Dutch neo-nazis support Russia-bashing, oppose Wilders

This cartoon from Britain jokes about the present British Conservative government blaming Russia for all which they themselves ruin. Leading, eg, to a BBC Photoshop job on British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn‘s hat, adding Kremlin buildings, to make him look ‘Russian’ to help the Conservative government‘s anti-Russia hysteria.

Boris Johnson and Russia, cartoon

This is cartoon by Mike Bryson from Britain about Conservative Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Russia.

European Union joins UK in ratcheting up anti-Russia campaign: here.

Labour is right to focus on dodgy oligarch property rather than bang the war drums: here.

Jeremy Corbyn is hardly the only person smeared as a ‘tool of Russia’. Whether one is Green party leader Jill Stein in the USA; former United States Democratic party chair Donna Brazile; a Black Lives Matter protester against a police killing in Wisconsin, USA; or a Canadian First Nations person and/or Canadian environmentalist; the political establishment claims they don’t have actions and ideas of their own, but only move if Putin in the Kremlin pushes buttons to make them move.

Part of the establishment propaganda says that supposedly the whole political extreme right is pro-Russia. That propaganda aims at forcing people who for extremely valid reasons dislike the extreme right to become uncritical of the hysteria about Russia.

However, is the whole political extreme right really pro-Russia?

Let us look for an answer to that question at the Dutch neo-nazi party Nederlandse Volks-Unie (NVU; Dutch Peoples-Union). Founded in 1971, with as key purpose to rehabilitate convicted World War II war criminals, Dutchmen who had joined Adolf Hitler’s SS.

Soon, the then NVU leader, NATO bookkeeper Joop Glimmerveen, emphasized another main NVU point: opposition to immigrant workers. Dutch extreme right parties founded later copied that policy. Most of these other parties have disappeared by now. At the moment, Thierry Baudet’s FvD party and Geert Wilders’ PVV party exist.

What is the relationship between the NVU and the PVV?

The NVU fuehrer Constant Kusters has repeatedly advocated voting PVV in elections without NVU participation.

The NVU agrees with Wilders’ bashing of Polish, Romanian and other East European workers.

When Wilders organises demonstrations against Moroccan Dutch people and other Muslims, whether in Arnhem or in Rotterdam, the Nederlandse Volks-Unie sends friendly delegations to participate.

When Wilders organises a demonstration in The Hague, the NVU neo-nazis with their orange-white-blue flags (which used to be the flags of the Dutch nazis when they collaborated with Hitler’s 1940-1945 occupation of the Netherlands) and their nazi salutes are prominently present.

When the NVU and other far rightists organised a march to a part of The Hague where many immigrants live, hoping to provoke fights, Geert Wilders said he wanted to join that march.

To some extent, this is surprising. When Wilders broke with his old party (the pro-Big Business governing VVD party for which he used to be an MP), and founded the PVV, he claimed that the new party wanted to have nothing to do with racist parties like the Vlaams Belang in Belgium and the National Front in France. As Wilders was supposedly just critical of the Islamic religion.

However, when Wilders needed voters’ signatures to participate in elections, a Wilders aide asked for signatures on an Internet site of Dutch Holocaust deniers.

And a few years later, Wilders invited French National Front fuehrerin Marine Le Pen to The Hague as a political ally (the NVU welcomed that). This year, Wilders invited the Vlaams Belang to participate in his Rotterdam Islamophobic demonstration.

So, is all well between the NVU and the PVV? Not completely. Wilders, like some other European rightists, supports the political right in Israel. While the NVU wants to kill all Jews, outside or inside Israel; right-wing or left-wing. (In this, the NVU also differs from Norwegian neo-fascist mass murderer Breivik. Breivik wrote that Hitler was wrong killing all Jews, as he should supposedly only have killed left-wing Jews). The NVU used to emphasize that this, Israel, was the only point in which they strongly differed from Wilders.

However, then came a 4 March 2018 NVU propaganda video (no, I don’t link to nazi propaganda). NVU fuehrer Constant Kusters said he had found a second disagreement with Wilders. Wilders had gone to Russia to meet local MPs. Kusters reacted that was wrong; and that the NVU supports NATO governments’ sanctions against Russia. He said Wilders was already wrong to obey Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as his master, but that now he wrongly also obeyed a second master, Russian President Putin.

A background to this is the NVU view on the Ukraine war. Like neo-fascists in Sweden, Italy and elsewhere, some of whom joined Ukrainian extreme right paramilitaries to fight in the war in eastern Ukraine, the NVU has links with the Ukrainian anti-Semitic and anti-Russian extreme right. A local NVU leader went to Kyiv to strengthen the friendship of the NVU with Ukrainian neo-nazi paramilitary organisations. Wilders going to Moscow does not square with these NVU policies.

