Texel island fungi again

Fragile brittlegill

Texel island, 24 October 2013. Still looking for fungi in the western forest. Like this fragile brittlegill.

Then, birch milkcap.

And blackening russula.

Again, a bay bolete. And Rhodocollybia butyracea. And blusher.

And rufous milkcap.

Tawny grisette

And a beautiful tawny grisette.


And Cortinarius fungi. That genus has over 2000 species, so it is difficult to say which species.

Further along the footpath, an amethyst deceiver fungus.

And a common roll-rim.

White fibrecap

And this white fibrecap.

A blackbird calls. Goldcrest sounds.

Milk-drop Mycena, Texel, 24 October 2013

Back to mushrooms. Like this milk-drop Mycena.

A false chanterelle.

False death cap

And, finally, this false death cap.

There will be more on Texel island wildlife here; mainly about Texel birds, not Texel fungi.

Also on Texel fungi: here.

Dutch autumn 2013 fungi: here.

25 thoughts on “Texel island fungi again

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    • Yes, many fungi species are the same all over the northern hemisphere. Fungi spores are very light, so wind can spread them much more easily than plants’ seeds. Plans differ more often from continent to continent than fungi.


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