Libyan regime sends refugees to torture jails

This video says about itself:

20 Feb 2013

UNICEF correspondent Priyanka Pruthi reports on Malian refugees in Niger who are pushed to their limits in one of the poorest countries of the world – fighting harsh conditions and hunger to survive.

While the NATO war-imposed government of Libya is unable to stop violence and torture everywhere in the country … while they are unable to prevent their own Prime Minister being kidnapped by government-financed jihadist mercenary militiamen … they are still able to act against striking oil workers.

They are also still able to act against desperate African refugees, from the bloody war in Mali (itself a consequence of the bloody war in Libya), and elsewhere.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

November 29, 2013 19:49

Libyan coast guard arrests three hundred migrants

The Libyan coast guard has arrested three boats with almost three hundred Africans on board, trying to reach Europe.

The Libyan state news agency Lana reported this on Friday. Most Africans were, according to the coast guard from the West African countries Mali, Gambia, Ghana and Senegal.

The migrants were transferred to detention centers. Where the boats, registered in Malta, are now, was not reported.

In recent months, hundreds of people were killed when they tried to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa, south of Sicily, by boat. Many came from Libya, where anarchy is increasing more than two years after the fall of the regime of dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The situation now in Libya, with its labyrinth of hundreds of militias killing each other and civilians, may be “anarchy” in media parlance; but not anarchy as interpreted by anarchists.

US military personnel released after being held by Libya government: here.

54 thoughts on “Libyan regime sends refugees to torture jails

    • Thanks for reblogging!

      Definitely, the Libyan government should do more to protect refugees. However, they are hindered in that by their paranoid ideology, dating from the 2011 NATO Libya war, of black complexion=[supposedly]Gadaffi supporter=armed mercenary=mortal enemy.


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