Good black-winged stilt news

This video shows a black-winged stilt at its nest; amidst coots, black-headed gulls, and other birds.

Albert de Jong reported on 31 July 2015 about the black-winged stilt nesting season in the Netherlands.

2015 was a good year for these mainly South European birds: at least fifteen Dutch nesting couples. Many chicks fledged, which may sometimes be a problem for this species.

Dutch birdwatching TV game show

This 13 July 2015 video introduces the new Dutch TV show In de ban van de condor.

On 4 September 2015, on Dutch TV, there will be the start of a new game show about birdwatching. The name of the show is In de ban van de condor (Fascinated by the condor).

Teams consisting of one birdwatcher and one celebrity will compete who is best at birdwatching.

Among the birdwatchers will be Debby Doodeman, and Camilla Dreef. Among the celebrities will be actress Inge Ipenburg and model Sylvia Geersen.

The first round of the game show will be in four areas in the Netherlands: Biesbosch national park, Texel island, the Veluwe, and Waterland.

The winners of the first round will go to Georgia, where there is massive autumn bird migration.

The final round will be in Peru: looking for the Andean condor.

Seal and bird news from the Netherlands

This video is about a ruddy shelduck feeding, while a coot passes.

Debby Doodeman reports today about De Kreupel island, in the IJsselmeer lake in the Netherlands.

At least four common seals were seen around the island; unusual for this freshwater lake.

193 ruddy shelducks are molting around De Kreupel.

A Chilean flamingo was seen. It had a colour ring, indicating it was from the Zwillbrocker Venn nesting colony, in Germany near the Dutch border.

Robin feeds young blackbird, video

In this video, a young blackbird is fed by its father, but also by a robin.

Thea Blok made this video in her backyard in the Netherlands.

‘Dutch’ wolf killed by truck in Germany

This video says about itself:

Wolf spotted in Netherlands for first time in over 100 years

13 March 2015

A wolf has been seen in the Netherlands for the first time in over a century, with footage showing the predator trotting around near a railway track in Noord-Sleen.

Translated from the Dutch ARK conservationists:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The wolf which this spring briefly visited the Netherlands was killed. On April 15, a dead wolf was found on the A7 motorway at Berkhof in Germany. DNA research has shown that this was the same animal which visited the Netherlands and Lower Saxony, say Landesjägerschaft Lower Saxony and Lower Saxony Wolfsbüro.

Research shows that the animal was killed by a truck.

Kingfisher, kestrel, blackbird, all like branch

This video is about a branch in the Netherlands, where apparently many birds like to rest on.

First, a kingfisher rests there. Until a female kestrel takes its place. After the kestrel leaves, a male blackbird arrives.

Henk and Wilma from the Netherlands made this video.

Great auk bones discoveries in the Netherlands

This video from Britain is called Channel 4: Extinct: The great Auk.

In the June 2015 issue of Dutch paleontological journal Cranium, Bram Langeveld writes about discoveries of bones of the extinct great auk in the Netherlands.

In sand, removed from the Eurogeul channel in the North Sea to the Zandmotor and Hoek van Holland, great auk bones were found recently.

It is not known how old these finds are exactly. Not over 7.500 years. Earlier, great auk bones had been found in the Netherlands six times, mainly in Roman age villages.