Young woodpecker fed by mother, video

This 6 July 2018 video shows a young great spotted woodpecker being fed by its mother.

Rob Jackpot from the Netherlands made this video.


Young toads leaping, video

This 27 May 2018 video is about hundreds of young toads, about one centimeter in size, leaping towards a ditch in nature reserve Groot Koninkrijk in the Netherlands.

Stefan Zielstra made this video.

Great reed warblers return to Dutch nature reserve

This 2017 video is about a great reed warbler singing in Germany.

Great reed warblers used to be not that rare in the Netherlands.

However, they need big reed beds for nesting. And these have often disappeared.

Great reed warblers used to nest in Loosdrechtse Plassen nature reserve. But they disappeared as reed beds diminished.

At one spot, grey lag geese fed on the reed making it disappear. In March 2017, a fence was put there preventing geese from eating the reed. Then, the reed started to grow again.

That attracted a great reed warbler couple which built a nest there this spring.

Wildlife and camera traps

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

6 June 2018

Where to learn about biodiversity better than in nature itself? Associate professor Thijs Bosker and Leiden University College student Sebastiaan Grosscurt talk about their teaching and research project that involves the use of camera traps.