Aruban Mitch Henriquez killed, commemoration in The Hague

Silent march for Mitch Henriquez today

NOS TV writes that today in The Hague was the silent march to commemorate Aruban Mitch Henriquez, killed by police recently:

People participated in the march to support the surviving family and to protest against the violent arrest. Various participants said that police treats people of colour differently from whites, and that Mitch’ arrest is an example of that.

Mourning Aruban Mitch Henriquez, The Hague tomorrow

Mourning Mitch Henriquez

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Silent march for Mitch Henriquez

Today, 09:57

The family of the deceased detainee Mitch Henriquez are organizing a silent march tomorrow in The Hague. A cousin of the Aruban emphasized on Facebook that it should be a march of “respect and calm”. …

The march will start tomorrow at 17:30 at railway station The Hague Moerwijk and will end in the Zuiderpark. That’s where police officers harshly arrested Henriquez on Saturday, the most likely cause of his death a day later.

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Arubans mourn Mitch Henriquez, killed by The Hague police

This video from Aruba island in the Caribbean, about the requiem mass for Mitch Henriquez, killed by police in The Hague, says about itself (translated):

1 July 2015

Aruba is outraged by the death of Henriquez following his arrest in The Hague this weekend, as one can see from the many responses in social and mainstream media. During the church service there was mainly grief and practical issues such as what about the three children now who are on their own in the Netherlands. Their mother is in fact in Aruba. She and Mitch had exchanged so he could be with his children in the Netherlands on Father’s Day.

Death of Aruban in The Hague not an ‘incident’

This is a video from the Zuiderpark in The Hague in the Netherlands, showing the lethal arrest of Aruban Mitch Henriquez at the hands of police.

Translated from an NOS TV interview today in the Netherlands with Glenn Helberg, chair of the organisation of Caribbean people in the Netherlands, about the death of Mitch Henriquez at the hands of the The Hague police (as the Dutch government admitted today):

Helberg is happy for the family [of Mr Henriquez] that clarity came so soon. “This helps them immensely in the handling of their grief.”

He also said that this death is not an isolated incident and should not be called so by the police. “There is something very wrong when people feel unprotected by the police. It is now time for soul searching by the police.” …

Furthermore Arubans [on Aruba island, interviewed by the local NOS correspondent] hope that for the officers involved, if they would be found to be actually guilty, there will be no impunity.

Police violence killed Mitch Henriquez, Dutch government admits

This 29 June 2015 video from The Hague, the Netherlands shows torches, sirens and motor bikes at a demonstration protesting against the death of Aruban Mitch Henriquez.

When Mitch Henriquez died after The Hague police arrested him, the Dutch public prosecution service said that was because Mr Henriquez had become ill during transport in a police car to a police station.

However, a video, recorded on that fatal day 27 June 2015, shows that Mr Henriquez was already not moving any more before being dragged into the police car.

Today, the Dutch government’s public prosecution service have implicitly admitted that they had lied about Mitch Henriquez’s death.

Translated from NOS TV:

Aruban detainee was killed by police violence

Today, 12:28

It is likely that the Aruban prisoner Mitch Henriquez died from lack of oxygen, which was probably caused by the police action last Sunday in the The Hague Zuiderpark.

“For that lack of oxygen no other explanations have been found,” said Kitty Nooy, chief officer of the public prosecution service during a press conference in The Hague. “Also, no natural causes for death have been found.” Additionally, Henriquez had not used drugs or too much alcohol.

Nooy gave an explanation of the preliminary results of the National Police investigation into the death of the prisoner. Nooy spoke of “severe findings”.


The five officers who were involved in the arrest have been suspended, said the head of the police in The Hague, Paul van Musscher. They are officially suspected of involvement in the death of Henriquez.

This news has a strong impact on the police, says Van Musscher.

Dutch police chokehold death in The Hague

This video from New York City in the USA is called RIP Eric Garner VIDEO 2 – Staten Island man dies after NYPD cop puts him in chokehold.

