First sea eagle nest on Tiengemeten island

This is a white-tailed eagle video from Sweden.

This spring, a young white-tailed eagle couple is building a nest on Tiengemeten; the first ever on that island.

It is one of now twelve sea eagle nests in the Netherlands; where these birds had been extinct for centuries until recently.

Steller’s sea eagles, kittiwakes, other birds

This video says about itself:

1 March 2017

4 million breeding sea birds, including a variety of puffins, make their annual journey to Talan, an island in the northern Sea of Okhotsk in Eastern Russia, to form an amazing avian colony. Watch this breath-taking wildlife video to see a Steller’s Sea Eagle take advantage of the nesting season to pluck a Kittiwake bird from mid air.

Taken From [BBC] Blue Planet Series 1.

Sea eagle and carrion crow video

This 17 February 2017 video shows a sea eagle and a carrion crow feeding in Oostvaardersplassen national park in the Netherlands. The crow pulls at the eagle’s tail.

Angeline Rijkeboer made this video.

Four sea eagles feeding, video

This 11 February 2017 video is from Oostvaardersplassen national park in the Netherlands. A white-tailed eagle had caught a great cormorant and fed on it on the ice. Three other sea eagles, carrion crows and a red fox joined it.

Golden eagle in Spain

This 2016 video shows a golden eagle in the Sierra Morena mountains in Spain.

Sea eagle-magpie quarrel

This 29 October 2016 video from the Netherlands shows a sea eaglemagpie quarrel.