Even Dutch right-wingers against Big Oil earthquakes

This 23 November 2016 Dutch Drenthe province regional TV video says about itself (translated):

Unrest among residents of Vries village because of natural gas extraction

VRIES- “We are afraid of Groningen scenes“, says a Vries resident. He is worried now that the NAM oil and gas company

The NAM, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, Dutch Oil Corporation, is a joint venture between the Shell and Exxon oil and gas corporations. Their gas extraction in Groningen province causes earthquakes, causing much material and health damage.

has announced that it will extract natural gas through a new well in an area that lies north of Assen.

This concern is shared by Armand Jennekens of the D66 party in Tynaarlo.

The local authority including Vries.

He fears a soil subsidence of 20 centimeters. “We are now emptying the gas field with the result that the total pressure will stop.”

Gas field Vries-Zuid

Natural gas has been extracted in the Vries-South gas field since the 1970s. A new well was drilled a year and a half ago to get the last 10 percent out of the field. That natural gas area runs from north Assen to Donderen. In the forty years that natural gas has already been extracted, the soil below Vries was lowered by 8 centimeters. …


At the fishmonger’s in Vries, gas extraction is the talk of the day. Residents are afraid of Groningen scenes. “I feel that gas is being extracted at all costs. We have to revolt.” And: “I think it really scares me by now.”


Armand Jennekens of D66 in Tynaarlo, together with the D66 faction of the House of Representatives, wants to stop gas extraction. Tynaarlo municipality is also protesting.

D66, a usually pro Big Business party (though not as anti-environment as the VVD), after that video was made, joined a four party right-wing government coalition, with just a one seat majority in the Dutch parliament.

The VVD is the biggest party in the coalition. They are a pro Big Business party, with close links to Shell and other fossil fuel corporations. So, I am not sure that at the national level D66 will now oppose the Vries gas extraction, because of the coalition.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today, about Drenthe province:

Drenthe VVD politicians angry about gas extraction

VVD members in Drenthe are protesting against the recent gas extraction decision by Minister Wiebes. The minister, himself a member of the VVD, recently determined that the NAM can drill gas in small fields in North and Central Drenthe, among other places.

In an open letter to Wiebes and to the VVD in the House of Representatives, all twelve VVD municipal council caucuses in Drenthe demand that the decision be reconsidered. The council members emphasize that there is a lot of unrest among the residents. According to the letter writers, the residents will get a fair chance of earthquakes and thus of damage to their homes.

If the extraction would still have to continue, then the letter writers want the same damage protocol as in Groningen.

Many people in Groningen say the damage protocol is not enough.

A similar NAM gas extraction issue is near Monster town in South Holland province.

Bommelerwaard against Vermilion Energy gas extraction: here.

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