ISIS attacks Syrian Kurds from Turkish territory

This 16 November 2014 video from the USA is called Jon Stewart: Turkey: Erdogan helps ISIS at Kobane.

According to Turkish journalist Murat Bay, ISIS fighters crossed the border today to attack Syrian Kurds before the eyes of Turkish soldiers. These soldiers saw that and did absolutely nothing.

Kurdish blogger Gilgamesh confirms this invasion.

See also here.

The co-chair of the Kobane council, Anwar Muslim, went farther with the allegations: “Under the pretense of stopping an ISIS attack on Turkey the Turkish army bombarded the center of Kobane with tanks and artillery. A number of civilians and fighters have been wounded.” Muslim claimed the Turkish authorities cut electricity during their bombardment: here.

REBELS REPORT ISIS LAUNCHED ATTACK FROM TURKEY “Any day now, the U.S. and Turkey may finally reach an agreement on jointly combating the Islamic State. But in the meantime, Turkey appears less helpful to the U.S. mission than ever: There is growing evidence that Islamic State militants conducted a battle on Turkish soil this past weekend. The reports, if confirmed, would illustrate that Turkey’s ongoing reluctance to escalate pressure against the Islamic State has had real costs — and that, even if the country does become more involved in the fight, skepticism about its true intentions will linger.” [HuffPost]

According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, Jihadists attacked with stones two men aged 18 and 20 accused of being homosexuals. The same source supports that the 20 year old victim was later executed in the city Magianten in the eastern Deir Al-Zor province after Jihadists allegedly found pictures with ”shameful acts between men” in his phone: here.

The US war on the ‘Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant’ or ISIL, also known as Islamic State of IS – the single biggest development in US foreign policy during 2014 – continues to puzzle those looking for its strategic logic. But the solution to the puzzle lies in considerations that have nothing to do with a rational response to realities on the ground. In fact, it is all about domestic political and bureaucratic interests: here.

Is Turkey holding up a resolution in Syria? The pieces for a political deal to end the Syrian civil war are coming together — if Ankara will let them: here.

$25 IS ALL YOU NEED TO GET FROM TURKEY TO SYRIA Behind Turkey’s “jihadi highway.” [Sophia Jones, HuffPost]

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