Tortured ex-slaves in Libya interviewed

This video says about itself:

Cameroon: Migrants tell of Libya’s slave market hell

23 November 2017

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 30 November 2017:

Slave Adaman was cut with machete to extort his family

Adaman Ouattara has huge scars on his left upper leg. The Ivorian was cut by a Libyan slave owner with a machete, to blackmail his mother to free him.

Ouattara had her on the phone while the slave owner cut him with the machete. He screamed out loud. “My mother heard that, then the money comes quickly.” …

Ouattara wanted to travel to Europe via North Africa and was already on a dinghy when he was intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard and ended up in a detention camp.

There he was bought and taken away by a trader. “We had to plant potatoes while we were constantly being held at gunpoint by a man with a kalashnikov gun.” After a month and a day he was released.

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