Meat-vegetarian political conflict in Dutch Utrecht

This 6 March 2016 video by Elle from the Netherlands says about itself:

In this vlog you can see that we vegans only eat salad … no, just kidding! In this vlog I travelled to Utrecht and went to Veggieworld. There is a lot of vegan junk food there and awesome people. Hamburgers, cakes, candy, wraps and a whole lot more.

Dutch NOS TV reports today on a conflict in the local government of Utrecht city in the Netherlands.

The city executive is a coalition of various parties, including the VVD (pro-Big Business), D66 (also pro-Big Business, but not as anti-environment as the VVD), and GroenLinks (Green Left).

Recently, the opposition PvdD (Party for the Animals) moved in the council meeting that at all local government events at least 50% of all snacks should be vegan or vegetarian. To the surprise of many people, at the meeting last Thursday executive coalition parties D66 and GroenLinks voted for the PvdD motion, meaning there was a majority in favour of it.

The VVD is now angry, and the coalition may be in trouble.

BIG MEAT IS COMING FOR YOUR VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH In California, a bill to provide $3 million to school districts across the state to include plant-based options for lunch zipped through the legislature before stalling over money and objections from the beef industry. [Stateline]

New research suggests that if people perceive the rise of vegetarianism as a threat to their way of life they are more likely to care less for some animals: here.

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