Dutch Asian slave trade, 1621-1665

This 26 July 2019 video is called Britain’s Slave Trade: The Old Corruption | History Documentary | Reel Truth History.

Another video used to say:

Short expository documentary about the role of The Netherlands in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

From the International Institute for Asian Studies in the Netherlands:

This research is based on original VOC records housed at the National Dutch Archives in The Hague.

Till now there has been a regrettable lack of solid data on the Dutch trade in slaves from around the Bay of Bengal, particularly Arakan.

Wil O. Dijk’s research, based on original VOC records housed at the National Dutch Archives in The Hague serves as a first step towards opening a window onto what has been in effect a ‘protracted history of silence’ surrounding this sordid trade.

An end to the history of silence?

The Dutch trade in Asian slaves: Arakan and the Bay of Bengal, 1621 – 1665

Visualizing the unreal size of the Dutch East India Company at its peak.”

8 thoughts on “Dutch Asian slave trade, 1621-1665

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