Ukrainian neofascists attack trans rights demonstrators

This 18 November 2018 video says about itself:

Ukraine: Trans rights demonstrators attacked during Kiev march

Two demonstrators for trans rights were attacked with pepper spray in Kiev after a transgender rights march was disrupted by far-right counter-protesters on Sunday.

Around 40 people were taking part in the demonstration, holding rainbow flags and banners denouncing homo- and transphobia. Far-right counter-protesters reportedly threw smoke bombs into the crowd and attacked demonstrators with pepper spray.

Footage shows the two injured women being treated by paramedics at the scene.

Police reportedly ushered demonstrators into a subway station and blocked the entrance … . One Canadian journalist was reportedly punched in the face by counter protesters near the subway station. The demonstration was held two days ahead of the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, which is observed on November 20.


Religious homophobia in Dutch Zeeland

This 2013 video from the USA says about itself:

Televangelist Pat Robertson made homophobic remarks regarding same-sex couples, saying gay couples make him want to vomit. Watch a clip in the video.

Televangelist Pat Robertson responded to a viewer question on his Christian Broadcasting Network show “The 700 Club”, saying there should be a vomit button so that he could press it every time he sees a photo of a same-sex couple kissing on Facebook.

Unfortunately, in Dutch Zeeland province there are not only beautiful birds, but there is also ugly religious homophobia.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

22 of the 33 churches in Tholen

former island in Zeeland; in the Dutch ‘Bible belt’.

strongly protest against the hoisting of the rainbow flag and the Sunday opening of a number of tourist shops. In a full-page advertisement in the local Eendrachtbode paper they write that the “Christian norms and values on Tholen are pushed aside”.

The municipal council of Tholen last month agreed with the hoisting of the rainbow flag on Coming Out Day, the day that LGBTQ people can come out for their orientation. …

According to the church councils, of [fundamentalist Calvinist] congregations, there can be no other relationship than that between a man and a woman. The hoisting of the rainbow flag on Coming Out Day goes “against the Biblical creation order.”

Ultra-orthodox rabbi blames gays for anti-Semitic massacre

This 30 October 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

🇺🇸 ‘Leave Pittsburgh’: Protesters greet Trump after synagogue attack | Al Jazeera English

The US president has paid tribute to the 11 people killed in a shooting attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Donald Trump visited the scene – as the first funerals were held for victims targeted by a right-wing extremist on Saturday.

But there’ve been protests against the visit with calls for Trump to denounce white nationalism. Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Pittsburgh.

From Jewish daily The Forward in the USA:

Orthodox Rabbi Blames Pittsburgh Shooting On Gay Parents’ Bris

November 4, 2018

By Aiden Pink

A prominent Orthodox rabbi said the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre was caused by the circumcision ceremony of a gay couple’s son that he believed took place on that day.

“This is a brit milah [ceremony] in a Conservative [in Jewish religion, a moderately reformist tendency] shul [synagogue] and the two men adopted the boy and did the brit milah, and you wonder why there was a massacre?” asked Rabbi Mordechai Aderet during a taped sermon last Sunday, which has been viewed more than 11,000 times on Facebook.

“I’m not sorry for this disaster”, he added. “You attend a brit milah of two men?”

The widely-spread story that the massacre took place during a brit milah, let alone the brit milah of a gay couple’s son, is not true, according to Pittsburgh Jewish community members.

Aderet also said that Jews should not attend vigils for the victims, who were killed at the Tree of Life synagogue, affiliated with the Conservative movement.

“Somebody came over to me and told me today that he got an email that people should go gather someplace here in town to give the Shema for those 11 people who got killed”, Aderet said. “And I still said, I heard it’s a Conservative shul, I heard people drove on Shabbat, and I don’t think people should join these things.”

He also opposed people saying Psalms, or Tehillim, for the dead, as is customary in Jewish tradition.

“This is not Tehillim, this is spitting in Hashem’s [God’s] face. And you like it or you don’t like it, that’s the emet [truth],” he said, adding, “Those people do not let Moshiach [the Messiah] come. If you don’t go on the straight… thing, Hashem won’t bring the Moshiach.”

He connected the Pittsburgh incident to the 2016 massacre of 49 people at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, for which Aderet said he also opposed saying Psalms. He called the Pulse victims “sinners” and “trash.”

Aderet previously made news in 2010 when, according to the New York Jewish Week, he stormed in uninvited to a Jewish child’s first birthday party and screamed at those in attendance for engaging in mixed dancing. He allegedly said that those who remained at the party would be cursed with “illness, bankruptcy and tragedy for eternity”, according to a document signed by witnesses.

Our columnist argues that white supremacy can’t be untangled from anti-Semitism.