On 27 March 2018, the NVU blasted Thierry Baudet’s FvD party as well for not joining in the Russia-bashing.

Black Lives Matter smeared as ‘tools of Russia’

This video about Wisconsin in the USA says about itself:

16 August 2016

The family of Sylville Smith [killed by police] wanted to set the record straight. They revealed Sylville won a lawsuit against the police. After his courtroom victory the police started to harass him daily. They also revealed he wasn’t a felon and he called his mother during the police chase.

By Will Morrow in the USA:

The Russians are tweeting! The Russians are tweeting!

22 March 2018

Did you recently take part in a demonstration against police violence in the United States? If so, you may be the latest dupe of Russian president Vladimir Putin and his army of tweeters.

This is the implication of a March 15 report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which claims that Russian-linked Twitter accounts were “stoking the flames of racial division” in August 2016 as hundreds of youth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin engaged in angry protests against the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Sylville Smith by a police officer.

The article has been trumpeted by Democratic and Republican politicians alike as the latest evidence that Russian “hacking” was responsible for the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Based on their hysterical statements, all taken from the same CIA talking points, one would think that the otherwise placid state of Wisconsin had fallen under virtual Russian control.

Former US attorney general under the Obama administration, Eric Holder, while on a campaign visit in the state capital Madison on March 16, claimed that the discovery of less than three dozen tweets by accounts linked to Russia posted in August 2016 “really shows the sophistication” of Russian efforts to “influence racial tension in a state in our nation to have an electoral effect.”

Holder ominously suggested “looking into people in the country who might have possibly helped” the Russians, and called for Congressional hearings and an investigation by the FBI.

A spokeswoman for Republican governor Scott Walker stated that it was “outrageous that any foreign interests would try to cause disruption in our communities and [we] hope the federal government will spend time looking into this interference.”

Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin declared that Putin “directed an attack on our democracy” and called for federal legislation to provide states with cybersecurity grants. Democratic State Senator for Milwaukee LaTonya Johnson tweeted that “we were trying to help keep peace in the community…while these fools [Russia] were sowing seeds of racism and hatred.” She claimed that “we’re still vulnerable to these tactics.”

“These are enemies of the United States who are trying to sow dissension in our country and on the streets of Milwaukee”, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett exclaimed.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel utilized a database of thousands of tweets, collected by NBC News, originally published by accounts identified by Twitter in January as being somehow connected to Russia.

The Journal Sentinel report claims that on August 14, 2016, in the midst of three days of protests in Milwaukee, fake Russian Twitter accounts published 32 tweets using the hashtag #Milwaukee. The most prominently cited offender is a fake account intended to impersonate the Republican Party in the state of Tennessee named “Tennessee_GOP.”

The report does not indicate why a supposedly “sophisticated” plot to sow tensions “on the streets of Milwaukee” would use as its vehicle a Twitter account impersonating the branch of a major party in another state, nor provide any proof that anyone in Wisconsin actually read any of the automated tweets. Instead, it simply reports that the tweets were retweeted more than 5,000 times.

According to the report itself, though contradicting its premise that the tweets were intended to promote the election of Donald Trump, the Russian-linked accounts “presented themselves as grassroots opponents or supporters of movements like Black Lives Matter”, both “defending police and criticizing them.”

More than 100 mainly young people took part in spontaneous demonstrations on the evening of August 13 in the neighborhood of Sherman Park, following the killing of Smith by 24-year-old police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown. Both the officer and the victim were African American. While Smith had been carrying a gun, he had already thrown it away when Heaggan-Brown fired a fatal shot through the young man’s heart. In the ensuing unrest triggered by the killing, a handful of businesses were looted and several cop cars were set on fire.

Governor Walker responded by mobilizing the National Guard, a section of the military, and placing them on standby in case the police were unable to put down the protests, which continued for a further two days. Heaggan-Brown was charged but later acquitted in the killing.

The residents of Milwaukee did not need Russian bots to “sow dissension.” The real roots of the eruption of social anger on the streets of Milwaukee are to be found in the catastrophic social crisis which wracks the city and the systematic violence and abuse committed by police against workers and youth.

Milwaukee, once known as the “Machine Shop of the World” because of its high concentration of manufacturing jobs, is today the second poorest big city in America after Detroit, littered with abandoned lots and disused factory buildings. The city’s poverty rate in 2014 was 29 percent, and 42 percent for those aged 18 or under. The neighbourhood of Sherman Park where the killing took place has a poverty rate of 43 percent.

