Stop whale meat transport in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

This video says about itself:

June 26, 2012

Whaling is cruel and unnecessary. It has driven some species such as the northern right whale close to extinction. WDCS is leading the campaign to end whaling. Please support us.

Translated from ANP news agency in the Netherlands:

‘Stop transit of whale meat through Rotterdam

06/26/13, 13:19

The Port of Rotterdam calls on shipowners and terminal operators not to transport whale meat from Iceland to Japan via Rotterdam. The authority announced that this Wednesday.

Samskip is the only known shipowner shipping whale meat via Rotterdam. Meanwhile, that company has indicated that it will stop the transport via Rotterdam soon. But the Port Authority is concerned that other owners will take over these activities.

So far, about 50 containers are transported from Rotterdam annually. Legally, there are no possibilities to prohibit this transit of whale meat. The containers with the frozen meat are for a short while at a terminal. They are there in a customs-free zone and are not formally entering the Netherlands, according to the Port Authority.

June 2013 whaling in Iceland: here.

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