Cardinals attack pope, homosexual ‘plague’

This 14 August 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Dioceses of Pennsylvania | Grand Jury Report on Catholic Church Priest Abuse Released

Pennsylvania officials have released a landmark grand jury report that identifies more than 300 “predator priests” who molested children in six dioceses. It also accuses church leaders of taking steps to cover up the abuse. The report emerged from one of the nation’s most exhaustive investigations of clergy sexual abuse. The report echoes the findings of many earlier church investigations around the country in its description of widespread sexual abuse by clergy and church officials’ concealment of it.

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Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Cardinals duo on the eve of the abuse summit: homosexuality is the problem

Two prominent cardinals have fiercely criticized the Vatican and the pope in an open letter. The sexual abuse within the church, according to them, is because “the plague” of homosexuality increasingly determines the agenda within the Vatican.

According to the two ultra-conservative cardinals, the US American Raymond Burke and the German Walter Brandmüller, the pope wrongly proclaims that the abuse originates in clericalism, the way some members of the clergy place themselves as a superior group above the law.

The criticism comes on the eve of a big bishops’ meeting in the Vatican, which will begin tomorrow. There, at the request of Pope Francis, some 140 bishops from all over the world will come together to discuss the problem of child abuse within the Roman Catholic Church. On Sunday, Francis will close the meeting with a speech.

NOS Vatican correspondent Andrea Vreede says that according to Burke and Brandmüller the church is in a deep moral crisis and that the homosexuals in the church are mainly responsible for this. …

No, Your Eminence Burke and Your Eminence Brandmüller: not ‘the homosexuals in the church’ are the problem. It is the closet gay homophobes in the church, jointly with the heterosexual homophobes.

Burke and Brandmüller argue that the church has become rudderless because it does mot follow the right teaching. In 2016, together with two other cardinals, they fiercely criticized the pope for creating an opportunity for divorced Catholics who have remarried before the law to go to communion anyway.

From the BBC today:

Cardinal Burke has links to former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon, who will reportedly be in Rome during the summit.

Something strange is happening here. Under conservative predecessors of the present Pope Francis I, right-wingers like Burke, Brandmülller and Dutch cardinal Eijk used to say again and again: the Roman Catholic Church is not a democracy, but a hierarchy. The pope represents God on earth and has absolute power. Roma locuta, causa finita: once the great pontiff in Rome has spoken about some issue, then Roman Catholics lower in the pecking order should not dare to have views different from the pope’s. If there is any danger to the unity of the church, then it is 100% the fault of rank and file left-wingers; never ever of the right-wing pope.

However, now, presto! they suddenly attack Pope Francis


‘Vatican priests, 80% closet gays’

This 13 February 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Eighty per cent of Vatican priests are gay and living in the closet, according to an explosive new book to be published next week.

The 570-page expose, titled In the Closet of the Vatican, claims that four in five clerics in the Roman Catholic Church are homosexuals – but aren’t necessarily sexually active.

French sociologist and journalist Frédéric Martel, who spent four years conducting 1,500 interviews for the book, found that some priests maintained discreet long term relationships, while others lived double lives having casual sex with gay partners and using male prostitutes.

He found that a number of clerics spoke of an unspoken code of the ‘closet’, with one rule of thumb being that the more homophobic they were, the more likely they were gay.

The author, a former adviser to the French government, claims the late Alfonso López Trujillo – a Colombian cardinal who held senior roles in the Vatican – was an arch-defender of the church’s teaching on homosexuality and contraception while using male prostitutes, according to Catholic website the Tablet.

The book is a ‘startling account of corruption and hypocrisy at the heart of the Vatican‘, according to British publisher Bloomsbury. In its marketing material, Bloomsbury claims the book ‘reveals secrets’ about celibacy, misogyny and plots against Pope Francis.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 15 February 2019:

A majority of cardinals and many bishops and other church leaders are homosexual. This is the conclusion of sociologist Frédéric Martel, who immersed himself four years in the world of the Vatican. According to an initiate to whom Martel spoke, in the Vatican it would even be about 80 percent of the clergy.

