Julius Caesar’s genocide in the Netherlands discovery

Julius Caesar sculpture, AFP photo

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Julius Caesar fought battle near Oss

Today, 19:02

Archaeologists say they found the final proof that Julius Caesar has marched around in what is now the Netherlands. They have identified the location of a battle in 55 BC in which Caesar defeated two Germanic tribes. Which took place at the present village Kessel in the municipality of Oss.

These two tribes were the Tencteri and Usipetes. It is uncertain whether they were Germanic or Celtic.

According to archaeologist Nico Roymans of VU University Amsterdam this is the first time that the presence of Caesar in the Netherlands has been confirmed. Until now the site of the battle, described by Caesar himself in Book IV of his De Bello Gallico, was unknown.

Archaeologists used historical, archaeological and geochemical data to arrive at their discovery. In the soil at Kessel they found large numbers of skeletal remains, swords, spearheads and a helmet.


The two Germanic tribes came from an area east of the Rhine and explicitly asked Caesar for asylum. Caesar did not accept that request. His troops then butchered the two tribes in an action that today, according to the scientists, would be described as genocide.

According to archaeologists, this is now also the earliest known battle on Dutch soil.

The first evidence for Julius Caesar’s invasion of Britain has been discovered by archaeologists: here.

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