The attempt to present the Milwaukee protests as a product of Russian interference should be taken as a serious political warning about the authoritarian character of the Democrats’ anti-Russia campaign.

The Journal Sentinel report is part of a broader campaign to present every manifestation of social and political opposition in the United States, including mass demonstrations against police violence, as the product of Russian interference, rather than stemming from the untenable levels of social inequality, in which three Americans hold the same amount of wealth as half the American population, more than 25 years of unending war, and the brutality and violence of American society, where more than 1,000 people are killed every year by police.

With this bogus anti-Russia campaign the media, Democratic Party and intelligence agencies are attempting to create the conditions for the censorship of social media and the labelling of all forms of political opposition and dissent as the work of “foreign agents”, thereby justifying their immediate suppression by the state.

PROTESTS OVER STEPHON CLARK’S DEATH SHUT DOWN SACRAMENTO KINGS GAME, FREEWAYS “Black Lives Matter activists linked arms and blocked the Golden 1 Center while chanting: ‘Stephon Clark!'” [HuffPost]

The release of footage showing the brutal police murder of 22-year-old Stephon Clark has sparked two days of protests in Sacramento, the capital of California, once again revealing the immense social tensions latent within American society: here.

THE grandmother of an unarmed black man shot dead by police in Sacramento, California, last week has called for change in the way police confront suspects. Sequita Thompson gave a press conference on Monday night and recounted the events of March 18, when Stephon Clark was shot 20 times in the back garden of her house, where he lived: here.

United States corporate media anti-Bernie Sanders ‘Russian spy’ smears

In Britain, the Conservative party and the Rupert Murdoch media have seen too many James Bond spy movies, making them unable to distinguish between fiction and reality. So, they are smearing Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn as a supposedly ‘communist’ spy for the no longer existing Warsaw Pact. This way, they want to distract people from the disasters which Theresa May’s Conservative government is causing in Britain.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the political establishment smears the leader of the Green party, Ms Jill Stein, and the former chairwoman of the Democratic party, Ms Donna Brazile, as supposedly being Russian spies.

And they don’t limit their lying to just these lies.

This video from the USA says about itself:

MSNBC Hosts are Now Suggesting Bernie Sanders is a Russian Stooge

23 February 2018

Neoliberal centrists and members of the mainstream media establishment are now not-so-subtly suggesting that Bernie Sanders may also be a Russian puppet seeing that (a) his campaign benefited from Russian trolling, and (b) he didn’t sufficiently condemn Russian “election meddling” in the specific way that would satisfy their McCarthyist requirements. We may very well be seeing a snapshot of the Democratic Party’s new strategy to discredit Bernie Sanders ahead of the 2020 Democratic Party primaries. Buckle up, folks.

Bernie Sanders certainly is not the first United States politician smeared as being a Russian spy. In the 1950s, the extreme right John Birch Society claimed that the Republican president of the USA, General Dwight Eisenhower, was a Russian spy. Apparently, lunacies do not die easily.

Amid the unrelenting campaign by the Democrats and the media—backed by powerful sections of the US military and intelligence apparatus—to whip up hysteria over alleged Russian “meddling” in the 2016 US election, scant attention has been paid to the blatant meddling of US imperialism itself in the electoral processes of the countries south of the Rio Grande: here.

Dutch Foreign Minister resigns in lies about Russia scandal

Dutch ex-Minister Halbe Zijlstra at football match

This photoshopped picture shows Dutch politician Halbe Zijlstra, supposedly present at a match of the Dutch national football team. This picture and many similar ones mock Zijlstra about lying that he supposedly met Russian President Putin.

Today, Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra of the right-wing VVD party has resigned.

He resigned because of a scandal: the lies which he told about supposedly meeting President Putin at Putin’s dacha (second home) in 2006, when Zijlstra was a Shell employee.

Putin supposedly then, according to Zijlstra, said he wanted a ‘Greater Russia’, consisting of ‘Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States, and Kazakhstan was nice to have’.

Yesterday, Minister Zijlstra admitted he had lied: he had never met Putin. However, he apparently had thought this lie would do well at the congress of his party to incite delegates into demanding spending more taxpayers’ money on defence war, leading to more profits for defence merchants of death corporations.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Rutte, a VVD member like Zijlstra, claimed that Zijlstra lying was not good, but that the could continue as foreign minister. As the lying supposedly was only that Zijlstra himself had heard Putin speak aggressive militarist language. Zijlstra and Rutte yesterday claimed that Zijlstra heard about Putin speaking aggressive militarist language from another person who indeed had met Putin.

