Kingfisher nest, video

This video is about a kingfisher nest in the Netherlands. After the fourth chick has hatched, the male adult kingfisher removes an eggshell from the nest.

Young red-backed shrikes, new research

This video is about a red-backed shrike (and a male and a female whinchat) in Sweden.

Translated from Stichting Bargerveen in the Netherlands:

Friday, April 24th, 2015

The migratory behavior of adult red-backed shrikes has already been researched quite well, but about young shrikes we still know very little. Last year, a select group of 20 young shrikes in good condition were equipped with a data logger that records the migration route. Do these inexperienced animals immediately take the same route [as adults] or should they still learn?

Oystercatcher confused by car window, video

This video is about an oystercatcher. It sees its reflection in a car window. It keeps flying towards that image, as it thinks that is another oystercatcher, maybe a potential mate.

Kees Bakker from the Netherlands made this video.

Bluethroat sings, video

This is a video about a singing bluethroat.

Peter van Duijn in the Netherlands made the video.

Great tit collecting nesting material, video

This video is about a great tit collecting nesting material for its nest in an old pump.

Fred van der Weel in the Netherlands made the video.

Blue tit has a shower, video

This video is about a blue tit having a shower to cleanse its feathers.

Fred Vet in the Netherlands made the video.

Von Gogh, Goltzius, paintings exhibition

This is a French language video about an exhibition of Dutch and Flemish paintings and drawings. These works of art are not often seen in public, as they are in a private collection, the collection Piet de Boer. They are from the sixteenth century (Hendrick Goltzius) to the late nineteenth century (Vincent van Gogh).

Other artists represented include Cornelis Van Haarlem, Hendrick Avercamp, Jan van Goyen and Jacob de Gheyn. And Jan Brueghel the Elder, who cooperated with Peter Paul Rubens.

Until 8 March 2015, this exhibition was in Paris. Now, these 95 drawings and 20 paintings are exhibited in Amsterdam. At Herengracht 512. It will start tomorrow, and will be there for one month.