Martel, who himself is also gay, does not aim to blame people who do not want to come out of the closet. He does want to expose a system: according to him, the Catholic Church has a hidden face that is based on a double life: on the outside radically homophobic, in reality homosexual. “I do not want to out individuals, I want to out the Vatican”, Martel says to Dutch Nieuwsuur TV.

Hide nature

He emphasizes that homosexuality is not the problem. The situation is complex. “What you want most as a homosexual cleric is to hide your nature, to show everyone you’re not gay, so you’re more homophobic than others.”

And that, according to Martel, worsens other issues, such as the AIDS problem. Martel explains: “As a clergyman you want to show that you are more celibate than others, so you become extremely rigid in propagating a sexual morality, which is why you are also against condoms, because they represent sex with a partner which is not fixed.”

Martel’s voluminous book Sodoma [In the Closet of the Vatican] of 670 pages will appear Monday in the Netherlands and other countries. He did research in more than 30 countries and spoke 1500 people, inside and outside the Vatican, including 41 cardinals, 52 bishops, 45 nuncios and more than 200 priests and seminarians.

The vast majority of all clergy in the Vatican is gay, practicing or not. And according to the author, that also applies to the four predecessors of the current Pope, Francis.

Martel also says that many homosexual clergy in Rome lead a double life with secret relationships. Some have a permanent partner, others hire escort boys. A minority of these clergy lives strictly celibate. Another conclusion: because of the culture of secrecy, sexual abuse of children could remain hidden for a long time.

There is also manipulation in the Vatican. According to the researcher, spreading rumours about the alleged homosexuality of a cardinal or bishop is a crucial weapon to attack opponents. The rumours often come from other clergymen who are themselves in the closet.

Fifty shades of gay

“The world that I have discovered, with its fifty shades of gay, is beyond understanding”, writes Martel in his book. “Appearances are deceiving, perhaps no more than in this institution, and the declarations of principle about celibacy and the vows of chastity are equally deceitful, for behind them lies a completely different reality.”

The Vatican’s Secret Rules for Priests Who Have Children: here.

United States Republican on killing gay children

This 14 February 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Republican Would Drown His Kids If They Were Gay

West Virginia Republican Eric Porterfield says, during an interview, that he would drown his children if they were gay.

This 13 February 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

GOP Lawmaker Casually Jokes About Killing His Kids if They’re Gay

State violence, homophobia in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

This 11 February 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

“This Is Just the Beginning”: Greenwald on Rising State Violence & Homophobia in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

On Friday, an operation by Brazilian military police in Rio de Janeiro left at least 13 people dead after a shootout in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa. Police say they were there to investigate suspected drug traffickers but encountered gunfire when they entered the area. Last month, Rio’s new governor, Wilson Witzel, said that city security forces were authorized to shoot to kill suspects. He also said Rio should have its own Guantánamo Bay to house criminals, whom he labeled “terrorists”. Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, has vowed to intensify the war on drugs.

While running for president, Bolsonaro said a “good criminal is a dead criminal”.

In other news from Brazil, Brazil’s first elected openly gay federal lawmaker, Jean Wyllys, recently left his post and fled Brazil, amid growing homophobic violence coinciding with the rise of Bolsonaro. He was replaced in Brazil’s Congress by David Miranda, a Rio city councilmember and husband of our guest, Glenn Greenwald.

Mormon conversion therapist admits being gay

This 9 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

What Gay Conversion Therapy Is Really Like

WARNING: This video contains language about sexual assault.

The new movie “Boy Erased” tells the true story of Garrard Conley — the son of a Baptist pastor who, after being outed to his parents at 19, was sent to a two-week long “gay conversion therapy” program.

