Bloody Italian-French proxy oil war in Libya

This 2 February 2018 video says about itself:

Tunisia: Macron slams French intervention in Libya

French President Emmanuel Macron criticised the French and foreign intervention in Libya in 2011, speaking before the Assembly of People’s Representatives in Tunis on Thursday.

The French President criticised that France decided to “intervene from the outside” and “without having, for some time, a political project or a few projects for afterwards.”

He took a swing at Europe, the US and other nations that formed a coalition against the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi saying that they bear an “indisputable” responsibility for thinking “that we could substitute the sovereignty of a population in order to decide for its future.”

He accused Europe and France of collectively plunging Libya “six years ago in anomie without being able to regulate the situation,” and that “the impact on Tunisia was direct“.

To conclude, Macron promised to put all of his energy to the purpose of achieving “political stability in Libya”. In 2011, France was the first country to back the National Transitional Council when the West militarily intervened in the country, leading to tens of thousands of Libyan deaths and the country to break apart. French aircraft were send to Libya and conducted military strikes against Gaddafi’s forces in a move that was flagged by many nations as immature.

So, after the 2011 NATO ‘humanitarian’ war on Libya turned out to cause disaster, United States President Obama criticized it, blaming British Conservative Prime Minister Cameron for the misery.

In 2018, as the video shows, Macron criticized that war as well, blaming his predecessor Sarkozy. Sarkozy bombed Libya, using jihadists as foot soldiers for French Total corporation to grab Libyan oil..

However, it looks in 2019 like Macron is more or less repeating Sarkozy‘s mistakes. This time with the ex-CIA asset, warlord Khalifa Haftar, as proxy for French Total corporation to grab Libyan oil.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

EU tears apart as Italy accuses France of provoking civil war in Libyan ‘power grab’

THOUSANDS of Libyans have been forced out of their homes as fighting rages in the capital Tripoli between the forces of the UN-recognised ‘Government of National Accord’ (GNA) of Fayez al-Sarraj, and those of the powerful warlord General Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar, who heads the so-called Libyan National Army (LNA), is backed by the French along with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States … while Sarraj is supported by the US and the Italian government …

Haftar launched a surprise attack to seize control of the entire country from his base in the oil rich east of Libya, on the eve of a ‘peace conference’ organised by the UN, Britain, Germany and Italy and, on paper, by the entire EU acting in harmony to broker some peace in a country torn apart by NATO bombing.

The UN peace plan was supposed to bring some form of agreement between these murderous groups that control various parts of Libya, and to restore ‘stability’ to a country destroyed by imperialism. Haftar’s march on Tripoli put an end to this plan. It now transpires that, in his drive to civil war, Haftar was encouraged and backed by the French government. While the rest of the EU were all for peace agreements and stability, French president Emmanuel Macron was plotting civil war in Libya.

According to reports from Italian security sources, agents of Haftar held secret meetings in Paris and secured French support for his military attack on Tripoli. Already, France had been supplying military support to Haftar through French Special Forces training the LNA. This move by Macron has caused a seismic rupture between Italy and France.

Italy, as the old colonial power in Libya, is incensed at what it sees as a power grab by France in what it considers to be its backyard – if anyone is going to exploit Libya’s oil wealth the Italian government is determined it will be them.

Matteo Salvini, leader in the ruling Italian coalition government said: ‘The government is weighing up carefully whether France is in any way mixed up in these armed clashes in Libya. If it is true that there are economic interests behind the chaos in Libya, and if France is blocking a European peace initiative and instead backing one side, it would be a very grave matter.’ Very grave indeed!

Macron’s secret plotting to provoke a full scale civil war in Libya to overthrow a puppet government backed by the US and the rest of the EU blows a hole in the entire facade that the EU is a model of political and economic harmony. The idea peddled by supporters of the EU in Britain that the EU is a force for peace and stability in Europe and the world has been torn apart and revealed as a monstrous lie.

Under the impact of the world crisis, the nation states of Europe are at each other’s throats, each determined to survive at the expense of its rivals. French imperialism under previous president Sarkozy led the way, along with Britain and the US, in bombing … Libya into rubble and now it is provoking a civil war that will cost the lives of thousands of Libyans and force many more to flee as refugees in order to gain control of the country’s oil wealth.

Macron has ripped away the facade of EU unity and exposed it for what it is, a collection of desperate capitalist nations each fighting for survival in the face of the world capitalist crisis.

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