Don’t let cars kill Canadian reptiles, amphibians, video

The Sticky Tongue Project in Canada says about this video:

Roads and Migration Routes

Road mortality along migration routes can eliminate amphibian and reptile populations. Here’s a few things you can do to help in your own community.

Episode 9 of a year-long 24 episode education-outreach video series starring Whit Gibbons: Herpetologist, Author, that we produced in cooperation with The Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy.

8 thoughts on “Don’t let cars kill Canadian reptiles, amphibians, video

  1. In the beginning of the summertime last year on one of the first days it had started to get 70F+ when it was time for those orange spotted salamanders to start coming out, I had left the house early in the morning and they were coming out that day. We lived out in the country until we moved here last August. Anyways, when we came home that evening that same day, you should have seen all those poor salamanders crushed to death in the road. Oh it was so sad I cried. I love those little orange salamanders. I use to play with them as a child, so they will always have a special part in my life. It was tragic. There were at least a hundred out in the road in front of our house and even if you walked up and down the road, there were soooo many more causalities. It was a semi busy back country road. People don’t stop. People don’t think, people don’t care about the little creatures. They have no respect for the animals that keep this ecosystem alive and every single animal and bug is a part of it. Too self absorbed in their fast paced world I suppose.
    At my parent’s house, then live off on a dead end road(up on the hollar LOL. Their road is called a hollow), they live off of another fairly busy road. There is a bog off on one side of that road where some snapping turtles live. Maybe once a week one of those huge turtles crosses the road for whatever the reason and then goes back and these things are huge. Well, watermelon size I suppose. So the cars stop and go around them. I would imagine running over one of these would do some damage to the undercarriage of the car. When were were kids, my mom stopped one time and we got out, kept a safe distance, so we could see it. Boy, was he snapping away at us and doing his thing.
    It makes me sad to see the reptiles and amphibians smashed in the road. If I was the one driving, I would probably pull aside and push it off in the grass with a stick so it wouldn’t be ran over again and again. Show some respect for it. It is just how I am, an animal and nature lover 🙂
    Nice post. Thanks!


    • Hi Serenity, thank you so much for your reblog and your extensive, interesting comment!

      The video sums up some pro-amphibian and reptile measures which should be applied more widely (tunnels under roads etc.).


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