Iranian women football match spectators

Iranian women fans of Persepolis football club, EPA photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Hundreds of Iranian women at Asian Champions League final

In the Azadi stadium in the Iranian capital Tehran, hundreds of women have attended the final of the Asian Champions League. Remarkable, because for almost forty years women had not been welcome in the stadiums.

80,000 spectators saw today the match between Persepolis and the Japanese Kashima Antlers in the Azadi stadium. In a separate section, approximately 850 seats were reserved for women.

The Iranians saw their team draw 0-0. Because they lost the away match with 2-0, they did not win the Asian championship.

The women present, family members of the players, players in Iranian women’s football teams and employees of the Iranian Football Association, loudly encouraged Persepolis.

Stadium ban

In Iran there has been a ban on stadiums for women since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The religious authorities do not want mixing Muslim women with ‘excited men’, to the displeasure of many (female) football fans.

In March, 35 women were arrested who tried to attend a match in the Iranian competition. A month later, five women, disguised as men, managed to reach the stands of the Azadi stadium and watch a match there.

The fact that women were admitted today is seen as a possible new step towards the lifting of the stadium ban. Last month some hundred women were allowed to attend the friendly match of the Iranian national football team against Bolivia.

Protest during Iran-Morocco football match


United States peace movement interrupts Iran war hawks

This 18 October 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Code Pink Brilliantly Shuts Down Iran War Peddlers

Medea Benjamin of Code Pink hijacks the Hudson Institute‘s Pro Iran War presentation and spits an amazing amount of truth out while being manhandled.

US escalates illegal economic war on the people of Iran: here.

The conference jointly hosted by the US and Polish governments in Warsaw this week under the phony banner of working to “Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East” has laid bare the immense and imminent threat that US imperialism is preparing to drag humanity into another and potentially world catastrophic war: here.

‘Iranian propaganda’ censored, Saudi propaganda welcome on Facebook

This video from the USA says about itself:

Facebook Purges “Inauthentic” Left Wing Political Accounts

1 August 2018

Facebook deletes dozens of “inauthentic” left-leaning accounts and pages, yet the so-called “free speech absolutists” on the right have nothing to say.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Facebook and Twitter have banned hundreds of accounts because they were claimed to spread fake news and propaganda. Most accounts were located in Iran and Russia. Facebook took 652 pages offline, Twitter did the same with 284 accounts.

Social media companies received a tip from cyber security company FireEye that the accounts spread Iranian propaganda in, eg, the United States and Great Britain.

Twitter says that it was about coordinated attempts to influence public opinion, but according to FireEye, it was not specifically aimed at the elections held in the USA later this year.

So, alleged ‘Iranian propaganda’ censored. Meanwhile, Holocaust denial and other neonazism is welcome on Facebook ‘to influence public opinion’. Propaganda for the genocidal regime in Myanmar is welcome on Facebook. As the United States government sees that regime as an ally; unlike Iran, upon which Donald Trump intends to wage war. Meanwhile, propaganda for the regime in Saudi Arabia, killing its own people, killing Bahraini civilians and massively killing Yemeni children and other civilians with British and United States bombs, is welcome on corporate social media. Not just on corporate social media; also on other corporate media, including the ‘liberal’ New York Times. As the Saudi regime is an ally of both Donald Trump and of the corporate Clintonist wing of the United States Democratic party. Meanwhile, Donald Trump himself and his supporters are very welcome to spread propaganda on corporate social media.

Meanwhile, Facebook and other corporate social media massively censor leftist accounts, for opposing wars, for opposing neonazis, etc.

In the days of Stalin in the Soviet Union, people were prosecuted for ‘anti-Soviet propaganda’. That was interpreted very widely. Is the self-styled ‘free world’ moving in a similar direction?

2 February 2019: Facebook again removes hundreds of ‘Iranian’ accounts, eg, on the Saudi war on Yemen: here.

Trump bombing Iran, Beach Boys parody music

This 26 July 2018 music video from Britain is a parody of the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann.

