Kingfisher eats fish, video

This 9 March 2017 video shows a kingfisher eating a small fish.

Frits Simons from the Netherlands made this video.

Camouflaged grey partridge video

This is a 9 March 2017 video of a grey partridge, camouflaged by its colours.

Luuk Punt from the Netherlands made this video.

White stork couple on nest

This 2 March 2017 video shows a white stork couple on their nest in the Netherlands.

Rina Schellekens made this video.

Spoonbill foraging, video

This 28 February video shows a spoonbill foraging in stormy weather in the Netherlands.

Harry Brummelhuis made this video.

Rare brown shrike video

This February 2017 video shows a brown shrike near Den Helder. It is only the second time ever that this bird species was seen in the Netherlands.

Luuk Punt made this video.

Rare white-headed long-tailed tit

This 24 February 2017 shows a rare white-headed subspecies individual of the long-tailed tit, in the garden of Annie Keizer in the Netherlands.

Young cormorant, young shag, what’s the difference?

This 16 February 2017 Dutch video is about a young great cormorant and a young shag. They look similar. However, look around their eyes for the difference.