Remembering the Curaçao slave revolt

This is a video about Tula.

From the Tula Lives site in Curaçao:

Symposium to vote on Tula‘s rehabilitation

On October 3, 2009, Fundashon Rehabilitashon Tula hosted a symposium with a dual purpose. The first objective was to establish a resolution to rehabilitate Tula. The second aim was to declare Tula a national hero of the Curaçao community.

Tula was a slave who on the Monday morning of August 17, 1795 organized a group of fellow slaves at the Kenepa plantation who resolved not to work as slaves anymore. The rebellion lasted for more than a month, but in the end the colonial forces crushed the revolt. Tula was interrogated and tortured, convicted and executed all for demanding freedom for himself and his people.

“In recent years, it has increasingly become clear that Dutch activities in this Atlantic world [of trans-Atlantic slave trade etc.] were of far greater [economic] significance [for the Dutch Republic in 1680-1795] than historians hitherto assumed”: here.

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