Total oil, polluters, Saudi regime accomplices

This 2014 propaganda video by French oil corporation Total says about itself:

Jubail, a Colossal Project in Saudi Arabia

Total and Saudi Aramco have built the world’s biggest refining and petrochemical complex out in the Saudi desert through their joint venture SATORP. We take you behind the scenes of a colossal project.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that Total boss Patrick Pouyanné is attending Saudi crown prince Mohamad bin Salman‘s ‘Davos in the desert’ conference for big businessmen and politicians. Though quite some other corporate and political fat cats, until recently chummy with His Royal Highness ‘Crown Prince bonesaw’ Mohamad bin Salman, decided not to attend at the last moment because of the bad public relations generated by His Royal Highness death squad’s murder of journalist Khashoggi.

According to CNN today:

Earlier this month, Total signed a deal to start working on a $5 billion petrochemical complex in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco, the state oil behemoth. Pouyanné cited that investment as another factor in his decision.

Total also played a big role in inciting the French then Sarkozy government and other NATO governments into regime change oil war on Libya. A war which made Libya a hell of armed gangs killing each other and civilians, of torture and slavery.

Total has a history of threatening wildlife in Congo. Of a North Sea gas leak scandal.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

French cities and environmental organizations want to sue the French oil company Total. If the company will not have changed its climate policy within a half year, then they will go to court.

According to the 13 cities and four organizations, France can only achieve the climate goals of Paris when Total adjusts its environmental policy. The climate agreement of Paris agreed to keep global warming below 2 degrees, preferably near 1.5 degrees. As it now stands, the goal can only be achieved if CO2 emissions are drastically reduced.

Total is responsible for two-thirds of France’s total CO2 emissions. The company is the nineteenth largest polluter in the world.

New law

The cities and organizations rely on a French law that was introduced last year. It stipulates that multinational corporations must identify what risks they are for, eg, human rights, health and the environment. In addition, companies must take action to minimize these risks.

Because Total produces a significant share of France’s CO2 emissions, cities and organizations think that the company must take responsibility for environmental damage. The company must come up with measures in 2019, otherwise they will go to court.

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