Birds in the Netherlands, video

This is a video about BirdLife in the Netherlands.

Bats of North Sea wind farms, new research

This video says about itself:

Male Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Bat singing

12 September 2014

At a large mixed maternity roost of Nathusius’ and Soprano pipistrelles in Northern Ireland, the males are busy trying to attract females with their songs. This boy had the cheek to sit right at the entrance to the roost so all the females had to go past him. He was a pretty loud and frantic singer so he probably got lucky.

You can see him opening his mouth as he makes each noise, but the camera could not pick up the very high-pitched sounds that he made.

Translated from Ecomare museum on Texel island in the Netherlands:

27 February 2015

You would not expect it, but bats also fly above the sea. Researchers have now shown that in the months of September and October they may even be found regularly in offshore wind farms. Probably the bats pass the windmills when they are migrating, but the researchers also conclude that they sometimes fly there from the continent to catch insects. Nathusius’ pipistrelle was most heard around the windmills, but signals were also heard from common noctule bats.

The study took place in two wind farms off the coast of Egmond.

Robin sings, video

This is a video about a robin singing in the Netherlands.

Jan Tetteroo made the video.

Great cormorant fishing, video

This is a video on a great cormorant fishing in the Netherlands.

Gerrie van der Meulen made the video on 14 February 2015.

Beaver cleans itself, video

This is a video about a beaver cleaning itself, in nature reserve Rhoonse Grienden in the Netherlands.

René Sluimer made the video.

Great white pelican in the Netherlands

This video shows a great white pelican, Pelicanus onocrotalus, near Callantsoog in the Netherlands.

This bird has already been there for weeks.

Did it escape from somewhere? Or is it a wild vagrant from southern Europe? Nobody knows.

Sjaak van Beek made the video on 14 February 2014. The pelican is still there.

Red fox’s violet-like smell, video

This video from the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

Feb 20. 2015

Foxes hunts alone and therefore mark their territories with scent trails. The stench scares off other foxes. A fox has several glands to spread its fragrances. Some scent glands are located near the anus and some between the toes on the front paws.

During the mating season (December to February) the scent trails suddenly smell very differently. In this period the violets gland starts working and gives the tracks a scent of violets. This gland is located at the top of the tail.

In this video you can clearly see how the fox is marking its territory. Filmed by Gerard Beekman.