Witch-hazel flowers, birds and fungi in December

Gooilust, 26 December 2015

On 26 December 2015, to Corversbos and Gooilust nature reserves. This photo shows a spot in Gooilust where birds often come to drink. Like the other photos in this blog post, this is a wide-angle lens photo.

In Corversbos, a robin near a fence. And a male and a female blackbird on a field.

Along the dirt road from Corverbos to Gooilust, candlesnuff fungus.

There was a Christmas tree near the Gooilust entrance. Not with normal Christmas tree ornaments, but with bird food in Christmas tree ornament shapes. However, contrary to other years, I did not see birds at the tree. Maybe because this December is abnormally warm, and birds can still find food at many places.

We arrived at the water where birds often drink. Great tits; a blue tit. A robin on the bank. A chaffinch.

Sounds of nuthatch, great spotted woodpecker and jay.

Gooilust, witch-hazel flowers, 26 December 2015

A bit further was a flowering witch-hazel tree; and still further, another one.

Gooilust, more witch-hazel flowers, 26 December 2015

They normally bloom in January-March. Not as early as December.

Gooilust, still more witch-hazel flowers, 26 December 2015

We continued. Egyptian geese in a meadow.

Sulphur tuft fungi.

Gooilust pond, 26 December 2015

As the camera setting changed from colours to black and white, we arrived at the pond, where one can see dragonflies in summer, but not now.

Gooilust canal, 26 December 2015

Here is another black and white photo, of a canal a bit further. At the far end of the canal, a naturally black and white horse is just visible.

Gooilust trees, 26 December 2015

Near the exit of Gooilust, some old trees had been logged.

A grey heron on the bank of a ditch. Behind it, on a meadow, a flock of grey lag geese.

Gooilust canal reflections, 26 December 2015

Finally, the dirt road to the Corversbos again. In the canal along it, water plants and reflections of trees.

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