Dutch far-right supports Shell, Exxon earthquakes

This 14 July 2017 video says about itself:

Dutch earthquakes: Oil giants facing more legal action

Oil giants Shell and Exxon Mobil are facing a new legal battle with residents of a province in the Netherlands.

Earthquakes, said to be caused by drilling for gas, have wrecked hundreds of homes.

And also many farm buildings, medieval churches and other construction.

The people of Groningen are demanding the government take more action to limit gas production. Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Groningen.

The Shell-Exxon earthquakes cause deaths, and illness for many Groningen people, including children.

Last week, there were provincial authority elections in the Netherlands. Just two days before the elections, a cocaine and alcohol addict shot four people dead in Utrecht city. All political parties stopped campaigning. as a sign of mourning. Except for the far-right FvD party, led by Thierry Baudet. The FvD, being fans of Islamophobe Donald Trump in the USA, loudly claimed that the Utrecht bloodshed was an international Muslim terrorist conspiracy (though now we still don’t know the motive of the perpetrator).

That propaganda helped FvD to win for the first time ever representation in provincial assemblies. Including in Groningen.

Now, it turns out that the FvD is the only party in Groningen which thinks that Exxon and Shell should continue to make big profits by drilling gas in Groningen. Earthquakes or no earthquakes.

Even the Groningen politicians of the right-wing national government VVD party, usually good friends of Shell and other Big Business, say that the drilling should stop. The VVD ministers in the national government say it should stop, but only in 2030.

The Groningen FvD wants Big Oil to continue drilling after 2030.

For an explanation, look again at Donald Trump. Like Trump, and like similar far-right parties in Europe, FvD denies climate change. Trumps owns shares in Big Oil; eg, in the controversial Standing Rock pipeline. I wonder where Trump disciple Thierry Baudet invests his money in.

Will it look somewhat like this John Heartfield 1932 photomontage?

'The Real Meaning of the Hitler Salute: Millions Stand Behind Me––Little Man Asking for Big Donations', October 1932

It is Heartfield’s play on Hitler’s boastful claim, “Millions stand behind me.” In Heartfield’s composition, Hitler, making his famous salute, reaches behind his head to take cash from a gigantic, looming capitalist. The work’s text reads: “The real meaning of the Hitler salute: Millions Stand Behind Me––Little Man Asking for Big Donations.” The image appeared in October 1932, only months before the nazis came to power.

Even French righ-wingers Debout la France think Baudet should not use Jean-Marie le Pen’s ‘boreal’ word: here.

Thierry Baudet’s untruths on climate change: here.

21 thoughts on “Dutch far-right supports Shell, Exxon earthquakes

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    Workers at the Shell Pernis oil refinery in the Dutch city of Rotterdam struck on Monday. The refinery is Europe’s largest and produces more than 400,000 barrels a day.

    The FNV trade union members are demanding a 5 percent pay rise. Shell has offered 2 percent this year followed by 2.5 percent next year.

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