Green woodpeckers mating, video

This 1 April 2018 video from the Netherlands is about green woodpeckers mating.


Ants atlas published in the Netherlands

This 2015 video says about itself:

TOP 10: Most Impressive Ants On The Planet

Cardiocondyla obscurior
Temnothorax pilagens
Cephalotes specularis
Dinoponera quadriceps
Nylanderia fulva

Cardiocondyla obscurior is a tropical ant species. Still, it lives at one place in the temperate climate Netherlands: in the tropical hothouses of the botanical garden in Leiden. It will not spread from there to the outside, which is too cold.

Recently, a new atlas about ant species in the Netherlands was published, called Ecologische atlas Nederlandse mieren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). It shows where the various species live.

There are 68 native Dutch ant species; 29 of them are threatened. Eg, Camponotus vagus has only one nest in the Netherlands.

The black garden ant is the most common species in the Netherlands.

There are 36 invasive ant species in the Netherlands. Only seven of them live outside buildings; the others live only inside, where it is warmer.

Dunnock sings, video

This 13 April 2018 video is about a dunnock singing in the Zouweboezem nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Dutch wildlife video highlights

This 10 April 2018 Dutch video shows recent highlights of wildlife in the Netherlands and Belgium: red squirrel, brook lampreys, brown long-eared bat, wigeon and Eurasian cranes.

Bird art in the Netherlands

This 2017 Dutch video is about how visual artist Erik van Ommen made hundreds of drawings of birds for the book Alle vogels by Koos van Zomeren.

Black-tailed godwits quarreling, video

This 29 March 2018 video is about two black-tailed godwits quarreling about the boundary between their nesting territories in the Donkse Laagten nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Around them, barnacle geese and northern lapwings.

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Black-tailed godwit foraging video

This 25 March 2018 video shows a black-tailed godwit foraging in the Donkse Laagten nature reserve in the Netherlands; while a skylark sings.

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