Late Roman treasure discovered in the Netherlands

One of the gold coins found

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Unique’ fifth century gold treasure found

Today, 13:35

Archaeologists from the Free University of Amsterdam and the National Service for Cultural Heritage have excavated a gold treasure from the fifth century in the Betuwe [region in Gelderland province].

The scientists speak of a unique finding and call it a key piece of knowledge about the final phase of Roman authority in the Netherlands. They think that the treasure was buried around 460 AD, not long before the final fall of the West Roman Empire in 476.

Museum of Nijmegen

Hobbyists found the gold with metal detectors in an orchard in the Betuwe. Subsequently, the excavation work was done by professional archaeologists.

The researchers will come this Friday with more information about the treasure. Soon gold the will be exhibited in Het Valkhof museum in Nijmegen, which will receive the pieces in loan.

See also here.

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