Pro-slavery generals out of United States National Cathedral

This video from the USA says about itself:

Church Doesn’t Take Kindly To Pastor Saying Black Lives Matter

5 September 2017

Rev. Robert E. Lee IV was pushed out of his church. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss.

“Last week, Rev. Robert Wright Lee IV gave an impassioned speech at the MTV VMA’s in which he voiced support for Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, Heather Heyer and racial equality.

Aligning with the politics of the evening, Lee’s speech was particularly resonant given that the reverend is a descendant of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general and icon whose statue was the nominal focus of the deadly white-supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this summer.

Now, Lee has announced that he is stepping down from his pulpit at Bethany United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.”

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Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Controversial generals also disappear from church windows in the USA

Today, 09:56

The National Cathedral in the United States capital Washington will remove two stained-glass windows showing generals who fought to maintain slavery. Symbols of the South [secessionist Confederate southern slavery states] have recently come under fire after racist violence.

In the second largest church in the country, services of national importance, such as presidential funerals, commemorations after 9/11 and post-presidential inauguration, are held regularly. In addition to Christian symbolism, the church also features scenes from American history, such as the moon landing and D-Day.

The windows of 60 by 180 centimeters were donated in 1953 by inhabitants of the southern states [the United Daughters of the Confederacy] to “reassemble a nation torn by the Civil War.” With scenes from their lives, Confederate commanding General [and slave owner and slave flogger] Robert Lee and General [and slave owner] Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson are represented as exemplary Christians.


Discussion about the images originated after the massacre in a church in Charleston, where the shooter wanted to unleash a race war. Flags of the South were then removed from the stained glass windows and the church promised to reflect on more changes.

After new violence in Charlottesville, the church council decided to completely remove the windows because they showed a one-sided image and were distractions. “The Confederate flag and the Old South narrative have been lively symbols today for white supremacists”, says a spokeswoman for the church in the US media. “We’d be made of stone ourselves if we weren’t paying attention to that.”

The church does not know what will happen to the windows. They may be exhibited in an historical context.


North Carolina Republican calls Lincoln ‘tyrant’

This video from the USA says about itself:

Was the Civil War About Slavery?

10 August 2015

What caused the Civil War? Did the North care about abolishing slavery? Did the South secede because of slavery? Or was it about something else entirely…perhaps states’ rights? Colonel Ty Seidule, Professor of History at the United States Military Academy at West Point, settles the debate.

Without Abrabam Lincoln‘s and his supporters’ opposition to the slaveowners of American southern states like North Carolina in the 1850s and 1860s, there would not be the Republican party in the USA today.

And without the 1960s ‘southern strategy’ of Republican presidential candidates Goldwater and Nixon, the present day apologists of these slaveowners would not be Republican politicians in states like North Carolina now.

By Ed Mazza in the USA:

04/12/2017 11:55 pm ET

GOP Lawmaker Compares ‘Tyrant’ Abraham Lincoln To Adolf Hitler

The North Carolina state representative also called the Civil War “unnecessary and unconstitutional.”

A Republican member of North Carolina’s House of Representatives on Wednesday compared President Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler and called the 16th president of the U.S. a “tyrant.”

Larry Pittman also blamed Lincoln for the U.S. Civil War, which he called “unnecessary and unconstitutional.”

The remarks appeared in the comments section of a Facebook post Pittman wrote last month. Pittman began arguing with commenters on a number of issues, including his support for a law to make the Supreme Court ruling that legalized marriage equalitynull and void” in North Carolina. …

The comments drew swift rebuke, first within Pittman’s Facebook page and then well beyond.

“When American ultra-conservatives have come to believe beloved Abraham Lincoln is equivalent to Hitler, their politics have jumped the shark and gone from eye-rolling to dangerous for our democratic republic,” North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin wrote on his on Facebook page.

Pittman has made national news before, for cracking birther jokes about President Barack Obama and calling Planned Parenthoodmurder for hire.”

His Lincoln comments came just one day after White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed Hitler never used chemical weapons, a comment he later apologized for making.

Pittman has not yet addressed his own Hitler comments.

Republican NC state legislator: Abraham Lincoln was a ‘tyrant’ like Hitler for ending slavery: here.

Haiti and South American slavery

This video says about itself:

How Haiti Helped to Free South America’s Slaves

2 June 2016

On June 2, 1816 Simon Bolivar decreed the freedom of slaves across independent South America. But Haiti‘s first president Alexandre Pétion had a lot to do with this commitment.