Oak processionary caterpillars’ long line

This summer 2016 video shows a long line of oak processionary caterpillars on a road.

R. E. Houweling in the Netherlands made this video.

Turnstones, greenfinches and sanderlings

This 9 October 2016 is about a red knot resting amidst turnstones on the southern jetty of IJmuiden harbour in the Netherlands.

On 22 October 2016, to the southern jetty of IJmuiden harbour. Often, one can see migratory birds there. This time, we did not see red knots, though we had seen them here on earlier visits. We did see lots of turnstones.

The weather was sunny; there was little wind.

When we arrived in IJmuiden, we saw a carrion crow and a herring gull. In the marina, a great crested grebe swimming.

A flock of house sparrows in a common sea-buckthorn bush.

A kestrel flies past.


Three coots swimming in the marina.

A herring gull on a mooring dolphin has a green colour code ring: with the letters m.app.

Far away, across the harbour, scores of great cormorants on the northern jetty. there is one individual of a different, though related, species among them: a shag.

This December 2015 video shows a young shag on the IJmuiden southern jetty.

We pass the beach. Great black-backed gull. A group of sanderlings. A flock of mallards. A black-headed gull.

And some oystercatchers. Among them the second colour ringed bird of today. This oystercatcher has on the upper part of his right leg a black flag; below it, a lime coloured ring with a black letter Z. On its left leg, a metallic ring; with below it, a blue ring with a white 7.

We reach the part of the jetty past the coastline. A common seal swims.

An Eurasian rock pipit flies past.

A female common scoter swimming.

A swimming herring gull eats an eel.

An angler tells he has caught common dab, young cod and European seabass. At the beginning of the jetty is a sign, saying there is European seabass decline and anglers are not allowed to catch more than one a day.

A young brent goose, born this year. Much lighter colour than an adult.

We reach the end of the jetty. About twenty great cormorants fly past.

An angler catches a pouting.

As we walk back, a flock of both male and female common scoters.

22 turnstones together on the rocky side of the jetty.

A flock of sanderlings flies past.

On the other, northern, side of the jetty, a female eider swims.

A juvenile gannet flies past.

We are back at the beginning of the jetty, and go to the sand dunes.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly on a yellow field milk thistle flower.

Further in the sand dunes, a robin.

And a big flock of greenfinches.

As we walk around the Kennemermeer lake, we hear a water rail.

Marsh helleborine orchid plants.

A little grebe swimming. A group of common pochard.

In the water near the lake bank, autotroph iron bacteria.

We hear a magpie.

As we leave IJmuiden, a buzzard sits on an electricity pylon.

Siberian accentor, first time ever in the Netherlands

This video says about itself:

21 October 2016

The first Siberian Accentor for the Netherlands! One anxious week of waiting after at least 119 (!!!) Siberian Accentors were reported in northern and western Europe since early mid October came to a euphoric end with this MEGA!

Today, a Siberian accentor was seen on the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam. It was for the first time ever for this Asian species in the Netherlands,

This 21 October Dutch 2016 video is about the many birders attracted by this rare bird.

Ans so is this video.

Wren, skylark dry ‘bathing’

This 29 September 2016 video is about a wren in the Netherlands. After bathing in the gutter of a roof, it ‘bathes‘ drying itself in a crib.

Gertjan Bohms made this video.

This 19 October 2016 video shows a skylark, ‘bathing’ in pebbles to get rid of irritants. Tjibbe de Leeuw in the Netherlands made this video.

Rabbit contacts horse, video

In this 19 October 2016 video by Saskia Kabel from the Netherlands, a rabbit tries to contact a horse.

Two dunlin resting on jetty, video

This 18 October 2016 video shows that dunlin are not only on the beach near the harbour jetty in IJmuiden, the Netherlands; but on the jetty itself as well.

Dunlin near the IJmuiden jetty

This 17 October 2016 video is about dunlin on the beach near the southern jetty of IJmuiden harbour in the Netherlands.