The last words of New York City African American Eric Garner, while in an (illegal) police chokehold, were ‘I can’t breathe‘. Then, he died.

Unfortunately, it looks like The Hague city in the Netherlands now has its own Eric Garner-like lethal police violence case.

Mitch Henriquez, 42 years old, from Aruba island in the Caribbean, visited a music festival in The Hague as a tourist. As he left, four policemen grabbed him, and practiced a chokehold on him, until he did not move any more. A day later, on 28 June 2015, Mitch Henriquez was dead.

Mitch Henriquez and his son

Mitch Henriquez, before being arrested; and just before his death

At first, the public prosecutor claimed that Mr Henriquez had become ill while on his way in a police car to a police station.

This video, recorded on 27 June 2015, shows that Mr Henriquez was already not moving any more before being dragged into the police car.

This video is the sequel.

The blog of the The Hague anti-fascists writes about this:

Arubian man beaten to death by The Hague police

Yesterday (Saturday June 27, 2015), Hague police officers beat 42 year old Arubian Mitch Henriquez to death after the “Night in the Park” Festival in Zuiderpark in The Hague, the Netherlands. In a statement, the Prosecutor’s Officer (OM) stated that Henriquez began to feel unwell on the way to the police station. However, it is apparent from video footage that he was already unconscious or in a coma before he was thrown into the police bus without receiving any medical attention.

Witnesses said that Henriquez was making jokes with friends after the festival, when a group of officers tackled him. Henriquez fell into a coma, and died today at the hospital. According to bystanders and his family, police officers used a lot of force to arrest him. According to the “official” statement from the OM, Henriquez supposedly yelled that he had a weapon and then resisted arrest, leading to the use of force. Henriquez only began to feel unwell on the way to the police station. Eyewitnesses and a newly released video tell a completely different story. Henriquez was joking around with his friends, and was warned by the police and walked further. Lila also says that he was possibly being a bit loud and boisterous, but not toward the police.

The doctors from intensive care said that Henriquez clearly did not die from natural causes. His sister Lila said in an interview: “his head was completely swollen, he was mainly beaten on his head. How could someone be handcuffed, thrown in the car and then arrive black and blue and unable to breathe?” Henriquez’s sister wonders.

The The Hague police department has for years been at the center of many scandals because of (racist) police brutality. On November 24, 2012, 17 year old Rishi Chandrikasing was shot dead at Holland Spoor [railway] station as he ran away from the police. Racist police brutality is also a daily reality in the Schilderswijk and Transvaal neighborhoods in The Hague. In these neighborhoods, seemingly everybody knows somebody who has been a victim of police brutality, or even have even been victims themselves. Victims stated earlier to the local media: “I am often asked to show ID, for no reason. If I ask why, I get taken away and getting beaten up and abused in the police car. It continues at the station. They threw me into the cell and beat me while I was still handcuffed. Afterwards, they sprayed me with the fire hose and left me for the whole night soaking wet in the cell.” Even ex-officers speak of a culture of violence and racism in the police unit. These are only a few examples of the racist and violent culture of the police in The Hague, which has always been denied and covered up by police top brass and Hague mayor Jozias van Aartsen.

Man dies in hospital following brutal arrest by Dutch police: here.

Mitch Henriquez was a member of the Aruban opposition political party MEP. Arubans, both in Aruba and in the Netherlands, are deeply shocked.

This 29 June video from The Hague shows a big demonstration, including bikers, protesting against the death of Mitch Henriquez.

Dutch Socialist Party members of parliament Nine Kooiman and Michiel van Nispen suspect that the public prosecutor lied; and they have asked the government questions about this today.

This punk rock music video from England says about itself:

Angelic Upstarts – The Murder of Liddle Towers

Classic debut single from the Upstarts, championing the cause of the Birtley boxer who died after a night in a police cell.