Dutch slave trade, new study

Slaves packed on a slave ship

Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad reports today about a new study about Dutch slave trade in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The study is by Karwan Fatah-Black (Leiden university) en Matthias van Rossum (International Institute of Social History).

Estimates are that The Netherlands, with over 550.000 slaves transported, was the fifth largest slave trader after Portugal (5.8 million), UK (3.3 million), France (1.4 million) and Spain (1.1 million).

Profits for slave traders were higher than historians had estimated so far, though slave trading was a risky business, with shipwrecks etc.

Dutch slavery: here.

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, the Camissa people and slavery, by Patric Tariq Mellet: here.

20 thoughts on “Dutch slave trade, new study

  1. Yes, it was known a long time. And it all started with the VOC. If you look into it, the VOC was the first multinational that put making money before any social or human principles: they killed thousands of people for profit and those who weren’t killed were put in slavery. They robbed the possessions of the ones kliied and taken into slavery and earned good money with it.
    So if anyone dears to say the Netherlands need to get back the good old VOC mentallity, they don’t know what the’re talking about. It’s something at least I’m not proud of.


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