Bathing chaffinches and nuthatch

Gooilust, 23 January 2016

On 23 January 2016, again to Gooilust. Where some trees were flowering, as this photo shows.

Blue tit sounds. A brambling on the forest floor.

Gooilust, 23 January 2016, great tit

A great tit on an old tree.

Gooilust, 23 January 2016, female blackbird

A female blackbird on a fence.

Gooilust, 23 January 2016, male blackbird and chaffinches

A bit further, a male blackbird bathing in a puddle on the footpath. Soon, two male chaffinches join him. A nuthatch to the right of the puddle on the path.

Gooilust, 23 January 2016, chaffinches

Then, the blackbird leaves, and the chaffinches keep bathing.

Jelly ear fungi on a fallen branch.

Gooilust, 23 January 2016, nuthatch

On a big tree near the Gooilust manor, a nuthatch.

Gooilust, 23 January 2016, great spotted woodpecker

As we continue, a female great spotted woodpecker.

And finally, a robin on a big log near the exit.

6 thoughts on “Bathing chaffinches and nuthatch

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