As it says, Donald Trump is not original in this Beach Boys parody. Fellow Republican party presidential candidate and fellow warmonger John McCain preceded him in that eleven years ago.

This April 2007 video is about McCain singing Bomb bomb Iran.

The Trump parody video says about itself:

The Peach Boys – Bomb Iran

Donald Trump’s Beach Boys tribute band present a terrifyingly earnest cover of John McCain’s doo-wop classic.


Bomb bomb bomb Bomb bomb Iran
Oh, bomb Iran
Or they’ll expand
Oh, bomb Iran
They got me really bigly tweeting
Let’s get them retreating
Bomb Iran

Posted a tweet
It was pretty sweet
Wrote all in caps
so they’d really feel the heat
Bomb Iran
They’ve got nukes planned
Let’s get reimposing sanctions
Stymie their expansion
Bomb Iran
Worst deal ever

Just days after President Donald Trump publicly threatened Iran with “consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered,” his National Security Adviser John Bolton held a top-level meeting to discuss US plans to confront Iran: here.

Trump menaces the world over Iran sanctions: here.

As sanctions tighten, Washington threatens Iran with “military might”: here.

Intensifying its aggressive “America First” global agenda, the Trump administration yesterday confirmed that it will impose new sanctions on Iran that are designed to cripple its economy, starve its people into submission and overturn its government in order to impose a subservient pro-US regime: here.

Donald and Melania Trump, Beatles musical parodies

This 25 July 2018 music video from Britain is a parody of the Beatles song A day in the life.

It says about itself:

Find out what it’s like to be Melania Trump as she takes lead vocal duties on The Tweetles‘ new single “A Day in the Wife”.


I read the news today, oh boy
My husband escalated a trade war
Although the news was rather mad
Well, I just had to laugh
Unlike his Chief of Staff

He blew his mind out in a tweet
He hadn’t noticed that the times had changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
They’d seen his tweets before
Nobody was really sure
what else The Donald had in store

I saw a tweet today, oh boy
My husband was unloading on Iran
A crowd of people brushed it off
But I just had to peep
Having met the Veep
I’d love to watch CNN for once

DONALD: Woke up, got out of bed
Combed my hair over my head
Found my way downstairs and checked my phone
Michael Cohen was sending me fake news
Found my coat, put on my tie
Microwaved an apple pie
Found my way upstairs to eat it in bed
Thought about Cohen and I started seeing red
Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

[MELANIA:] I read the news today, oh boy
Four thousand migrant children in a cage
And though the kids were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many kids it takes to build a border wall
I just don’t care, do you?

This 24 July 2018 music video from Britain is a parody of the Beatles song Honey pie.

It says about itself:

“Rouhani Pie” is the Iran-threatening new single from the President’s Beatles tribute band, The Tweetles. Available now in caps lock.


We left the nuclear deal
Back in early May
Now we’re reimposing sanctions
From the USA
And if I could only tweet Iran
This is what I’d say:



So very bigly!


Ah to hell with it, I’m bored now
Hey, so what’s all this I’m hearing about Persian Golf?
You wanna go play a few rounds?
Get the putts!

US getting ready to attack Iran. It has warned its allies if you buy Iranian oil you will be sanctioned: here.

Seven months after Trump’s tax cut. Corporate tax collection rate at historic low: here.

Donald Trump policies, cartoon

Trump administration deported up to 463 immigrant parents without their children: here.

This single Trump appointee was responsible for keeping hundreds of kids locked up.
FLOTUS: FIRE THAT NATIONAL SECURITY OFFICIAL Melania Trump made an unprecedented call for firing deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel, who reportedly clashed with the first lady’s staff over plane seating. “It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House,” a spokesperson for FLOTUS told ABC. [HuffPost]

Trump threatens war on Iran

This 23 July 2018 video from the USa says about itself:

President Donald Trump lashed out at Iran Sunday, warning he was prepared to unleash dire “consequences” on Iran if its president threatens the United States again. Trump’s threat came just hours after Rouhani’s speech earlier Sunday, in which the Iranian president warned the U.S. about pursuing a hostile policy against his government.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a speech Sunday in which he compared Iran’s leaders to a “mafia” and promised unspecified backing for Iranians who are unhappy with their government. Pompeo spoke at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library outside Los Angeles.

