Dutch gays angry about being blamed for pedophile priests

Pope Benedict XVI and gays, cartoon

Translated from Dutch news agency Novum:

Dutch gay organization COC angry about cardinal’s statements

April 13 2010, 16:15

AMSTERDAM – COC Netherlands

the main Dutch LGBT organization

is outraged by the comments of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

The second man in the Vatican has said that the abuse in the Catholic Church is not because of celibacy, but because of homosexual priests.

Vera Bergkamp, vice chair of COC Netherlands, has called the remarks “scandalous and contrary to statements by Pope Benedict XVI in 2008.” Then, he said in the United States that there is a difference between homosexual priests and the propensity to abuse children sexually.

COC Netherlands also relies on scientific research that would indicate that there is no reason to believe that homosexual priests pose a greater risk of sexual abuse than heterosexual priests.

Catholic Church in England and Wales criticises Vatican over homosexuality comments: here.

Vatican Enters ‘Full-Fledged Damage Control Mode’ Over Abuse: here.

Multiple cases of sexual abuse within the ranks of the Catholic Church have been covered up and suppressed by those in the very highest offices, including the Pope himself: here.

US Senate Passes Feingold Resolution Condemning Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill and Similar Efforts Worldwide: here.

18 thoughts on “Dutch gays angry about being blamed for pedophile priests

  1. Cardinal’s remarks on homosexuality ‘deeply unfortunate’

    Newsflash | 15 April 2010 | Dutch Human Rights Policy

    The remarks by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone suggesting a link between child abuse and homosexuality are groundless and offensive. This message was conveyed by the Dutch ambassador to the Holy See in a meeting with a high-ranking representative of the Vatican.

    ‘Over the years, the Netherlands has done a great deal internationally to eliminate persecution and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen. ‘In that light I regard the cardinal’s remarks as deeply unfortunate.’

    On the initiative of the Netherlands and France, 67 UN member states have signed a declaration aimed at ending the criminalisation of homosexuality around the world. In the years ahead, the Netherlands is committed to bringing more signatories on board.

    Although the Vatican has not signed the declaration, representatives of the Holy See have, at the urging of the Netherlands and other countries, spoken out against the imposition of criminal penalties on homosexuals.


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