Treecreeper, nuthatch, chaffinches and snow

Corversbos fields snow, 28 December 2014

On 28 December, to Corversbos and Gooilust nature reserves. Lots of snow had fallen, as this Corversbos photo shows.

In Corversbos, great spotted woodpecker sound. A nuthatch in a tree. A short-toed treecreeper in another tree.

Scores of chaffinches in trees closer to Gooilust.

Near the Gooilust entrance was a Christmas tree. Not with baubles like in usual Christmas trees; but with bulb-shaped bird food. It attracted three blue tits.

Gooilust, 28 December 2014

At some spots in Gooilust, the snow had melted.

Gooilust footpath, 28 December 2014

At other spots, water had frozen, making footpaths slippery.

Gooilust frozen ditch, 28 December 2014

Most ditches were still frozen.

Corversbos snow, 28 December 2014

As we walked back from Gooilust to Corversbos, the chaffinches were still there. We had no telephoto lens to photograph the finches, so here you can see just this photo of their trees.

23 thoughts on “Treecreeper, nuthatch, chaffinches and snow

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