“This is not an administration that is pursuing a policy of actually trying to find a way to the negotiating table or striking a new deal”, says Trita Parsi, founder and president of the National Iranian American Council. “Everything they’re doing right now is only compatible with a policy of confrontation.”

By Keith Jones in the USA:

Trump threatens Iran with a catastrophic war

24 July 2018

US President Donald Trump issued a bloodcurdling threat of all-out war against Iran late Sunday night.

Using language akin to that he previously employed in threatening North Korea, a state of 25 million people, with annihilation, the US commander-in-chief tweeted that Iran would “SUFFER CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED, if it “EVER” dared to “THREATEN” Washington “AGAIN.”

Trump’s all in-caps tweet was no idle bluster. His administration is pursuing a provocative and reckless drive for regime change in Iran that threatens to ignite a catastrophic war that would set the entire Middle East ablaze, and potentially trigger a head-on clash between the US and other great powers.

In May, Washington blew up the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and relaunched full-scale economic warfare against Iran—an illegal act tantamount to war. Next month sanctions will “snap back” on Iran’s auto sector and trade in gold and other metals. In November, sanctions targeting Iran’s energy, shipping and insurance sectors and the transactions of its central bank are to take effect.

Washington has vowed to reduce Iran’s oil exports, which provide the bulk of the state budget, to near zero. To date it has refused to provide sanction waivers to its ostensible allies in Europe and Asia and instead demonstratively threatened them with exclusion from the US market and financial system if they do not comply with the unilateral American embargo on Iran.

The Pentagon is already engaged in fighting with Iranian forces. US troops in Syria, deployed in the name of fighting ISIS, have repeatedly targeted Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and Washington is providing vital logistical and tactical support for the Saudi monarchy’s savage war in Yemen against the Iranian-supported Houthi.

Yesterday, John Bolton, Trump’s national security advisor and a longstanding proponent of a US attack on Iran, gleefully reiterated Trump’s threat, saying the president had told him, “if Iran does anything at all to the negative, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before.”

Trump cast his ominous Sunday tweet as a response to a warning from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that if the US persisted in seeking to destroy Iran’s economy and impose a pro-US government in Tehran, it risked unleashing “the mother of all wars.”

Earlier this month, Rouhani—unnerved by his failure to win a commitment from the European powers that they would not bow to US pressure and renege on their obligations under the Iran nuclear accord—said that were Iran denied the right to export its oil it might close the Strait of Hormuz.

Within hours, the Pentagon issued a statement vowing to ensure “freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce” through the strait, which is the conduit for one-fifth of all world oil exports.

Trump’s claims that Iran threatens the US are preposterous.

It is American imperialism that for a quarter-century served as the bulwark of the tyrannical dictatorship of the Shah and that, with the aim of once again reducing Iran to a neo-colony, has waged a four-decade-long campaign of sanctions, bullying, and war threats against the Islamic Republic, the bourgeois nationalist regime that misappropriated the popular revolution that overthrew the Shah.

It is Washington that illegally invaded Iran’s north-eastern neighbor, Afghanistan, in 2001 and its western neighbor, Iraq, in 2003, in what top Bush administration officials, including Bolton and Vice President Dick Cheney, publicly boasted was a prelude to regime change in Tehran.

It is the US that, in pursuit of untrammeled dominance of the world’s principal oil-exporting region, has waged a succession of ruinous wars since 1991 in the Mideast and North Africa that have razed whole societies, leaving millions dead, injured and displaced.

