10 thoughts on “Homeless Afghan footballers seek asylum in Australia

  1. IVAW Member: Afghanistan Matters
    “I’m actively campaigning to include Afghanistan as part of IVAW’s points of unity, but if the organization as a whole doesn’t vote that through, I’m of course going to continue my organizing against the war in Iraq. But we have to understand that there are a lot of Afghanistan veterans who want to see immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and reparations for the Afghan people, just as in Iraq.”



  2. Silent Winter of Escalation
    [T]he silence now enveloping the political non-response to plans for the Afghanistan war is a message of acquiescence that echoes what happened when the escalation of the Vietnam War gathered momentum.

    U.S. Forces “Mistakenly” Kill 6 Police
    But the deputy police chief of Qalat District said the police officers had been in a police station when they came under American fire, which destroyed the building.

    U.S. Silent as Ally Covers-Up 2001 Murder of 2000 Prisoners
    [T]he United Nations and the United States have been silent about the destruction of evidence of Dostum’s alleged war crimes.


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