Young terns hatch on Dutch city roof

This video shows a recently hatched common tern chick on the roof of Nordwin College in Leeuwarden city in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

This video series shows that roof. Again this year, a colony of common terns nests there.

About 17 June, the first young terns hatched, as later videos of the series show.

Rare dragonfly back in Dutch Friesland

This 8 June 2016 Dutch video is about the lilypad whiteface dragonfly. This rare insect had become extinct in the Netherlands about 1970. Recently, it had come back to the Weerribben nature reserve. And now it is back in Friesland province as well: in Brandemeer nature reserve.

Rottige Meente nature reserve in Friesland: here.

Young badgers and hawfinch video

This 8 May 2016 video shows young badgers and a hawfinch in Oranjewoud in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

Pine marten and otters, video

This is a video about a pine marten and otters at a hollow tree near Fluessen lake in Friesland province in the Netherlands.

Black tern news from Dutch Friesland

This is a black tern nest video from France.

In the Dutch Tjonger valley nature reserve, there are floating artificial nests for black terns. This morning, Vroege Vogels radio reported that 21 of the 30 nests are occupied.