Police injures activists against Shell-Exxon earthquakes

This May 2018 video, in English, from the Netherlands says about itself:

Natural gas extraction has left deep marks in Groningen [province]. And the NAM [Shell/Exxon joint venture], Shell and Exxon still thumb their noses at the climate problem and a just compensation for Groningen people [victims of gas drilling earthquakes]. …

And take part in the big civil disobedience campaign for Groningen and the climate in the Netherlands from 24 to 31 August!

This 6 August 2018 Dutch video is called THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST KNOW about the natural gas conflict in Groningen province.

The video says that the NAM corporation, a joint venture of Exxon and Shell Big Oil corporations, have extracted natural gas from Groningen worth 400 billion euros.
The earthquakes caused by the gas drilling have caused 20 billion euros in damage in Groningen: ruining homes, farms, medieval churches, etc. etc. Even as far south as Groningen city and Drenthe province the Shell/Exxon drilling earthquakes have caused and are still causing damage. They have killed people.

Meanwhile, as there is a revolving door between corporations like Shell and Dutch government, the government for a long time did nothing to stop these earthquakes or to make Shell and Exxon compensate the victims. Recently, because of massive protests by the people of Groningen, there have been some measures. However, the present Dutch right-wing government persecutes activists against the Big Oil earthquakes as ‘terrorists’.

This 26 August 2018 video is about the pro-climate anti-earthquake activists’ camp in Leermens village in Groningen. One of the banners support the Standing Rock Native Americans‘ and others’ activism against Donald Trump-supported Big Oil in the USA.

This 28 August 2018 video is about the pro-climate anti-earthquake activists at the NAM facility in Farmsum village.

This 28 August 2018 Dutch RTL TV video shows how Dutch police attacks activists with pepper spray and batons at the fence around the NAM (Shell/Exxon) facility. Police injured five people, peaceful demonstrators, then.

This is another 28 August video.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In a demonstration by the Code Rood campaign in Farmsum, a collision between Groningen police and the campaigners has once again occurred. Again batons were used, something about which the police said later they regretted it. According to the police, the truncheons should not have been used, but it did happen because of a communication error.

Since Tuesday, at a storage location of the NAM in Farmsum, action is being taken against gas production in Groningen. Truncheons were used on Tuesday evening. Five activists were wounded according to RTV Noord regional broadcaster…

Yesterday evening the protesters returned to the site and hung up banners. The police, who were prepared for their arrival, intervened according to the action group when a banner was hung on a fence. In addition, according to a spokesperson for Code Rood, people were beaten overhand with batons. “This is illegal because you can injure someone in a life-threatening way”, she added.

The action group says that two people had to go to the hospital as a result of the violence. “One with a brain concussion and another one with injuries on the arm.” The spokeswoman said to RTV Noord that the campaigners are considering making a legal declaration against the policemen. “We regret that this happened and the police should take better care of their residents, the Groningen people.”

England: Manchester Science Festival called on to end its Shell sponsorship: here.

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