Today, it turned out  that Zijlstra had not only lied about meeting Putin, but about what Putin had supposedly said as well. Zijlstra had heard about a talk with Putin from his boss, then Shell oil CEO Jeroen van der Veer. Van der Veer said, however, that Zijlstra had twisted Van der Veer’s words about what Putin had said. Putin had used the phrase ‘Greater Russia’ not in an aggressive military sense, but in saying Russia used to be bigger long ago. Van der Veer had also not mentioned to Zijlstra that Putin supposedly named countries like Kazakhstan, and the expression ‘nice to have’ was not Putin’s or Van der Veer’s, but a product of Zijlstra’s imagination.

Dutch Foreign Minster lied on meeting Putin

This video from the USA says about itself:

US-NATO Border Confrontation with Russia Risks Nuclear War and Loss of European Partners

17 July 2016

Michael Hudson says that the US-led confrontational approach of NATO with Russia is driving European countries to consider disbanding or leaving the military alliance due to increased security risks.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Zijlstra admits: I lied about meeting Putin

Minister Halbe Zijlstra of Foreign Affairs lied about a meeting with the Russian president Putin in 2006. He admits this in an interview with the Volkskrant daily. For example, contrary to his earlier claims, the VVD party member was not at a meeting with the Russian president in his country house.

The then VVD parliamentary caucus leader said in a speech in 2016 that he had heard Putin himself talk about ‘Greater Russia’. “I was an employee, I was tucked away in the back of the room where it was taking place, but I could hear very well what Vladimir Putin’s answer was to the question what he meant with Greater Russia”, said Zijlstra during the VVD party congress.

“Because Greater Russia is what he wants to go back to, and his answer was: that is Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States, and Kazakhstan was nice to have.”

Zijlstra, as a Shell employee, together with Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer and Putin, was said to have been in the country house. Research by de Volkskrant shows that Zijlstra’s colleagues had serious doubts about the truthfulness of the meeting with Putin.

The minister says about his statements: “It was not wise, I should have done it differently.” …

NOS political reporter Lars Geerts says that this issue is incredibly difficult for the position of Zijlstra. The position of the Netherlands in relation to Russia is also becoming weak. “Credibility is the only thing you actually have in the diplomatic world and that is now being questioned,” says Geerts. “The Russians will also say in the discussion about fake news: look who’s talking.”

United States Nunes memo, Russia-bashing distraction from war danger, inequality

This video from the USA says about it itself:

Russiagate is Dangerous, Will Washington Get the Memo?

2 February 2018

The partisan fight over Rep. Devin Nunes’ memo is consuming Washington and even leading prominent liberals to question if Nunes is a Russian agent. Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen of Princeton University says Russiagate has now become “much more than McCarthyism.”

“This discourse is now the norm, on MSNBC, CNN, New York Times… That people who doubt the narrative of what’s loosely called ‘Russiagate’ are somehow acting under the spell of the Kremlin.”

Read more here.

The text of the, meanwhile released, memo by Republican Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, about the 2016 Clinton and Trump presidential campaigns and the FBI is here.

If the United States Democratic party would be a real opposition party, then they would fight Donald Trump for making the rich richer and the poor poorer, for climate denialism, for warmongering, for attacking civil liberties, for his xenophobic attacks on Dreamers and refugees, etc. Instead, the Wall Street Democrats sell out the Dreamers. And they resurrect Cold War-style brinkmanship towards nuclear war, by drowning everything in cries of ‘Russia! Russia!’ They resurrect the Cold War dead body of the battle against ‘godless Communism’ even though the Soviet Union does not exist anymore, the Warsaw pact does not exist anymore, and the Russian government is neither atheist nor communist. Instead of fighting for transparency, Democratic politicians fight to keep the Nunes memo secret, to keep secret services’ activities as secret as possible. While more state secrets always mean more steps on the road to non-accountability and dictatorship.

One might think it is impossible to be further to the right than Trump. But it looks like the Clintonite Wall Street Democratic politicians are trying that really hard, bring too scared to criticize Trump from the left.

The Democrats responded to the prospective release of the Nunes memo with undisguised hysteria, declaring that it threatened national security and was insufficiently deferential to the US intelligence agencies. Now that the memo has been released, the Democrats’ claim that it contains sensitive national security secrets has been exposed as lies: here.

Democrats defend FBI as Republican memo shows anti-Russia campaign built on illegal spying: here.

The announcement Friday by the US Department of Justice that a federal grand jury has returned criminal indictments against 13 Russian citizens and three Russian companies, charging illegal activities in the 2016 US presidential election, has become the occasion for a barrage of war propaganda in the American corporate media: here.

The Russian meddling fraud: Weapons of mass destruction revisited: here.