Homeless Afghan footballers seek asylum in Australia

This video from Australia says about itself:

Premier John Brumby, Craig Foster and Mel Young open the 2008 Homeless World Cup.

From AFP news agency:

Fifteen seek asylum in Australia after Homeless World Cup: reports

Wednesday, December 10

MELBOURNE – – Fifteen players in the Homeless World Cup football tournament, including athletes from Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, have sought asylum in Australia, news reports said Wednesday. …

The Herald Sun in Melbourne reported that “at least” 15 players were seeking asylum in Australia, including eight players from Afghanistan and seven from Zimbabwe.

In addition, the entire Liberian women’s team was also believed to have missed flights out of the country after the tournament closed on Sunday, while a Kenyan player was still missing, according to The Age. …

Afghanistan beat Russia 5-4 to win the Homeless World Cup, an annual event aimed at raising awareness of the issue.

Maybe the Afghan footballers are seeking asylum in Australia because there is less chance there of the United States Air Force bombing one’s home, making one homeless.

And, because in Australia itself, there is less chance of Australian Special Forces behaving like death squads than in Afghanistan.

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (a station with links to the United States government):

Afghan Government Faces Polio Spread in Volatile Regions

December 10, 2008

KABUL — The Afghan Health Ministry is reporting a dramatic increase in polio among children in the restive south and southeastern provinces along the Pakistani border.

Britain: The former Foreign Office minister [Kim Howells] with responsibility for Afghanistan yesterday accused the country of being corrupt “from top to bottom”, and said the international community had wrongly treated President Hamid Karzai with kid gloves: here.

10 thoughts on “Homeless Afghan footballers seek asylum in Australia

  1. IVAW Member: Afghanistan Matters
    “I’m actively campaigning to include Afghanistan as part of IVAW’s points of unity, but if the organization as a whole doesn’t vote that through, I’m of course going to continue my organizing against the war in Iraq. But we have to understand that there are a lot of Afghanistan veterans who want to see immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and reparations for the Afghan people, just as in Iraq.”



  2. Silent Winter of Escalation
    [T]he silence now enveloping the political non-response to plans for the Afghanistan war is a message of acquiescence that echoes what happened when the escalation of the Vietnam War gathered momentum.

    U.S. Forces “Mistakenly” Kill 6 Police
    But the deputy police chief of Qalat District said the police officers had been in a police station when they came under American fire, which destroyed the building.

    U.S. Silent as Ally Covers-Up 2001 Murder of 2000 Prisoners
    [T]he United Nations and the United States have been silent about the destruction of evidence of Dostum’s alleged war crimes.


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