Butterflies’ good November month

This video is called Astonishing European Butterflies and Moths.

November 2014 was a good month, not only for this blog; but also for butterflies in the Netherlands. The Dutch butterfly foundation reports that during the whole month, there was just one (rainy) day on which no butterflies were seen.

In November, most Dutch butterflies used to have migrated already to southern Europe, or to be already hibernating. However, this November, butterflies profited from the mostly mild weather. Most November butterflies were red admirals: a species which used to migrate south in autumn; but which now hibernates more and more. If the winter is not too cold, then they can survive hibernation.

Red admirals were not the only species. As late as 24 November, still eight species were seen. On 27 November, there was still a brown argus near Maastricht.

In December, much fewer butterflies will probably be seen: hibernating species like red admiral, small tortoiseshell and peacock.

Red admirals in January 2015: here.

Butterflies in the Netherlands: here.

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