Sandwich terns, spoonbills and barn swallows

This 1 January 2015 video is about the villages Wierum and Moddergat in Friesland province in the Netherlands and their Wadden Sea surroundings, as seen from the air.

After 8 September 2018 at two desert islands, on 9 September we went to Moddergat village.

In the village: house sparrows; barn swallows flying.

This 6 May 2013 video is about the villages Paesens and Moddergat in Friesland province in the Netherlands and their Wadden Sea surroundings.

We went to the Wadden Sea dike.

A ringed plover along the coast.

This April 2018 video, in Frisian, is about Paesens and Moddergat and wildlife in their Wadden Sea surroundings.

On poles in shallow sea water, Sandwich terns, cleaning their feathers.

A turnstone on another pole.

Sea aster flowers. Sea lavender and sea purslane grow here as well.

Two spoonbills flying.

A bit further, scores of spoonbills standing in the water. Many great cormorants, oystercatchers and shelducks resting on the bank. Unfortunately, men with a dog, not on a leash, arrive, and drive the hundreds of birds away.

A grey seal swimming.

At the base of the dike, a dead common seal.

We go further west, the surroundings of Zwarte Haan hamlet.

Five barn swallows resting on a fence, while on autumn migration to Africa.

A kestrel nestbox not far away.

A bit further, a buzzard flies along the dike.

Our last stop on this journey to desert islands is still further west, at Balgzand nature reserve. Scores of spoonbills and shelducks.

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