Starlings gather near coast, video

This video shows thousands of starlings, gathering on mud flats near Oostvoorne in the Netherlands.

They will eat a bit more, and then they will fly to their roost to sleep.

Monique Smulders made this video.

Music abuse by Dutch xenophobic PVV party

This video, recorded in the Netherlands, says about itself:

23 March 2014

Thousands of people have protested in Amsterdam against Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders over his anti-Moroccan comments at an election rally last week.

Not only in the USA there is a problem of right-wing politicians using music by musicians who don’t want their music to be abused.

In the Netherlands, the band Het Goede Doel wants to stop Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic PVV party from playing their music at their meetings.

The Goede Doel singer said also to Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad yesterday:

Once we were offered lots of money by a nasty Flemish party. We have not accepted that as well.

Very probably, that ‘nasty Flemish party’ is the racist Vlaams Belang.

Dutch Pegida Islamophobes, alias of Nederlandse Volksunie neo-nazis

German Pegida fuehrer Lutz Bachmann, disguising himself as Adolf Hitler

This photo shows the fuehrer of the German racist Pegida movement Lutz Bachmann, trying hard to look like Adolf Hitler.

Lutz Bachmann was one of the speakers on 11 October 2015, at an anti refugee demonstration by the Dutch branch of Pegida, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Bachmann’s followers violently attacked anti-nazi counter-demonstrators there.

Dutch NVU nazis at Islamophobic demonstration

This photo shows Peter Bieleveld and Simone Magretti, representatives of the Dutch neo-nazi party Nederlandse Volksunie (NVU) at an Islamophobic demonstration of the Dutch Defence League (sister organisation of the violent neo-nazis of the English Defence League).

The demonstration was on 24 May 2015 in Rotterdam.

Mr Bieleveld and Ms Magretti have with them the official Nederlandse Volksunie party banner. They had also brought a smaller banner saying ‘Islam go back’, and depicting one of the infamous Danish Mohamed cartoons; depicting the 7th century prophet of Islam as a 21st century bomb terrorist.

NVU demonstration in The Hague. Photo © @Rikreporter

This photo shows Peter Bieleveld with the same Islamophobic sign at a Nederlandse Volksunie demonstration in The Hague on 20 September 2014.

Pegida demonstrator Utrecht, photo by Martijn Beekman / ANP

And this photo shows Peter Bieleveld of the Nederlandse Volksunie with that same Islamophobic sign at the anti-refugee demonstration of the Pegida racists in Utrecht on 11 October 2015.

Besides Peter Bieleveld, there were lots of well-known neo-nazis at the Pegida demonstration.

NVU activist Owen Koenekoop does nazi salute

On this photo from the Utrecht Pegida demonstration, NVU activist Owen Koenekoop does the nazi salute. Next to him is fellow Nederlandse Volksunie member Barry Kluft.

Pegida public relations lies of supposedly ‘not being extreme right’ prove to be just lies, again and again.

The Dutch public prosecutor has meanwhile announced they will investigate one of the Pegida speeches in Utrecht for possible violation of anti-discrimination laws. That speech accused Muslims of ‘massive inbreeding’ and said Muslims should be ‘hated and despised because of their insane ideology’.

English EDL founder Tommy Robinson addresses Pegida anti-Islam rally in Holland: here.

German Pegida advocates hanging politicians: here.

Anti-nazi demonstrator in Utrecht, 11 October 2015. Photo by ANP

Finally, a happier image from Utrecht on 11 October 2015. An anti-nazi, pro-refugee demonstrator with a sign saying ‘Welcome stranger’.

Invertebrate animals in Dutch gardens, new research

This video from Australia says about itself:

The living soil (1982)

Without spoken commentary, this film depicts both the life of the soil and the life within it. The parent rock weathers, and soil is born. It cracks under the sun, then rain brings it back to life: seeds germinate, and animals burrow and bustle below and above the soil’s surface. To complete the chemical cycle, fungi, agents of decay, flourish, themselves to decay in turn. Scavenging insects pick a mouse corpse clean, and a new generation of shoots sprouts among the bones.

Photographic techniques reveal actions that our senses cannot otherwise register. Slow-motion anatomizes the impact of a water drop on sand; time-lapse photography eliminates transient details and emphasizes processes, such as the growth of roots and shoots and the removal of soft tissue from a dead animal. These processes, being slow, fail to catch our attention on a brief nature ramble, but they power the mechanism of the living soil. As the film’s introduction states: ”the soil is both the source and the product of the cycle of life and decay”.

The Dutch Ecology Institute recently did research on invertebrate animals in Dutch gardens.

NOS TV reports today (translated):

The results mean that isopods, of which there are 39 species, have a narrow victory over arachnids. The first ones live in 94 percent of the gardens, the second ones in 93 percent. Worms also get a percentage of above 90.

Other land animals that often live in garden soil are slugs and snails (above 80 percent), ants (72 percent) and centipedes (61 percent).

Soil restoration techniques at post mining sites: here.

Extreme right anti-refugee violence, politician’s xenophobia in the Netherlands

This 7 October 2015 video shows refugees arriving in Woerden town in the central Netherlands.

Today, NOS TV in the Netherlands reports that Halbe Zijlstra, chairman of the caucus in parliament of the VVD, the biggest party in the Dutch coalition says that the Netherlands ‘should become more unattractive for refugees‘.

If politicians irresponsibly play with xenophobic sentiments, then it is hardly surprising that some stupid people go just one step further, and start criminal violent attacks on refugees.

Like happened yesterday evening in Woerden. A gang of about twenty extreme right masked hooligans stormed a hall housing refugees. They threw bombs which exploded.

According to the mayor, Mr Molkenboer, of Woerden:

Molkenboer says the refugees are extremely shocked by the incident. “Most come from a war zone. Hearing explosions gives them a traumatic experience.”

In the hall were 148 refugees, including 51 children.

On the Facebook page of the Dutch nazis of the Nederlandse Volksunie party, there was cheering today about this violent crime.

Many Woerden people, disgusted by the racist violence, have today brought presents for the refugees.

See also here.

The Hungarian government of Viktor Orbán has begun to deport refugees in expedited processing procedures. In order to get around international and European laws, which grant war refugees the right to a regular asylum procedure, it is engaging in dirty legal tricks: here.

‘James Whistler painting’ at Dutch museum a real Whistler

Symphony in White, girl in muslin dress, by James Whistler

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Singer Museum: work from depot is “absolutely a Whistler”

Today, 12:09

Painstaking research has shown that a controversial work in the Singer Museum is by the 19th century impressionist James Whistler. The work “Symphony in White, Girl in muslin dress” has been for decades in the depot of the museum in Laren because there was doubt about its authenticity.

The Singer Museum presented the unsigned painting from about 1870 as a highlight in the nineteen fifties. But twenty years later, a visiting Whistler expert said he doubted whether it was painted by the artist himself.

The work was written down to “a few thousand guilders,” said the museum director De Lorm. The painting disappeared in the depot, with the vague caption ‘environment of Whistler’.


When De Lorm took office seven years ago as director, the painting aroused his curiosity. He had it subjected to studies with the most modern techniques, and the results were compared with a signed Whistler from the Rijksmuseum.

Infrared photography showing the original sketch

From the painting under the top layer, the pigments of the paint and a list by Whistler himself investigators and the museum director could conclude that the work is “absolutely by Whistler”.

The work will be, along with the Whistler from the Rijksmuseum and other works by the painter, from next week on exhibited in Laren.

Sketch compared to finished painting

Sea also here.