British Labourite against warmonger Blair for EU president

This video from Britain says about itself:

This video contains clips highlighting the denials made by the British Government concerning the use of UK territory in CIA rendition “torture” flights. It now appears that UK territory was used by the US in at least two rendition flights. Either the British Government lied or they were kept in the dark by Washington. It is simply not believable that the US took six years to discover whether any of its aircraft ever touched down on UK soil.

By Jeremy Corbyn, British Labour Member of Parliament:

No place for Blair as EU leader

Tuesday 27 October 2009

The media is full of speculation about the new European president. Probably within a week the way will be open for the new appointment.

Sadly the Irish Yes vote to the Lisbon Treaty leaves only the Czech government with any power in the situation.

The Czech Republic has suffered grievously from invasions and clearly values its sovereignty. It has rejected the US missile defence system and its desire for independence in foreign policy may well lead to a rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. But, should President Vaclav Klaus allow the treaty to pass, the door will be opened to a new president of Europe.

The position is a sort of executive head of the government of Europe. He or she is to be elected for two-and-half years and would be allowed to seek re-election for a second term.

The president is supposed to operate by consensus to ensure “continuity” in European policy-making. Working almost in parallel will be another new position, that of foreign affairs and security representative.

The European Union has always suffered a serious democratic deficit and the new positions would make the situation even worse.

For all the talk of the new leader’s “election,” the situation is more akin to the College of Cardinals electing a new Pope.

The 25 heads of government will meet and agree by a majority who the new president will be. Thus 13 heads of government can elect a president for the entire continent.

The European Parliament will have no say, national parliaments will have no say and perish the thought that the people should have any say.

The creation of the post of president is a triumph for the tenacity of the European long-sighters.

The project has always been to create a huge free-market Europe, with ever-limiting powers for national parliaments and an increasingly powerful common foreign and security policy.

The proposed European constitution met a swift end when it was rejected in France by people concerned about the marketisation of Europe and the explicit limiting of the public enterprise role of national governments.

But the European council of ministers was undeterred. It set about creating the much more innocuous-sounding Lisbon Treaty.

In reality it is little different from its predecessor. It too requires member states to subscribe to a common foreign and defence policy, a European role for NATO and an economic system based on markets with a limited role for the state.

Europe’s social agenda has been under constant threat over the past few decades.

The Maastricht Treaty looked to price stability rather than social cohesion as the cornerstone of economic policy.

Limiting government borrowing and deficits in the eurozone demonstrates a certain conservative view of the role of the public sector, not to mention a whole host of “liberalisation” methods such as competition in postal services.

Therefore who the new president is matters a great deal.

David Miliband says we need a president “who stops the traffic in Beijing and all the world’s capitals,” which seems a strange way to approach such a decision.

It’s no secret that the man he has in mind is our former PM Tony Blair.

On Iraq and Afghanistan Blair demonstrated exactly where his priorities were, displaying his contempt for the UN and international law.

His decision, taken without any parliamentary consultation, to invite the Bush administration to use Fylingdales and Menwith Hill as part of the US missile defence system showed a contempt for democracy.

Anyone who seriously thinks he should be president of Europe should examine their thinking.

Blair sees things in terms of some self-proclaimed north Atlantic moral superiority in dominating the affairs of the world. The Iraq invasion, its dishonesty and appalling consequences come directly from that kind of perverted logic.

Post-Lisbon the European president and the foreign and security representative will have enormous and largely unaccountable powers.

Tony Benn famously described democracy and accountability to a Labour Party conference by advising us to ask three questions of all leaders.

“From where do you derive your authority? In whose interests to do you deliver it? How do we remove you from office?”

Wise words indeed.

9 thoughts on “British Labourite against warmonger Blair for EU president

  1. Luxembourg leader blasts Tony Blair, says he is not fit to become EU’s first-ever president

    Tue Oct 27, 3:02 PM

    By Robert Wielaard, The Associated Press

    BRUSSELS, Belgium – Luxembourg’s premier spoke out Tuesday against former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s candidacy to become the European Union’s first-ever president.

    Premier Jean-Claude Juncker said Blair’s support for the invasion of Iraq and his aloofness from Europe – he kept Britain out of the euro and the EU’s visa-free travel zone – disqualified him from the top EU job.

    Juncker did not nominate himself for the position but did not discourage others from doing so.

    “If the call went out to me,” he told the French daily Le Monde, “I would have no reason to refuse to listen.”

    The EU leaders, at a meeting in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, will discuss who should fill the top jobs of a new EU that is emerging from a treaty to streamline decision-making in the 27-nation bloc.

    A final decision, also on the future EU foreign minister, may not be announced until December.

    On Tuesday, the Czech Republic’s constitutional Court postponed a ruling on whether the EU reform treaty complies with the nation’s constitution. Supporters of President Vaclav Klaus, an ardent euro-skeptic, have asked for such a ruling, holding up final ratification of the pact that the other 26 EU nations have already approved.

    The leaders of Britain, France and Germany back Blair, who was Britain’s prime minister from 1997 to 2007, for the job of chairing European Council meetings and representing the EU to the outside world.

    But the Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg governments say he lacks enthusiasm for more European integration.

    “The (EU) president must be able to take on board the plans, ideas and dreams of countries large and small (and) facilitate the Franco-German” co-operation that has long been the bedrock of the EU, Juncker told Le Monde.

    In recent weeks, other names have been floated in opposition to Blair.

    They include Paavo Lipponen, a former prime minister of Finland; Herman Van Rompuy, the current Belgian prime minister; Felipe Gonzalez, a former prime minister of Spain; and Jan Peter Balkenende, the Dutch prime minister.


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