Western sandpiper, first ever in the Netherlands

The western sandpiper in Dutch Friesland, photo Omrop Fryslân

On 15 August, for the first time ever, a western sandpiper was seen in the Netherlands.

This species nests in Alaska. Usually, they migrate to Mexico.

Now, however, a bird that had flown all the way across the Atlantic Ocean landed near Westhoek village in Dutch Friesland province. It attracted hundreds of birdwatchers.

The Alaskan vagrant sandpiper is there in the company of hundreds of sandpipers of other species; like the dunlin in the background of the photo.

Alma Tadema drawing discovery on flea market

The newly discovered Alma Tadema drawing, photo Fries Museum

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Drawing by Frisian artist Alma Tadema found at flea market

The Fries Museum in Leeuwarden has bought a drawing by Alma Tadema that has been found at a flea market. It is probably a portrait that the Frisian artist made of his niece Sientsje Tadema.

The work was presented to the museum by a Belgian who found it at the flea market in Brussels. He then contacted the Fries Museum.

Curator Marlies Stoter investigated the work and recognized Alma Tadema by the combination of the fine lines and strong pencil lines in the dark parts of the drawing.

Longing women

Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema (1836-1912) is an artist from Dronrijp who emigrated to England after his studies at the art academy in Antwerp. During his studies he regularly made portraits of people from his immediate environment.

In 2016 there was a large exhibition about the artist in the Fries Museum. It mainly showed his images of ancient Roman scenes with longing beautiful women. That was a great success: 158,000 visitors came to it.

The drawing can be seen from April 20 on at the exhibition Collected Work: the rich collection of Friesland, writes regional broadcasting organisation Omrop Fryslân. The museum now has 18 paintings and around 90 works on paper by the artist.