Shell corporation not paying taxes

This Greenpeace video says about itself:

This clip, taken from the presentation of Shell‘s Q4 2012 results in London on 31st January 2013, shows former CEO Peter Voser being blatantly ‘economical with the truth’ over the ‘tax avoidance reasons’ for the towing of Shell’s Arctic drilling rig Kulluk.

Peter Voser was employed by Shell Switzerland until the end of March 2014 as adviser to the new Shell CEO Ben van Beurden. He likely received 635,000 Swiss Francs ($730,000) for three months’ work.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 21 May 2019:

Shell does not pay corporate income tax in the Netherlands

Shell does not pay any corporate income tax in the Netherlands. CEO Marjan van Loon and director of tax payment Alan McLean admit that in an interview with [right-wing weekly] Elsevier Weekblad.

9 thoughts on “Shell corporation not paying taxes

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