Eagles, goshawks quarrel about nests

This 12 March 2018 video from the Alde Feanen nature reserve in Friesland province in the Netherlands shows a big bird nest.

Both a northern goshawk couple and a white-tailed eagle bring branches to the nest. Which raptor species will end up nesting here? Featuring a female bullfinch and a short-toed treecreeper as well.

Last year, this was the sea eagles‘ nest. However, this year the eagle couple took over last year’s northern goshawk nest. The goshawks then moved to the old eagles‘ nest. Meanwhile, the goshawks have eggs there.

However, the white-tailed eagles still feel entitled to their old nest. They attack the nesting goshawks. Though goshawks are much smaller than eagles, they and their eggs have so far survived that.

Will young goshawks grow up and fledge safely in the old eagles’ nest? See the webcam at the goshawk nest.

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