Rufous-tailed scrub-robin, curlews in the Netherlands

This 24 September 2016 video is from the Maasvlakte area in the Netherlands. Mainly about the rufous-tailed scrub-robin, very rare in the Netherlands; also about other birds, like curlews.

Northern wheatear on migration, video

This 22 September 2016 video is about a northern wheatear on migration, in the Maasvlakte area near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Black tern video

This is a 2016 black tern video from the Netherlands.

Rare rufous-tailed scrub-robin in the Netherlands

This is a rufous-tailed scrub-robin video.

Today, a rufous-tailed scrub-robin, a south European species, very rare in the Netherlands, has been seen on the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam.

I had the privilege of seeing this beautiful bird on Lesbos in Greece.

Great spotted woodpecker videos

This 16 September 2016 video shows a great spotted woodpecker in a garden in the Netherlands.

This is another great spotted woodpecker video, also by Kees Vanger in the Netherlands.

Eurasian kestrel video

This video from the Netherlands is about Eurasian kestrels.

Young little grebe meets spotted redshank

This 16 September 2016 video shows a young little grebe cleaning its feathers and meeting a spotted redshank in the Netherlands.