Shell billionaires claim ‘not enough money’ to repair homes they damaged

This video says about itself:

10 December 2014

Since the 1950’s, the Dutch government has been extracting gas

in a joint venture with the NAM corporation in which Shell has a 50% share, and ExxonMobil owns the other 50%

in the province of Groningen. During these years, the extraction has caused earthquakes that have intensified over the years. HanzeMag interviewed Derwin Schorren, member of the Groningen Soil Movement, a protest movement that wants the government to stop extracting gas.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Letter by Shell is a form of blackmail’

Today, 08:47

Shell is guilty of “a form of blackmail” with its view that there is not enough money to restore and strengthen houses in Groningen,

which were damaged by earthquakes, resulting from Shell‘s natural gas extraction

if less natural gas would be produced. Provincial executive member for gas extraction of the province, Eelco Eikenaar (Socialist Party) is furious about a letter with that message which Shell sent to parliament. …

Eikenaar rejected in the NOS Radio 1 News the argument that there is not enough money. “That can go straight to the trash can. I’ve just checked, they had last year a turnover of 421 billion euros and a profit of 14.7 billion euros.”

He believes that the letter demonstrates “a complete disregard for what is happening in Groningen.” Eikenaar notes that Shell and [its 50% affiliate] NAM are legally obliged to repair the damage resulting from gas production. “Claiming that they have a choice is unacceptable.”

31 thoughts on “Shell billionaires claim ‘not enough money’ to repair homes they damaged

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