Somali prisoners killed without trial

This video is called Ethiopian troops’ massacre of Somali civilians, April 21 2008.

From Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu, Somalia):

Somalia: Prisoners Killed in Belad Hawo, Gedo Region

By Maalik_som, 3 April 2013

There are reports coming from Baled Hawo region in Gedo that three prisoners in the custody of the Government were last night shot dead.

This happened after the Government troops took the prisoners out of the cells and started to persecute two of the prisoners who were suspected to be members of Alshabab. The third prisoner was said to be a student and a stray bullet caught him during the incident which resulted in his death.

Shabelle media contacted the local Gedo administration, their response was that it was a mistake that happened and cannot be explained how it happened and why it happened. They promised leaders of the region that they will sit down and find a solution for the problem.

The killing of prisoners in Baled Hawo town comes weeks after similar incidents that occurred at the prisons in Mogadishu. The federal government has not yet explained the reasons behind these ugly incidents.

10 thoughts on “Somali prisoners killed without trial

  1. Quel est le crime commis par la population civile pour qu’elle subisse toute cette cruauté de ces sauvages qui se font la guerre… peut-être pour aucune raison valable…!!!!


      • Que pourrait faire un mouvement contre la guerre?!! Il peut montrer l’atrocité de la guerre et ses dégâts surtout pour les civils, mais ne peut pas arrêter la guerre. On a vu ça durant plusieurs guerres comme celle menées par les USA en Irak ou en Afghanistan. les mouvements humanitaires n’ont pas pu faire grande chose.


        • Indeed, it is true that the big anti-iraq war movement, with demonstrations from Antarctica to Canada to Japan etc., did not manage to stop the Iraq war from starting. But it did stop plans by Pentagon warmongers to immediately expand the war to Syria etc. It did contribute to Obama’s eventual withdrawal of the soldiers from Iraq, no matter how late, questionable etc. that was as a withdrawal.

          We now know that just before the war, Blair offered to resign if his fellow British ministers would not support Bush’s Iraq war. So close to the breaking point was Blair then. Unfortunately, Blair’s colleagues then did not have the courage to sack him. if Blair would have been sacked, Bush would have been completely isolated; not even any small “coalition of the willing”,

          The First World War was stopped by the anti-war movement. Unfortunately, not, as the Socialist International had decided and Jean Jaurès tried just before he was murdered in 1914: by strikes and other mass movements preventing the war from breaking out. No, but in 1917, aftet three years of horrible bloodshed, there were more and more soldiers deserting, workers striking, etc., in Germany, France, etc. In Russia, disgust about the war led to revolution. In 1918, the war stopped,

          Say, in the begining of 2010 in Tunisia, many people may have thought: The Ben Ali dictatorship is bad, but it will last forever. The French and United States government support it; etc. And look what happened a bit later 🙂


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