Saving young roe deer, video

In this 23 June 2016 video from the Netherlands, wildlife warden Hanne interviews an ex-colleague of hers, who helps young roe deer in his garden.

Sometimes, roe deer mothers are killed by cars, or dogs, etc. When the orphan roe deer fawns will have grown up, they will be released back into the wild.

Kingfishers mating and more

This video from the Netherlands shows kingfishers: mating, transferring fish, and a food pellet.

Partridges, other birds at bird-friendly farmland

This video is from Wieringen in the Netherlands. Around the maize fields of local farmer Cees Tijsen, grass has been planted. That is much better for birds like the grey partridges in the video; and for young northern lapwings, redshanks and black-tailed godwits.

Turtle dove foraging, video

This video shows a turtle dove foraging.

Luuk Punt in the Netherlands made the video.

Great crested grebe and youngsters, video

This video shows a great crested grebe. Its youngsters want to sit on its back, like they often do. However, now their parent is cleaning its feathers; so, for now, they have to swim.

Nel Ros in the Netherlands made this video.