Racism in Dutch police, whistleblowers silenced

This video from the USA says about itself:

Eric Garner Video Sparks Backlash Over Police Brutality And Racism

Eric Garner, an unarmed African-American man, died after NYPD officers put him in an apparent choke hold on July 17, 2014. Video of the incident has gone viral, sparking outrage over yet another incident of police brutality against a person of color. People have used #EricGarner, #JusticeForEricGarner and #RIPEricGarner.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Whistleblowers at the police in The Hague no longer felt safe

The officers who reported abuses at the police station on the Hoefkade in The Hague left for another police station. Some did it voluntarily, others no longer felt safe there, says Jan Struijs, chairman of the Dutch Police Association, in the NOS Radio 1 Journal.

Struijs has recently had conversations with people from the Schilderswijk office and calls the examples of discrimination by police officers and excessive violence “horrifying.” Yesterday it was announced that there was a sick culture at the police station in The Hague. Sources tell the NOS that there have been several incidents involving excessive force against detainees, after which an attempt was made to cover it up. It involves four to eight officers.

Silent culture

There is an internal investigation into the state of affairs. “The investigation takes far too long. The first reports to managers are more than a year old”, said the trade unionist. “As a result, there is now big silence. People do not dare to speak out or they will see: if you report, then you can get into serious trouble.”

A targeted approach is not forthcoming. Struijs cites the example of a police commissioner at the Hoefkade who clearly said that it should be finished: ‘we do not tolerate discrimination and intimidation. My door is always open’. “And then she leaves three weeks later to do another job, while she knew that there are major problems at this station.” Struijs does not know whether she left voluntarily or not. …

The police association receives reactions from all over the country to the story about the The Hague officers. Police feel the impact of the accusation of discrimination and violence and are called to account by the public.

The police association is urging that more people should be put on the investigation so that it can be completed quickly. “We have to learn from this. What creates such a culture? Why do people not dare to report? Why are people being bullied? We should do all we can.”

Pro-refugee anti-NATO action in Dutch The Hague

Activists at the NATO building in The Hague, the Netherlands, photo Robert Bas

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Activists demonstrate at NATO against ‘Fortress Europe‘, 17 arrested

Six activists were arrested this morning at the NATO and the TNO [military] research institute building in The Hague. Eleven others were arrested on the roof of the NATO building in the afternoon.

The bookkeeper in this The Hague NATO headquarters was from the 1950s till the 1970s Joop Glimmerveen. He had been a soldier in the Korean war. There, he met fellow soldiers, Dutch war criminal members of Hitler’s SS. They had lost their Dutch nationality after World War II. They could get that nationalty back by ‘fighting bolshevism’ in Korea, like they had ‘fought bolshevism’ in the Soviet Union in the 1940s. They convinced fellow soldier Glimmerveen of their fascist ideas.

Ever since the 1970s, Glimmerveen for decades was the Fuehrer of the Nederlandse Volks-Unie, the Dutch anti-immigrant and pro-Hitler party.

The activists are from the No Border Camp group, part of the left-wing, autonomous No Border Network. They oppose European and Dutch migration policy, which they believe is inhumane, and “militarizes borders and contributes to reasons why people must flee“. According to them, both NATO and TNO are involved in that.

The group had climbed the roof of the NATO building to hang a banner with the text “No person is illegal.”

A slogan, originally from Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

One of the banners on the NATO roof in this video says, translated: Migrants die because of NATO.

These two banners say, translated: From the sea to Yemen, NATO kills.

There were about fifty to sixty activists in front of the fences of the building.

“TNO research institute is one of the largest recipients of EU grants for research into and development of new border security technologies“, the group writes in a press release. “The walls of Fortress Europe are getting higher, rescue operations from aid organizations are being thwarted and refugees are being locked up and deported.” …

On Thursday, protests took place at the Red Cross, Friday at employment agency Otto Work Force and Saturday at a detention center in Rotterdam, where asylum seekers who have exhausted all legal remedies are awaiting their deportation.

At the Red Cross, flyers were distributed to employees because the aid organization cooperates with Airbus, the sixth largest arms company in the world. According to the activists, the cooperation between the two is “primarily intended to polish up the image of an arms company“. The action at employment agency Otto was to draw attention to the “precarious” circumstances of mainly Polish workers in the Netherlands.