Young badgers and hawfinch video

This 8 May 2016 video shows young badgers and a hawfinch in Oranjewoud in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

Pine marten and otters, video

This is a video about a pine marten and otters at a hollow tree near Fluessen lake in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

Black tern news from Dutch Friesland

This is a black tern nest video from France.

In the Dutch Tjonger valley nature reserve, there are floating artificial nests for black terns. This morning, Vroege Vogels radio reported that 21 of the 30 nests are occupied.

Pine martens in tawny owls’ nestboxes

This 9 May 2016 video from the Gaasterland region in Friesland province shows a female pine marten and her three youngsters in a nest box.

Waden Durk Venema blogs today that in two nest boxes for tawny owls in Gaasterland, pine martens live. This species had been locally extinct in Gaasterland.

Young badgers, camera trap video

This spring 2016 camera trap video by Harrie Bosma shows young badgers in Oranjewoud forest in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

Weasel saved from sewer, video

This video is about a weasel in Dokkum town in Friesland province in the Netherlands. A cat had driven it into a sewer.

Erik Joustra, maker of this 23 March 2016 video, saved the weasel.

Bird-friendly farmer wins bronze godwit award

Farmer Nijdam with his award

Translated from the Leeuwarder Courant daily in Friesland province in the Netherlands today:

Farmer Murk Nijdam from Wommels village won the bronze godwit award of BirdLife in the Netherlands. That was announced this Sunday morning in the Vroege Vogels radio show.

Nijdam surpasses all Dutch farmers with the highest density of grassland birds on his land.

Including 120 black-tailed godwit couples nesting on Nijdam’s land last year.

Therefore, BirdLife wanted to reward him.

The award consists of a bronze statuette and a check for 1,000 euros. That money Nijdam should spend at his discretion on meadow birds.

The farmer was surprised. “I love doing this and will continue for more years.”