Protest against Yemen war, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This 5 December 2018 from Senator Bernie Sanders in the USA says about itself:

Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen Has Killed 85,000 Kids From Starvation

U.S. Support Must End Now: 12 million people in Yemen are suffering from severe hunger and 85,000 kids have already died from starvation as a result of the Saudi-led war.

Right now in the U.S. Senate we are pushing to get a vote to end U.S. support for this disastrous war. We need your help.

This Dutch post by the Amsterdam Peace Initiative says (translated):

NO to shell companies of tax dodging weapons producers


To commemorate the thousands of dead in Yemen. Victims of military violence and of the war-caused famine.

The call to stop Amsterdam being a tax dodging paradise for the weapons industry.

Wednesday 19 December 12am-2pm

Five of the largest arms corporations in the world (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, General Dynamics and United Technologies) have an official office in Amsterdam. These are no more than shell companies, exclusively intended to avoid tax.

All these companies supply weapons to Saudi Arabia, which thus can wage the horrendous war in Yemen. Dutch companies are [officially] not allowed to supply arms to Saudi Arabia, but financially the Netherlands plays a role in the arms trade that keeps this war going.

The favourable tax climate in the Netherlands gives the international arms industry even greater profits.

All these companies are also involved in the development, production and maintenance of nuclear weapons, while Amsterdam has declared itself to be a nuclear-free municipality in the past. And they supply weapons to many more dubious customers: countries at war, with internal violence and human rights violators.

Meanwhile, progressive council members of the Socialist Party, GreenLeft and BIJ1 have mentioned this in the local council.

3 thoughts on “Protest against Yemen war, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  1. Take Action Now!

    Dear friends,

    85,000 children under five years old have starved to death in Yemen. 85,000 lives snuffed out before they can even begin.

    They’re the innocent victims of a famine caused by a senseless Saudi-led war. Another Yemeni child dies every TEN minutes.

    It’s heartbreaking — and the worst part is that our governments are complicit. Despite the famine, despite the bombing of a busload of school kids, countries like the US, UK, France, and Canada are still supplying the Saudis with hundreds of billions of dollars in tanks and missiles.

    We can’t let this go on — so we’re taking them to court!

    Small, tenacious groups in the UK, France, Canada, and beyond are pursuing groundbreaking legal cases to sue governments for selling weapons to Saudi. But they’re working on a shoestring — and need our urgent help to keep going. If they win — and they could — it’d be an incredible precedent that could finally bring an end to Saudi’s brutal war in Yemen.

    Chip in just the cost of a meal — something most families in Yemen won’t have today — if we raise enough we could stop the Saudi war machine and save countless lives in Yemen:

    The secret of Saudi is that they rely almost entirely on our governments — to sell them weapons, buy their oil, and give them legitimacy. But the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi — and the tragic death of Amal, a starving 7-year-old Yemeni girl whose picture appeared in the New York Times — have those same governments wavering in their devoted support.

    This is without a doubt the best moment we’ve ever had to put Saudi Arabia in the crosshairs and finally end their brutal bombing of Yemen.

    If pressure fades, Saudi will continue buying our governments’ silence, giving them billions in exchange for weapons to turn against Yemen’s civilians and their own people — in breach of our governments’ own arms export rules!

    But if we ramp it up, and take this fight not only to the courts, but to the corridors of power to push for a meaningful peace process, while exposing the human toll through high quality investigative journalism — we can end this war once and for all.

    Let’s give all we can to win these cases and ramp up campaigning to end the bloody arms trade, everywhere.

    Avaaz has already funded undercover journalists to get into Yemen and get stories out, and rallied massive public support for legislators to act in the US, the UK, the EU and Canada. Now let’s take our outrage into court, and stop our governments fuelling these children’s deaths.

    With hope and determination,

    Allison, Marigona, Danny, Jenny, Bert, Martyna, Camille, Rosa and the rest of the Avaaz team

    More information:

    Germany halts arms deals with Saudi Arabia, encourages allies to do the same (Washington Post)

    Yemen war: Vote in US Senate delivers rebuke to Trump (BBC)

    Judges grant appeal against decision to allow UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia (The Guardian)

    Canada’s $15-billion Saudi arms deal violates export rules, lawsuit argues (The Globe and Mail)

    It’s time to put the brakes on Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen (Brookings)

    Yemen Girl Who Turned World’s Eyes to Famine Is Dead (New York Times)


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