Dutch pro-climate students’ strikes, tomorrow and 14 March

Dutch striking pro-climate students, The Hague, 7 February 2019, ANP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Climate truants will return to the Malieveld on 14 March

On the 14th of March, high school pupils will march on the streets during school hours to demand further-reaching climate measures. That was announced by the Youth for Climate NL action group via Twitter. The event will be held again at the Malieveld in The Hague.

Youth for Climate in the Netherlands says that in the weeks before 14 March, there are school holidays, so striking will not be possible.

Last Thursday, more than 10,000

more than 30,000 according to other estimates

students left school to take action in The Hague for the climate.

Yesterday, a delegation of the activists talked to Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Wiebes about their climate demands. …

After the conversation, the young people said they were not yet satisfied with the political reaction to their protest. They had already announced a new climate march, and tonight it became clear that it will take place in [14] March.

At the end of March, Rutte, Wiebes and Youth for Climate will talk to each other again.

These two tweets are about a pro-climate striking students’ (both university and high school) march in Amsterdam, starting at the Dam square. The lower tweet is about where the march goes.

Vox, magazine of Nijmegen university, 12 February 2019, reports that tomorrow there will be a pro-climate demonstration by striking university and high school students in Nijmegen as well.

[An organiser] hopes that more and more people will join. “People have to get used to it. In Belgium it also started small and by now a minister has resigned.’

Continue to demonstrate

That is also what [organisers] Van Uffelen and Kemerink hope for: that the protests will grow into something that all kinds of groups in society will continue to strive for, also with their own initiatives. ‘In any case, the government is not going to save the climate, they are not very ambitious,’ says Van Uffelen. “It all should go a little faster. We support the talks that Rutte has with the high school students, but that is not the key. We must continue to put pressure. We do that by continuing to demonstrate.’…

“First let them become vegan and take shorter showers”, they [media critics of the striking students] say. While the problem is mainly the big corporations that continue to pollute and are not tackled by the national government and local governments.’

Nijmegen rally: Stationsplein, 10.30-12. 14 February 2019.

9 thoughts on “Dutch pro-climate students’ strikes, tomorrow and 14 March

  1. I suspect that the government believes that the students will have their 1-2 protests and eventually give up -so then they can get back to life as “normal” without having to deal with the fuss of these children. But not so!

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      • good for them – well organized and very determined – such a good example for the rest of the world’s population. They need all the support that they can get. What do you think? Are they getting any or enough? What would a turning point look like?


        • In the Netherlands, it is a strong movement which arose quickly. What will happen in the future I cannot tell, as I have no crystal ball 🙂 It may help the movement that there are also divisions on climate policy in the four party right-wing coalition government; with only one seat majorties in both Lower House and Senate; and which may lose that Senate majority in the March elections.


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