It is the US that between 2011 and 2015 spearheaded the imposition of sanctions that halved Iran’s oil exports and crippled its economy. It did so while repeatedly threatening Iran with war if it did not submit to Washington’s demands that it dismantle its civilian nuclear program, and while continuing to arm Israel, Saudi Arabia and other regional client states with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of high-tech weaponry.

And it is the Trump administration that has repudiated the Iran nuclear accord and is now waging all-out economic war on Iran, although the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly found Tehran in full compliance with the 2015 agreement.

Yesterday various Democrats and retired Pentagon and CIA officials criticized Trump’s bellicose tweet. Democratic House Whip Steny Hoyer said Trump was trying to distract attention from his “essentially un-American” performance at his July 16 summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. “He’s weak on Putin, and he wants to prove he’s tough on Rouhani”, Hoyer told the Washington Post.

The Democrats share the objective of Trump’s “America First” policy—the assertion of US global hegemony—and they, no less than the Republicans, have been complicit in the drive, since 1991, to use the residual military power of the US to compensate for the vast erosion of its relative economic power and global position.

But there are deep and explosive tactical differences over how to pursue this strategy. This is exemplified by the frenzied campaign of the Democrats, mounted in close concert with the CIA and broad sections of the military-security apparatus, targeting Trump for being “soft on”, if not an outright patsy of, Putin.

This faction of the American ruling elite is bitterly opposed to any let-up in the US military-strategic offensive against Russia, and views Trump’s focus on an immediate showdown with Iran as a distraction from the struggle against this more formidable strategic foe. It has been campaigning for the US to mount a massive military escalation in Syria, arguing that this would provide the US the opportunity to deal a body blow to Russia, while simultaneously augmenting strategic pressure on Iran.

Trump, on the other hand, calculates that a temporary accommodation with Russia could serve US interests. First and foremost, by forestalling the further strategic alignment of Russia and China, but also by smoothing the way for the US war-drive against Iran.

One of Trump’s objectives in Helsinki was to pressure Putin to press for the elimination, or at least drastic curtailment, of Iranian influence in Syria as part of any “peace settlement.” Russia, it should be noted, has in recent months effectively given the Israelis and Americans a free hand to attack Iranian forces in Syria.

Trump’s eagerness to provoke a confrontation with Iran is bound up with his calculation that China must be confronted sooner rather than later. The re-subjugation of Iran would give the US a stranglehold over the oil resources of the Middle East, which are vital to sustaining China’s economy, as well as eliminate an important link in China’s One Belt, One Road strategy to deepen the integration of Eurasia.

Whatever the outcome of this conflict over how best to pursue US imperialism’s predatory aims, Washington is moving inexorably down the path to a volcanic explosion of violence that threatens the people of the Middle East and the world with catastrophe.

As for the European imperialist powers, they resent Trump’s policies only because these threaten their own interests, including their plans to capture Iran’s markets and oil resources. Thus Berlin, London and Paris have all responded to the further escalation of US imperialist violence in the wake of the 2008 world financial implosion by arming themselves to the teeth.

The resurgence of class struggle around the world, including in the US and the Middle East, underscores that the struggle against imperialist war must be founded on the independent political mobilization of the international working class and the fight for socialism.

TRUMP POSTS INCENDIARY IRAN THREAT President Donald Trump has posted a tweet threatening Tehran and warning Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani against using “demented words of violence and death” toward the United States. The all-caps rant concluded: “BE CAUTIOUS.” [HuffPost]

Iran’s communists condemn Rouhani and Trump’s Twitter spat. The Tudeh Party of Iran says both ‘deceitful leaders’ would‘ lie to their people to stay in power and pursue their own narrow interests’: here.

IRAQ WAR CHEERLEADER TARGETS IRAN Ari Fleischer, the former White House press secretary and a vocal advocate for the disastrous Iraq War, was back at it Monday, suggesting that the U.S. should work to destabilize Iran. [HuffPost]