Irish Catholic mass grave children to be reburied

This 7 April 2018 video says about itself:

Children of Shame (Crime Documentary) – Real Stories

Tuam, a quiet town in the west of Ireland. Tuam, a name that traumatised the whole of Ireland in the spring of 2014, when an unimaginable story was revealed. A hidden mass grave containing the remains of some 800 children was discovered on the former grounds of a home for single mothers, a hell on earth where children died from ill treatment, and were shamefully buried in secret and forgotten.

Up until the 1990s, dozens of these detention centres were run by religious orders, but the country is still reluctant to confront the ghosts of its past.

Provisional gravestone in Tuam, Ireland, for possibly 796 mass grave children

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Ireland wants to rebury hundreds of children’s dead bodies from mass grave

The Irish government has decided to dig up hundreds of baby dead bodies on the site of a former shelter for unmarried mothers near the town of Tuam, in the west of Ireland.

Research should provide more clarity about abuses in the Catholic institution. The children must also still get a dignified funeral.

The mass grave was discovered in March 2017. Some of the corpses have already been excavated, but a major legal change is required for the large-scale digging. The Irish government hopes that parliament will soon agree, so the digging can start in the second half of next year.

On the grounds of the Catholic shelter, 796 children were probably buried. It has been recorded that they have died, but not where the bodies have gone. Probably the children were buried there illegally, possibly without the rest of the family being informed.

Initial research has shown that it mainly concerns children up to two or three years old, including prematurely born infants. Experts suspect that many bodies date from the 1950s.

Decent funeral

“We do not know exactly what lies ahead, but we are convinced that we should do this”, says Irish Prime Minister Varadkar. “We dig up the remains and give the children the decent funeral they did not receive before.”

The shelter at Tuam was run by the Catholic Church from 1925 to 1961. It had a remarkably high mortality rate, but it never clarified why that was. Malnutrition probably played a role.

There were ten such houses in Ireland in the last century, where a total of 35,000 women were taken care of. Not only at Tuam children are buried, three other shelters are said to also have children’s mass graves.

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