Dutch slaughterhouses accused

This video says about itself:

Animal Rights films the abuse of pigs in Tielt slaughterhouse

24 March 2017

The organisation Animal Rights captured undercover footage of what happens over the course of a month in one of the largest pig slaughterhouses in Belgium. Unimaginable and undeniable animal suffering and fraudulent practices have been recorded. Nadine Lucas, president of Animal Rights: ‘We have filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office and demanded the immediate closure of the slaughterhouse.’

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Abuses in slaughterhouses: false samples and meat covered with shit’

Today, 5:06 PM

Meat controls in Dutch abattoirs are being manipulated, meat is covered by shit and there is a “grim fear culture”. EenVandaag TV show talked to two meat inspectors who sound the alarm about the situation in slaughterhouses. They call the inspections “one big theatre play”. …

The food authority NVWA introduced an improvement plan for the sector four years ago, in response to a number of big meat scandals. In interim evaluations the authority is positive about the new way of checking, but according to the inspectors, the results of these evaluations are not correct. …

The inspectors, who want to remain anonymous, say to EenVandaag that irregularities in the meat are cut away, so that the quality seems to be better. They also complain about the speed at which some slaughterhouses must be controlled. Approximately 650 carcasses must be inspected in large slaughterhouses and inspectors are said to have 11 seconds per carcass. …

That veterinarians are threatened in slaughterhouses, as the inspectors say, is denied by the NVWA.

‘Dirty meat’: Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants: here.

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