Black-tailed godwits mating

This 13 April 2017 video shows two black-tailed godwits mating; while a gadwall duck passes, and northern lapwings are in the background.

Ria Pereboom made this video in Bleskensgraaf in the Netherlands.

Egyptian geese in a tree

This 11 April 2017 shows Egyptian geese in a tree.

Else Wildeman in the Netherlands made this video.

Black woodpecker makes new nest, video

This 11 April 2017 video shows a black woodpecker making a new nest for the new nesting season.

Last year’s black woodpecker nests are often used by pine martens, tawny owls, etc.

Henk Verbruggen from the Netherlands made this video.

Badgers in the Netherlands video

This 7 April 2017 video is a compilation about various badgers in the Netherlands.

Hares’ mating season on video

This video shows hares during their mating season. They then behave like ‘March hares‘; even though this is a 4 April 2017 video.

Rudolf Bloem in the Netherlands made this video.

Brook lampreys’ mating season

This 4 April 2017 video shows the brook lampreysmating season.

Luuk Punt from the Netherlands made this video.