Dutch government helps corporate tax dodging

This video from Britain says about itself:

Cameron‘s bullsh*t on tax dodging‘ – Harry Leslie Smith

7 April 2016

WWII veteran and social justice campaigner @Harryslaststand is firing with both barrels at David Cameron over the Panama Papers tax dodging scandal, his own dodging questions about the family offshore trust, and his govt’s tough talk.

Not only the British government in Gibraltar and elsewhere, and the Luxembourg government; also the Dutch government helps corporate tax dodging.

Translated from Trouw daily in the Netherlands:

The Netherlands concealed tax deals

Jan Kleinnijenhuis- 6:03, April 5, 2017

Ministers kept agreements with multinational corporations secret from other European countries.

The Dutch junior ministers Wijn (2004), Weekers (2011) and Wiebes (2015) have agreed to make controversial tax deals with multinational corporations, without notifying other European countries of that. Finance officials warned internally for years about the possible consequences of those agreements, according to internal documents released last week. However, the scheme was not adjusted. This is remarkable, since the Netherlands had promised in 2003 to share information about these deals in Europe.

The controversial agreements enable corporations to pay no taxes on large parts of their profits. The Netherlands thus harms other countries, but makes itself an attractive location for multinationals.

The Dutch government also did not inform parliament about this.

Britain: Corbyn challenges May over Isle of Man tax-cheats and their private jet jamboree: here.

14 thoughts on “Dutch government helps corporate tax dodging

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