LGBTQ liberation and homophobia in Dutch Zeeland

Zeeland rainbow flag design, by Vos Broekema

This is the design for the rainbow flag of Dutch Zeeland province. It is inspired by both the international rainbow flag and the Zeeland provincial flag.

Zeeland provincial flag

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

As the last province in the Netherlands, the province of Zeeland now also will hang out the rainbow flag. That will happen next Thursday on Coming Out Day. This has been happening for years in the other provinces. “It’s just logical to do it”, says a spokesperson for the province against Omroep Zeeland broadcasting organisation.

Coming Out Day is since 2009 an annual event on 11 October. The intention is that gay men, lesbians, bisexuals or transgenders (LGBTQ people) can then more easily express their sexual preference. Under the slogan ‘come out of the closet!’ there are in schools, but also at companies and in the hospitality sector social gatherings and meetings.

For support, the rainbow flag is hung out in many places. Zeeland province was always an exception. That changed when the GroenLinks party in the provincial legislature came with a motion earlier this year to declare Zeeland a rainbow province. The motion received a narrow majority. Yesterday, the provincial executive also changed tack.

SGP [right-wing Protestant party] executive member Harry van der Maas remains the only one against it. He said earlier that the fight against LGBT discrimination does not belong to the core tasks of the province. Van der Maas was not available for comment this morning, but the official position of the SGP is that “on the basis of the Bible no approval can be given to homosexual practice“. The SGP also opposes “the opening of marriage for same-sex couples, because marriage is a unique and exclusive union between one man and one woman”.

The decision of the province does not mean that all municipalities in Zeeland will also participate. Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen and Reimerswaal [where the SGP is strong] have already announced that they will keep the rainbow flags out.

Homophobia in Trump’s USA

This 28 October 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

Here’s Exactly Why A Vote For Trump Is A Vote Against LGBTQ Rights

There’s a lot of confusion over Trump’s views on LGBTQ rights, but make no mistake: he’s against same-sex marriage and transgender protections.

TRUMP BANS VISAS FOR PARTNERS OF GAY DIPLOMATS The State Department this week stopped giving visas to the same-sex partners of diplomats working at the United Nations. The White House argument is that same-sex couples must marry to remain in the country together. Only fair, right? No. As the administration knows, gay marriage is not an option in most countries. So chalk this up as another
Trump attack on the LGBTQ community. [HuffPost]

US introduces ‘needlessly cruel and bigoted’ visa policy for same-sex partners of foreign diplomats: here.

WHITE NATIONALIST ALSO A HOMOPHOBE Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) criticized the National Republican Congressional Committee on Monday for supporting a candidate for Congress who is gay. [HuffPost]

EVANGELICAL UNIVERSITY REINSTATES QUEER BAN The board of trustees at Azusa Pacific University, a prominent evangelical school in California, reinstated an outright ban on queer relationships after an administrative decision last month to lift a ban on romantic same-sex relationships. The board sent out a statement that reaffirmed its “biblical and orthodox” view of marriage — seemingly preparing students for adulthood by pushing an unlettered worldview. [HuffPost]

Religious fanatics’ homophobia

This 23 July 2018 video from Israel says about itself:

Tens of Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv for LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQ protestors blocked off the streets of Tel Aviv to protest what they say was a stab in the back by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A massive political demonstration snowballed from a fringe issue: surrogacy. It quickly became a rallying cry for equal rights. Our Ariel Levin-Waldman has the story.

Homophobia by religious right Protestants and religious right Roman Catholics is well-known.

At least in the 1960s, it also existed among secular ‘liberals’. It still exists in Middle East absolute monarchies claiming to base themselves on Islam. It still exists among the Hindu religious right in India. It still exists among the Japanese Shinto religious right. Etc.

It also exists in ultra-religious Judaism. A chief rabbi in Israel recently called for the death penalty for LGBTQ people. And now, Jewish daily The Forward in the USA reports about Israel:

30 July 2018

More than 200 leading rabbis published a letter condemning the idea of surrogacy and adoption for gays, describing homosexuals as “perverts”, The Jerusalem Post reported.

These rabbis, the Jerusalem Post writes, are ‘from the national-religious sector‘.

Homophobic ‘conversion’ quackery in Mexico

This 30 July 2018 video says about itself:

In Mexico, Warnings About The Increase Of Conversion Therapy That Targets LGBTI people

Organizations in defense of the rights of the LGBTI community along with Mexico City’s Council Against Discrimination have warned about an increase of groups promoting conversion therapy. They say this puts an already at-risk sector of the population into even greater danger.

An undercover investigation by British television network ITV revealed the shocking practices of a Pentecostal church carrying out so-called gay conversion therapy.