Fungi and late butterfly of Gooilust

Strict-branch coral fungi, Gooilust, 24 November 2014

After 23 November in the Corversbos nature reserve, the next day, 24 November, to Gooilust, not far away. We found these strict-branch coral fungi there.

Before finding these fungi, we had heard nuthatches.

A red admiral butterfly, flying to the top of a coniferous tree; basking in the sunshine on a branch. This was about the last mild autumn day. Next night, it would freeze. Has the butterfly survived that?

Clouded agaric mushrooms. A robin on a branch.

Mycena, Gooilust, 24 November 2014

After the coral fungi, these small mushrooms. Probably one of many Mycena species.

Mycena, in Gooilust, 24 November 2014

This, on a fallen tree, looks like another Mycena species.

Whitish-greenish fungus, 24 November 2014

On a stump, much bigger fungi. Some of them whitish, some greenish like salad; between orange-reddish fallen autumn leaves.

As we went to the exit, a buzzard landed on a branch.

Don’t let their small size fool you. Fungi are capable of mind-blowing feats: here.

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