented a law making gay sex punishable by death, so many are boycotting hotels owned by the country’s Sultan: here.

Rupert Murdoch supports Brazilian Bolsonaro’s homophobia

This 20 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Fox News Desperately Tries To Defend Bolsonaro’s Homophobia

Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro recently visited the United States, and Fox News was quick to whitewash all of his flaws in an attempt to make him look as good as God Emperor. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

Those who are fighting back are in danger. Brazilian feminist activist TALIRIA PETRONE talks to Sebastien Brulez about the struggle today against the reactionary government of Jair Bolsonaro and the political assassination of her comrade Marielle Franco last year.

Far-right homophobic cardinals blame gays for child abuse

This video says about itself:

Book alleges a Vatican gay subculture, hypocrisy

(15 Feb 2019) A gay French writer has lifted the lid on what he calls one of the world’s largest gay communities, the Vatican, estimating that most of its prelates are homosexually inclined and attributing much of the current crisis in the Catholic Church to an internecine war among them.

In the explosive book, “In the Closet of the Vatican”, author Frédéric Martel describes a gay subculture at the Vatican and calls out the hypocrisy of Catholic bishops and cardinals who in public denounce homosexuality but in private lead double lives.

Aside from the subject matter, the book is astonishing for the access Martel had to the inner sanctum of the Holy See. Martel writes that he spent four years researching it in 30 countries, including weeks at a time living inside the Vatican walls. He says the doors were opened by a key Vatican gatekeeper and friend of Pope Francis who was the subject of the pontiff’s famous remark about gay priests, “Who am I to judge?”

In an interview Friday in a Paris hotel, Martel said he didn’t tell his subjects he was writing about homosexuality in the Vatican. But he said it should have been obvious to them since he is a gay man who was researching the inner world of the Vatican and has written about homosexuality before.

He said it was easier for him, as a gay foreigner, to gain the trust of those inside the Vatican than it would have been for an Italian journalist or Vatican expert. Martel says he conducted nearly 1,500 in-person interviews with 41 cardinals, 52 bishops or monsignors, and 45 Vatican and foreign ambassadors, many of whom are quoted at length and in on-the-record interviews that he says were recorded. Martel said he was assisted by 80 researchers, translators, fixers and local journalists, as well as a team of 15 lawyers. The 555-page book is being published simultaneously in eight languages in 20 countries, many bearing the title “Sodom”.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Gay rights activist hits back at cardinals for blaming homosexuality for clerical abuse

GAY rights activist Frédéric Martel hit back at cardinals blaming homosexuality for clerical abuse today, pointing out that studies have long demonstrated that “being gay is not a risk factor” for abuse.

Instead, a “culture of secrecy” prevalent in the Catholic Church had enabled the scandal to be kept under wraps for decades, he said.

On the eve of a high-profile Vatican summit on clerical child abuse and cover-ups, cardinals Raymond Burke of the United States and Walter Brandmüller of Germany attacked Pope Francis for suggesting that sexual assaults were down to the abuse of power by priests, instead claiming that it was the result of “the plague of the homosexual agenda” infecting the Church.

Both cardinals are rightwingers who have previously clashed with the Pope over his criticisms of capitalism as well as comments that they regard as ambiguous on divorce, abortion and homosexuality.

Cardinal Burke is a close ally of US far-right strategist Steve Bannon. As president of the board of advisers to Catholic leadership training school the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, he brought in Mr Bannon to develop coursework “for a training programme for conservative Catholic political activists and leaders,” saying he hoped to work with him to “promote a number of projects that should make a decisive contribution to the defence of what used to be called Christendom.” Mr Bannon is in Rome for the duration of the Vatican conference.

See also here.

Cardinals attack pope, homosexual ‘plague’

This 14 August 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Dioceses of Pennsylvania | Grand Jury Report on Catholic Church Priest Abuse Released

Pennsylvania officials have released a landmark grand jury report that identifies more than 300 “predator priests” who molested children in six dioceses. It also accuses church leaders of taking steps to cover up the abuse. The report emerged from one of the nation’s most exhaustive investigations of clergy sexual abuse. The report echoes the findings of many earlier church investigations around the country in its description of widespread sexual abuse by clergy and church officials’ concealment of it.

Read more here and here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Cardinals duo on the eve of the abuse summit: homosexuality is the problem

Two prominent cardinals have fiercely criticized the Vatican and the pope in an open letter. The sexual abuse within the church, according to them, is because “the plague” of homosexuality increasingly determines the agenda within the Vatican.

According to the two ultra-conservative cardinals, the US American Raymond Burke and the German Walter Brandmüller, the pope wrongly proclaims that the abuse originates in clericalism, the way some members of the clergy place themselves as a superior group above the law.

The criticism comes on the eve of a big bishops’ meeting in the Vatican, which will begin tomorrow. There, at the request of Pope Francis, some 140 bishops from all over the world will come together to discuss the problem of child abuse within the Roman Catholic Church. On Sunday, Francis will close the meeting with a speech.

NOS Vatican correspondent Andrea Vreede says that according to Burke and Brandmüller the church is in a deep moral crisis and that the homosexuals in the church are mainly responsible for this. …

No, Your Eminence Burke and Your Eminence Brandmüller: not ‘the homosexuals in the church’ are the problem. It is the closet gay homophobes in the church, jointly with the heterosexual homophobes.

Burke and Brandmüller argue that the church has become rudderless because it does mot follow the right teaching. In 2016, together with two other cardinals, they fiercely criticized the pope for creating an opportunity for divorced Catholics who have remarried before the law to go to communion anyway.

From the BBC today:

Cardinal Burke has links to former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon, who will reportedly be in Rome during the summit.

Something strange is happening here. Under conservative predecessors of the present Pope Francis I, right-wingers like Burke, Brandmülller and Dutch cardinal Eijk used to say again and again: the Roman Catholic Church is not a democracy, but a hierarchy. The pope represents God on earth and has absolute power. Roma locuta, causa finita: once the great pontiff in Rome has spoken about some issue, then Roman Catholics lower in the pecking order should not dare to have views different from the pope’s. If there is any danger to the unity of the church, then it is 100% the fault of rank and file left-wingers; never ever of the right-wing pope.

However, now, presto! they suddenly attack Pope Francis