Conley talked about what the experience was really like, and discussed his efforts to make the practice of conversion therapy on minors illegal. It is currently legal to practice conversion therapy on minors in 36 states. Conley was joined by his mother Martha, who experienced a change of heart while Garrard was in the conversion therapy program and removed him before it was complete. “Boy Erased” arrives in theaters on Friday November 9.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

‘Healer’ of homosexuality comes out of the closet himself

The man who for years wanted to ‘cure’ gay people of their sexual orientation and claimed to be able to change the sexuality of people, has now come out of the closet. Conversion therapist David Matheson says in a Facebook message that he recognizes that he has damaged people with his work.

“A year ago … I realized I couldn’t stay in my marriage any longer. And I realized that it was time for me to affirm myself as gay”, he writes.

Matheson grew up in a Mormon congregation. From that ideology he developed courses and therapies with which he tried to “take away” homosexuals’ orientation.

Now the well-known conversion therapist says that his therapy came from his own ‘homophobia and narrow-mindedness’. He was stuck in his own ideological prison, he writes. … ‘But I’m sure I’ve hurt some people too.’He does not want to apologize, he continues, “but any shortcomings I had as a therapist came from too narrow a view of what “emotionally healthy” can look like”.

It was not his marriage, that was still strong after 34 years, he writes. ‘I also realized that being in an intimate relationship with a man was no longer something I wanted to avoid.’

Therapies illegal

Conversion therapies, promoted primarily by religious communities in the US, have been followed by some 700,000 homosexual and transgender Americans, according to figures from the Williams Institute. In more and more US American states, the use of such therapies for minors is prohibited. According to doctors and psychologists, (wanting) change of someone’s orientation leads to mental health problems.

According to Wayne Besen, founder of an organization that fights against anti-gay sentiments, this step by Matheson proves that conversion therapy is harmful and ineffective. The therapy gives people false hopes that ‘healing’ of an orientation is possible, he says.


Matheson still sees that somewhere deep inside a homophobe lurks in him, but he can accept the person he is now much better. ‘I am truly sorry for those flaws and the harm they have surely caused some people.’

He concludes his Facebook message with the wish that people through his story are encouraged and get trust in their life path. ‘Pursue it without fear or shame—regardless of what others might think.’

This 9 November 2018 Canadian TV video says about itself:

Garrard Conley’s memoir Boy Erased, about undergoing gay conversion therapy, is now a major movie starring Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges (who plays him). On a recent visit to Canada, the author tells CBC’s Eli Glasner about the harrowing details of what he went through, and why he wants to see a ban on these attempts to change sexual orientation.

Gay Brazilian MP refugee from far-right Bolsonaro government

This 25 January 2019 Portuguese language video from Brazil is called (translated) Speaking of threats and fear, Jean Wyllys announces that he will leave Brazil.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Homosexual parliamentarian flees Brazil after death threats

The first openly gay member of parliament in Brazil has fled the country because of the many death threats. He says he is leaving politics because so many lies are being spread about him.

The 44-year-old Jean Wyllys became known in Brazil through his participation in the television program Big Brother. He has been in parliament since 2010 for the Party for Socialism and Freedom (PSOL).

Wyllys told Brazilian media that he is in Europe and does not intend to return to South America. He wants to focus on an academic career and obtain a PhD.

Homophobia fueled’

The left-wing politician had police protection since the murder of Marielle Franco, a politician, LGBTQ activist and friend of Wyllys, in March last year. He says the number of threats against him has increased in recent months.

He no longer feels safe in Brazil, not at all when President Bolsonaro is in power. “This president has insulted me publicly and has fueled homophobia.”

The far-right Bolsonaro made controversial statements about LGBTQ people. He said, eg, “If your son acts gay, then beat him up, then his behaviour will change.” In his inaugural speech, the president struck a more subdued tone …

Successor also homosexual

Yet, according to Wyllys, the climate in the country has become more violent since Bolsonaro is president. He and his family are smeared on the internet by conservative groups.

His place in parliament is taken by his fellow party member David Miranda, who is also openly gay.

David Miranda is married to U.S. journalist Glenn Greenwald. The British Conservative government arrested him as a ‘terrorist’ for his role in helping the Edward Snowden exposure of mass anti-privacy spying by the United States NSA.