Britain’s Cameron’s Libya war, parody song

This 20 September parody music video from Britain about the 2011 war on Libya is called SnoutKast – “Lib Ya!”

The song is a parody of the song by OutKastHey Ya!

The image in this video depicts British former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and the dead pig Mr Cameron is said by a fellow Conservative to have had sexual intercourse with as an initiation ritual of an élite student society.

The name Snoutkast in the parody title refers to that dead pig‘s snout.

The lyrics are:

Great Britain don’t mess around when there’s a mad dictator making crazy threats
Let’s go in all guns blazing with the Royal Navy and the RAF
Might leave a power vacuum but I’ve no time for coherent strategy
Just bomb them to the stone age and with luck you should be home in time for tea

Lib ya!

I think I get it, yeah I think I get it – the rebels took Benghazi and Gaddafi will kill them all
We get together with France and America, and bomb the crap out of ‘em so his regime will fall
They say we’ve made erroneous assumptions, that airstrikes, that airstrikes, that airstrikes
That airstrikes aren’t in our interests
So why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh are we still in denial when we say it’s not about the gold dinar?

Lib ya!
(Don’t wanna meet Gaddafi, just wanna take Benghazi)
Lib ya!
(Don’t wanna meet Muammar, just following Obama)
I’m not being honest

Alright now, chaps (yeah!)
What’s crueller than being ruled? (ISIS!)
I can’t hear you! I said what’s crueller than being ruled? (ISIS!)
Shiite, shiite, shiite, shiite, shiite
Now, okay, shiites – you gotta join up with the Iraqi forces and go fight those militant extremist groups!
I wanna see you all on your baddest behaviour! We’ll lend you some weapons, it’s like a favour
Here we go! Alright, now…

Fucked it, fucked it, fucked it, fucked it, fucked it like we did in Iraq
Fucked it, fucked it, fucked it, fucked it like I did with that…oink!

The decision of a British parliamentary foreign affairs committee to apportion responsibility for the destruction or Libya and its transformation from a functioning into a failed state to former British prime minister David Cameron further confirms the verdict reached by Irish revolutionary leader James Connolly over a century ago when it comes to the British ruling class. “Their crimes,” Connolly said, “would shame all the devils in hell”: here.

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