United States corporate media anti-Bernie Sanders ‘Russian spy’ smears

In Britain, the Conservative party and the Rupert Murdoch media have seen too many James Bond spy movies, making them unable to distinguish between fiction and reality. So, they are smearing Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn as a supposedly ‘communist’ spy for the no longer existing Warsaw Pact. This way, they want to distract people from the disasters which Theresa May’s Conservative government is causing in Britain.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the political establishment smears the leader of the Green party, Ms Jill Stein, and the former chairwoman of the Democratic party, Ms Donna Brazile, as supposedly being Russian spies.

And they don’t limit their lying to just these lies.

This video from the USA says about itself:

MSNBC Hosts are Now Suggesting Bernie Sanders is a Russian Stooge

23 February 2018

Neoliberal centrists and members of the mainstream media establishment are now not-so-subtly suggesting that Bernie Sanders may also be a Russian puppet seeing that (a) his campaign benefited from Russian trolling, and (b) he didn’t sufficiently condemn Russian “election meddling” in the specific way that would satisfy their McCarthyist requirements. We may very well be seeing a snapshot of the Democratic Party’s new strategy to discredit Bernie Sanders ahead of the 2020 Democratic Party primaries. Buckle up, folks.

Bernie Sanders certainly is not the first United States politician smeared as being a Russian spy. In the 1950s, the extreme right John Birch Society claimed that the Republican president of the USA, General Dwight Eisenhower, was a Russian spy. Apparently, lunacies do not die easily.

Amid the unrelenting campaign by the Democrats and the media—backed by powerful sections of the US military and intelligence apparatus—to whip up hysteria over alleged Russian “meddling” in the 2016 US election, scant attention has been paid to the blatant meddling of US imperialism itself in the electoral processes of the countries south of the Rio Grande: here.

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